She Met Her Masterful Lover At My Seminar


This summer I held a Masterful Lover seminar in Oslo Norway.

It was a packed house. The attendees consisted of single men and couples. And there was one single woman. Her name is Cecelia. She is a stunning young lady with long blonde hair and an amazing figure. (She should do modeling!)

Cecelia attended the seminar with a purpose: She wanted to meet a Masterful Lover.

Up until the seminar, she had a boyfriend. But her boyfriend was not doing the job. He never got her “in the mood”. He was unable to give her orgasms. Basically, he was ignorant and selfish.

Cecelia had been reading my emails for some time. She was even so interested in my training course that she purchased it for herself!

She was hoping that the training course would help her boyfriend giver her orgasms. But her boyfriend immediately condemned it and refused to have anything to do with it. So she dumped him.

Cecelia told her friends she was going to go to the seminar to meet a Masterful Lover. She invited her younger sister and her girlfriends to attend the seminar, but they declined. So she attended alone.

At the seminar, she met a number of my clients. She felt very accepted by the group and very respected. And she was very impressed with the group. She especially liked one young man named Bjorne.

After the seminar, we all went downtown to have dinner and drinks. Cecelia had told her sister and girlfriends about her seminar experience. They then wished they had gone! So they joined us at the after party. (Her sister is equally stunning.)

At the after party, Cecelia and Bjorne talked some more, and then exchanged phone numbers.

A few nights later they watched the DVDs together. Then they got busy. They started dating.

Two months later, Cecelia agreed to record a one-hour interview with me. In this interview, you will hear all the intimate details of exactly what went on.

  • Discover the many critical mistakes that her ex-boyfriend was making that ruined the sex. (Hint: they’re mental.)
  • Discover all the things that Bjorne did right that made the sex very exciting and fulfilling for Cecelia. (Intimate details!)
  • Hear her sister’s impression of me. (Too bad I don’t live in Oslo :)
  • Discover the very personal intimate sexual secrets about this stunning young lady.
  • Hear her describe the very exciting fantasy that she now wants to experience with Bjorne. (It’s every man’s dream!)
  • Hear her advice to other women who want to meet a Masterful Lover.

Hear a preview of my interview with Cecelia download here

I want to thank Cecelia for speaking so frankly in this interview. She was very revealing and giving.

Oh, and by the way, Cecelia is a member of the VIP Inner Circle online forum! Get in there and say Hi to her! And there are a number of other single women in the online forum. And they’re looking for Masterful Lovers!

This one-hour interview with Cecelia will be shipped out in the mail on an audio CD on October 1, 2011. To receive the interview, join the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle before September 30, 2011.

To receive the Cecelia interview, you MUST join BEFORE 11:59 PM US Eastern Time, September 30, 2011. No excuses accepted. We NEVER re-release previous interviews. You have to be a member when it is released. Period.

Join here now:

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



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