He F—ed Her Unconscious

He F—ed Her Unconscious

You know the old saying “F—ed her brains out”.

But when do you ever hear about it being done to the point
that she falls unconscious?

Bringing a woman to such intense continuous powerful orgasms
in intercourse – to the point that she goes unconsciousness,
is the stuff of Masterful Lovers.

Shown below is a section of a post that was recently posted
in the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle online forum by “Jim”,
and shown here with his permission…

I pulled her off the bed, and had her bent over. I had her
hair pulled back and I was f—ing her hard, and the talk
was probably illegal in all 50 states. Then it happened.



Her whole body began shaking immensely. She squirted wildly,
then her body and legs started to tremble wildly,
her hands and arms were shaking violently, she screamed,
then all of a sudden her body went limp and she COLLAPSED.

Right onto the floor. She was not responding to my voice.

Hear Jim describe it in his own voice:

Click here to hear (rightclick to download)

I emailed Jim and I asked him if I could interview him for
my VIP Inner Circle interview series. He was more than happy.

And it was an awesome interview.

It turns out that Jim did this a couple times with that woman.
And he also shared some impressive things he did with other

Jim has become very good at giving women her very first
vaginal orgasm of her life, her first orgasm in intercourse,
making her orgasm immediately upon entering, continuous
orgasms that last for the entire duration of intercourse, etc.

And even orgasms until she passes out.

To hear Jim reveal how he made all these things happen, get the
complete interview. This is a two-CD set that will be shipped
in the mail on June 1, 2011.

But to get this interview, you have to join the Masterful Lover
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Is This Abuse?

Yesterday I received the following email from a woman named Nancy…

This sounds a little abusive to me, a little much don’t
you think David? There’s a point where I read and listen
to your stuff, books, etc. but, this – to a woman reading
this – kind of makes me think – “Why take such advantage of
a woman?” Can’t a man just be happy with what was meant to
be ‘natural’ and not mess around so much? Why? Sex is one
thing, but this is beyond the norm!!

Thank you Nancy for your comments. I appreciate you sharing
your thoughts with me. It is important to me to know what
my readers are thinking.

I knew that sharing the small section of a two-hour
interview, by itself, could be seen as appearing abusive or
taking advantage.

I assure you that all of us are vehemently opposed to any
kind of abuse of women or taking advantage of women. That
stuff is unforgivable.

Everything we do is in the context of the utmost respect
for women. Everything we do is because we love women and we
love to please our woman.

Some people may say that us men proudly beat our chests and
brag to our buddies about the wild screaming orgasms we
elicited in our woman. (And in some cases so intensely
powerful that she loses consciousness. Now that’s something
to brag about!)

And to that I plead guilty. Okay, so we do. It goes back to
an innate drive in men… Napoleon Hill wrote in “Think and
Grow Rich” that “Man’s greatest motivating force is to
please woman.”

It’s true. It seems that everything we do somehow has that
motivating force behind it somewhere.

Women can take comfort in this. (At least if she selects
her man wisely.) She can know that he innately is driven to
please her. It is Directive #1.

And when a man pleases his woman, he is the envy of all his

Jim’s intent is to give his woman pleasure. He wants to
make her happy. And she is very happy. She enjoys it very
much, and all the things that she and Jim share together.

In fact, she brags to her girlfriends about the things she
gets to experience with Jim. And all her girlfriends are

That makes her the envy of all her girlfriends. Most women
wold be envious!

Women who have a Masterful Lover boyfriend are in a very
enviable position.

In this next recording, Jim describes what his girlfriend
then said to him:

Click here to hear (rightclick to download)

How To Get Her To Crave To Go Down

So how would you like your woman to cherish every
opportunity to “cherish” you? Know what I mean?

I mean like her craving to religiously genuflect for oral
worship upon your helmeted idol.

To get the sap out.

Know what I mean?

And it’s actually very straightforward. You simply follow a
step-by-step linear blueprint.

Many of my clients have done it.

