It’s Prostitutes Week On The ML Channel

For my March interview for the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle, I have interviewed two women who are in the oldest profession.

Allison and Veronica

These two women are smoking haught! And they charge large sums of money. Their clients are the ultra-powerful executives of huge corporations.

I asked these women the following questions:

Why did they get into it?

What is true for them?

Were they daddy’s girls?

Do they actually have vaginal orgasms?

Do they think size matters?

Are they naturally sexually submissive or dominant?

Are they bisexual?

What do their male clients request?

What do they want men to know?

What is their vision of a good lover?

These two women have strong opinions, they’ve seen a lot, and they want you to know.

But to get these interviews, you must act BEFORE 11:59 PM Pacific time Monday night, February 28, 2011.

These interviews are on audio CD, shipped directly to your home. To receive it, you join my Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle which you can cancel at any time.

You immediately receive access to my VIP Inner Circle online forum, where you can instantly download some of my previous interviews. On March 1, 2011, the Allison and Veronica interview CD will be shipped to your home. You will receive it a few days after that.

You must act BEFORE 11:59 PM Pacific time, Monday night, February 28, 2011. No exceptions. Sign up here:

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade


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