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***EMAIL from John:

im in a relationship for ten years with 3 kids we
love each other very much sometimes we are like brother
and sister we get along so well we hardly argue. she has
said she loves me but not in love with me and feels she
has lost who she is, and also feels there is no
chemistry between us [theres something missing] our sex
life is low, i have a high sexdrive where she has not
much. she feels she needs a break, all she feels like is
a mom and a partner, cook cleaner etc. she is not sure
what she wants herself. she went to stay at her mom and
dads for 2 nights but wanted to be in her own home after
the first day. we are seeing a councillor which has
helped a little. we both cant bear the thought of seeing
each other with another partner our sex life is a little
boring same ol same ol kind of thing. i used your
welcomed clitoral stimulation method with her 2 weeks
ago and she had her first orgasm where she actually
cried, she was blown away, i tried the deep spot but it
made her feel like weeing so i stopped i want to please
her in everyway we have been going to dancing lessons
for a few months every 2nd friday for us time and
dancing makes her feel happy and we have a good time i
have bought and read your A Woman’s Mind Revealed
book, she also has low selfesteem and i have a
confidence problem, im not sure if it is a sexual
problem. i dont think it is, but if she was having WILD
screaming orgasms maybe things would be different. we do
respect and trust each other, although i am a jealous
and controlling person [not alot controlling but a bit]
she was 23 when she fell pregnant with our first child i
think she is absolutely gorgeous but she doesnt love
herself. and i tell her all the time how beautiful she
is and sexy that she makes me feel horny, she also tells
me there is nothing i could do more to help or make her
feel better about herself. i dont know what else to
write or even if you can help. she also feels if nothing
changes and keeps going on she will be pushed to seek
something elsewhere. she has felt like this for a number
of years. any help or advice would be greatly
appreciated. yours sincerely John

My Comments:

John, I’m going to say some things you probably
don’t want to hear. But I’d be doing a disservice if I
didn’t tell you the truth. I call this tough love, and
I wish someone had done this for me before my wife left
me for a bad boy.

Your wife is no longer in love with you because you
have given her lame sex for 10 years, and for other
reasons that I will point out later. For 10 years, you
have been having orgasms in intercourse while she has
not. So sex is all about you, she gets nothing out of
it. No wonder she no longer has any sex drive.

She feels she has lost who she is means that she used
to have a sex drive but no longer does. Such women
think there is something wrong with them chemically, but
in actuality it is the years of lame sex that has made
her subconscious mind object to sex. Women do not
realise this until later. She will get her sex drive
back quickly and powerfully when she meets a good lover,
and then she will realize why she lost her sex drive in
the first place.

Of course there is no chemistry between you two
anymore. The thing that is missing in the sex life is
orgasms for her.

The fact that she feels like a mom and a cook and a
cleaner indicates that you do not make her feel
appreciated. That also is going to ruin her sex drive.

She is going to want to get away from that, which is
why she says she needs a break. She feels like just a
partner because she no longer sees you as a lover. Her
break is going to give her the opportunity to find a man
so that she will not be alone when she leaves you.

Congratulations on giving her her first orgasm! Good
job! Yes, the welcomed method is extremely effective at
giving a woman a powerful clitoral orgasm.
Unfortunately, it is too late for you.

When you went to use the deep spot, she objected
because she felt like she had to pee. That is the
feeling that women get when they are about to have their
very first vaginal orgasm. And it is the women with low
self-esteem that cannot get past it.

Yes, taking her dancing for “us time” is an extremely
good idea. Even when you are married, you need to at
least once a week take your wife out on a date and do
something she enjoys and take her away from it all, to
just enjoy being a couple in love. Of course it is
going to make her feel happy. But again, you are too

Yes, you certainly have a confidence problem, evident
in the fact that you are jealous and controlling.
Jealousy and controlling will push her away from you, as
it has. Yes, you have a sexual problem; you are a
selfish and insensitive lover.

