Why Leann Rimes Cheated

Why Leann Rimes Cheated And What Men Need to Know to Prevent Infidelity

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The secret to a happy, committed marriage? Give your wife the four key factors every woman needs to feel fulfilled.

Country music star Leann Rimes explained why an affair with co-star Eddie Cibrian ended her six-year marriage to Dean Sheremet in an interview in the October 2010 issue of Shape magazine. Rimes admits, “My relationship with Dean was great, but ultimately it wasn’t a fulfilling marriage for either of us… We got married so young: I was 19 and he was 21, so as we got older, we grew apart.”

For women who got married very young, such as Leann Rimes, it’s not necessarily that they “changed”, it’s more about how experience has put them in touch with their needs. For women, this typically happens at about age 30. Leann Rimes is 28. “There are times in your life when you have to be selfish in order to find out what truly makes you happy” she told Shape magazine.

A woman absolutely must have four key things to feel fulfilled and happy in her marriage. She must…

1) Feel special and appreciated

2) Feel a deep emotional connection

3) Feel feminine, beautiful, and sexy

4) Get hot passionate sex

In any divorce, the woman leaves because she is not getting one or more of the four things.

Sometimes she will get a second man to get the four things she needs. She will get some of her needs from her husband and the others from her lover.

In the case where the woman is married to a chronic wimpy “nice guy” who is loving but is a boring lover, she will have needs 1 and 2 met by her husband. To get needs 3 and 4 met, she will cheat with a “bad boy”. The bad boy will make her feel sexy and give her hot passionate sex. Since most bad boys are self-absorbed inconsiderate jerks and cheaters, she will not feel special. But she keeps seeing him because she is hooked on the hot sex. She gets all four needs met, just not by one man.

In some cases her husband fulfills needs 3 and 4, but not 1 and 2. In that case she will start an emotional affair with an appreciative gentleman. But to keep the gentleman, and keep getting needs 1 and 2 met, she will consummate the relationship (or in some cases “prostitute herself”) and begin having sex with him.

In some cases she is married to the “emotionally unavailable” man. She found the ideal guy in all respects, but damn it, he’s not emotionally available. So she will go elsewhere for the emotional connection, and that develops into an affair.

What I have seen a lot in my work is that many young men have no idea how to meet needs 3 and 4. They think that if they have “a big one” they are meeting her needs. Reality is far more complicated.

What most often happens is that the woman eventually tires of not being regularly “seduced” by her husband and not having orgasms in intercourse while her husband always does. She becomes bored and unfulfilled and thus starts looking at other men.

When the man she is cheating with gives her the four things she needs, she divorces her husband. And It is always a complete surprise to the husband. “I was blindsided and shocked that she of all people would do this to the closest person in her life” Dean Sheremet told US Weekly.com.

All of the secrets of women are revealed in detail in my book “A Woman’s Mind Revealed” available here

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



  1. Lee says:

    Sorry david but i think your wrong here, there are rumours Dean Sheremet is gay and if you look it up leann rimes sorta confirmed it sorry i do have the deepest respect for you but honestly i think your wrong here.

  2. Chuck says:

    David, I have learned so much from you since finding you on the Net. Not only learning and becoming great at giving G-Spot and Deep Spot orgasms, but also all about what women really want. I had never used Dirty Talk before specifically until reading your work on it. I immediately noticed how much hotter women get when I tell them dirty things as I make love to them. They get so much more sexual, and uninhibited. Your “Bad Boy” work also is so true. I have found since reading your work that women DO want to be submissive in bed. They DO want their man to be Dominant. And I tell them what I want and they do it. I say masturbate yourself, suck on your wet fingers, and they do. And I never did it before either, but they all Love their asses getting smacked. All of them. And knowing how I love two chick threesomes, some have even said they will do that for me too. And every one of them likes to be tied up, blindfolded, and have done anal to many of these who had never allowed anyone in their past to do it. I have flat out been asked to be a Dom to one woman too. And I’m not talking about full time submissive women. But in bed, there is no doubt, they all want to submit and have their man be dominant. Thanks for everything David

  3. Eddie says:


    This simple blog is an Undergrad, Graduate, and DOCTORATE degree in relationship psychology!

    Thanks a million for my education!

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