This email pretty much sums it all up…

EMAIL from Michael in Los Angeles

   Mr. Shade,

   Thanks to you, my life has changed for the better,
not only that, but so have the lives of wonderful women
in my life. Your programs are stellar. If anyone has any
doubts about them, let me be the thousandth person to
say that those doubts are unfounded and should be thrown
out the window.

   I’m 27, have been dating women older than I, who have
had much more sexual experience than me. Not just more
partners, but they’ve had all sorts of experiences,
including threesomes (with both two women and two men).
Up until a few months ago, this would have intimidated
me. But after reading your books and recently purchasing
your ASH program, things have changed.

   These “experienced” women tell me that they’ve never
had anyone like me before in there lives. Someone who
respects them and knows how to truly please them like no
one has before.

   On many occasions, I’ve heard that the women I were
seeing had either no vaginal orgasms or maybe two in her
ENTIRE lifetime, and it was from digital stimulation.
With me they have at least three intense vaginal orgasms
in ONE night. Just last night, the woman in my life and
I shared the most amazing simultaneous orgasms that she
still felt throughout her body for hours afterwards.
She’s never had this before, she couldn’t stop smiling
the whole time afterwards and telling me that I was her
best lover ever, she was THAT happy and satisfied.

   It’s truly amazing and a wonderful feeling to help
women open up, feel connected, and know they can have
the most amazing orgasms. All the women in my life are
really happy now that they’ve found a “Masterful-Lover”.
They’ve changed, everything in their lives seems so much
brighter. Even their friends notice it on them. After
years of being in abusive or un-satisfying
relationships, someone has come along and shown them
that a REAL man who they can trust and respect, who
respects them, and who they can share the most amazing
sexual experiences with, do exist. I have women
traveling from all parts of the world to see me now. All
this change in just a few months.

   To ANYONE who thinks your programs are disrespectful
to women… this program is ALL about respecting women
and making them feel spectacular. Making them feel like
they’ve never felt before.

   There are many benefits for both men and women when
studying your programs. Just a small benefit that I’ve
had is all the free dinners, trips, etc.. that I’m now
receiving simply because the women in my life can’t have
enough and want to PLEASE me any way possible because it
makes THEM happy, and I’m always happy to oblige in any
way to make them happy. Once again, let me emphasize
that this is all about respect for both sexes and making
everyone happy. This is not about personal power over
someone else, but helping your woman and you both feel
great and truly connected.

   Thank you Mr. Shade. I truly wish you much success
and happiness in your life, for you and yours. It’s the
least you deserve from all the women and men that you’ve

   Here’s hoping you’re enjoying your weekend as much as
I am…



My Comments:

   That about says it all right there.

   Discover the TRUTH behind female sexuality, and how
women REALLY work, in my book “A Woman’s Mind Revealed”

   For proper beliefs, and being comfortable with
sexuality, and truly effective sexual techniques, see
my foundation level program “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms”

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

   Give women incredible pleasure,

   David Shade




  1. Naran says:

    Hi David I have enjoyed reading your articles on sex. But I have been doing the things you have advised, for many years now. Sure when I was in my teens I simply had sex and enjoyed it . But Then I realised after talking to my partner she was not enjoying sex. I loved her so I thought about it and got book on how to enjoy sex, it just blew me away then gave to my partner. The next time we had sex I did not come but she had multiple orgasms. And she just wanted sex all the time after . Of cause I obliged and we enjoyed it every day and we experimented a lot of different positions. No complaints ever again
    Keep sending me your advice always appreciated Thank you. Naran

  2. luis says:

    david, I’m a 28 year old men that don’t have a lot of experience with women.I bind with the same women for 10 years,and I’m afraid that i not as good in bed as she want me to be. she tells my all the time that she cums but is not enough that she want to fill the earth move and i fill like i don’t know what to do to make that happen. I fill so bad, that i don’t want to gave sex because i think that is going to be not earth moving for her, and that makes me fill insecure about myself,and it staring to bring down my relationship. I don’t want lose this women because of this, so i want know if there is any good tips to better my sex life before i lose this women to a bad boy!!!!! If there is anything i can do please let me know. sincerely, Luis g., Pennsylvania

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