Also, you have low self-esteem, evident in the fact
that you use a lower case i to refer to yourself. But
it is glaringly obvious when you said “she was 23 when
she fell pregnant with our first child”. You did not
take ANY responsibility for that. You blamed HER for
it. By the way, as a result, from her perspective sex
with you is associated to undesired things happening.

It is good that you tell her how beautiful and sexy
she is. But since your sex with her is so bad, you blew
it by saying that she makes you feel horny. For her it
means that you just want to selfishly dump in her again.
She only sees your compliments as manipulation.

Yes, she has low self-esteem if she said she doesn’t
love herself, she refuses your help to make her feel
better about herself, and she deflects your compliments.

She has felt like this for a number of years. You
are too late. When a woman loses her love for a man and
it goes on for an extended period, she never gets it
back. “There are some things a man can never recover

She feels if nothing changes and keeps going on she
will be pushed to seek something elsewhere. She already
does not want to be with you, the next step is she will
leave you, and that is when she will find something
elsewhere. You cannot bear the thought of seeing her
with another partner, but you will, and that’s when it’s
really going to hurt.

I feel sorry for your children. Don’t make the same
mistakes with their step-mother.

***EMAIL from Michael in Curacao, AN:


This is going to sound like the ‘old broken record’,
but I’m going to say it anyways, … YOU’RE THE FUCKING
MAN…. Period!!!

During the last few years I have bought quite a lot
of your products as I was seriously looking for ways to
try to better my life and hopefully save my failing
marriage. But I was too scared to put them to use as I
didn’t know where and how to start. So about a year ago
my (now ex-) wife divorced my ass.

For about three months now I’ve been dating this
beautiful (also divorced) woman, who’s a daddy’s girl,
has some high levels of self esteem and works as a
teacher. And with her I finally found the courage to be
the man, assert myself as a person with a path in life
which I intend to walk.. period… and best of all, put
those lessons of yours to some good use.

We really took our time to get to know each other
better and work on our communication, and not worry so
much about sex.

But last night was the second time we had sex and boy
it surprised me!!! On the first occasion, I worked on
awakening her vagina using your deep spot technique
(which gave her her vaginal orgasm by the way),
introducing dirty talk a la Hot Phone S.x and tease her
(a lot) with that welcomed method technique!!!

This woman is sooo responsive to me that after a just
few minutes of some heavy french kissing, she’s
literally dripping wet… Sooo wet That I didn’t need
the astro glide to do the welcomed method.

So last night it turns out that after all that prep
work, she had her first squirting vaginal orgasm. And
after a few more seconds of thrusting inside her, she
had her second squirting vaginal orgasm….. and after a
minute or so of thrusting … she had her third…..
DAMN… I was on a roll here… sooo… I kept going…

After her fifth, she breathlessly said that she
wanted a break… to be able to breath. And with that
she asked me if I came… which made me realize that I
was so concentrated on her pleasure that I literally
forgot about my own. I was having way too much fun with
her. And I didn’t feel like I was going to come any time

So you know what I did? While she had her sixth
squirting vaginal orgasm,….. I FAKED my own!!!

Never in my entire 39 years alive I would have
thought the day will come that I would fake my orgasm.
And I don’t know if you can agree with me here…. but I
didn’t care whether I came or not. It felt soooo good to
see that beautiful creature almost pass out with
pleasure, that even though I didn’t come, I felt way
more satisfied than I ever was.

The last few days she’s been all over me. Trying to
make sure I have everything I want, especially in the
food department. And she keeps asking me why she’s
behaving like that with me…ha ha!!!

I’m reading my manuals (A Woman’s Mind Revealed
and GWWSO) everyday like a menu bit by bit and listen to
the cd’s any time I have a chance over and over again to
make that knowledge part of my natural system.

Thanks man, you literally changed my life…… for
the (fucking) best!!!

Michael L.

My Comments:

This is outstanding Michael. Good job.

To have the same kind of success as Michael, start
with “A Woman’s Mind Revealed

Then move up to “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms

Then for the intense power of my secret weapon, move
up to “Give Women Hot Phone Sex

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,
David Shade


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