You can hear Jim describe how much his
girlfriend loves to bob his knob.

In this recording, he shares exactly what his girlfriend
did and said, and how much she can’t stop thinking about
how much she wants his dick in her mouth.

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But to hear him reveal how he made it all happen in his 2-hour interview,
you have to join the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle
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The 2-hour interview will be shipped out on June 1, 2011

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade




  1. Jeff says:

    I have plessured my wife several times to the point that she has passed out. First time freaked me out! She had never complained about it. She absolutely feels that she is the luckiest woman in the world. I have recently began reading David’s material and find we think very mic alike. So far no new ideas but slightly different approaches.

    If someone thought that being pleased was abuse I think we would hsve heard about it long ago. The only two reasons a woman would say stop to being plessured by her lover is 1) stimulated to the point of pain ( not good ) and 2) she has been conditioned ( by society ) that it is bad to let go and enjoy sex.

    I see no abuse described here.

    Just my opinion but to me it’s the one that matters.

  2. Jenny says:

    I would love to be taken care of in this way sexually. I do not find it abusive, but I do not believe it is for all women either. I’m a highly sexual woman who craves a highly sexual man and those are good fits for this level of pleasure.

  3. A Girl says:

    I disagree with Nancy; I don’t think this is abuse; I think this is immense pleasure! I wish I could have this stuff! And yea, everything David says is true.

  4. Leah says:

    As a woman who has been very sexually oriented– even before I lost my virginity at 19, I have found that if a woman is not shame-based and bound to old fashioned cultural norms that tell her it is evil to enjoy her sexuality, that woman will find that having multiple orgasms and passing out after a body rocking orgasm is normal. In fact, if women get to know their own bodies well before they go to bed with a man, they will find that being multi orgasmic is their baseline state. I have always been this way and have learned how to move during sex to get what I want– that is if the man doesn’t yet know how to move me.

    The thing that I don’t like about this blog is that this information can be mis-used by men who do not have a woman’s emotional best interests in mind. I can see that there are probably players out there who will use this information on vulnerable women as a mechanism for comtrol. I can see that men might figure out how to be good lovers so that they do not have to be monogamous with their partners. What I mean by that is, a man who is selfish might use it to bring several women to the brink sexually and then tell them if they want more, then they must tolerate infidelity. I find this to be the worst kind of emotional and spiritual black mail. Thankfully, I knew my own body well before I got married and have been teaching my husband how to give me multiples but also teaching him to relax enough so that I can give him multiples and beyond. He and I are monogamous and believe that when we make love it is an act of mind, body and soul and that it is a sacred pact shared just between us two. My personal opinion is that these concepts should be used for the benefit of making all marriages a joyous sexual feast of never ending pleasure. To use this type of sexual knowledge as a means to exploit is absolutely evil. Leah

    • Richard Webb says:

      Good perspective!
      “when we make love it is an act of mind, body and soul and that it is a sacred pact shared just between us two.”
      The free advice here has been so transformative for us, I bought the Phone Sex package to enhance my love’s pleasure.
      It all started with realizing the importance of “submit yourselves one to the other” as the formula for truly intimate love. Cunningham’s trances may bridge past that commitment. but a wife needs to learn to freely give it.

  5. Prokhor says:

    What you’ve just described is rape. The woman described her symptoms and how she was starting to feel unwell and she did not want to continue, and he ignored her and actually caused her to PASS OUT. That is in no way healthy. Why is this being held up as a good thing? He harmed her.

  6. Chris says:

    To the Email from Nancy:
    Let her know that 10 years ago I slept with a woman who had a tremendous all-body shaking orgasm; followed by fainting spells, hyper-ventilating etc you get the picture –
    she enjoyed it!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I agree totally with Nancy. I find it obnoxious to hear two men laughing their heads off because a woman loves them to distraction.

  8. Mon says:

    Besides…who wants to stick to boring old, “natural?” I personally don’t believe it to be “natural,” from an evolutionary perspective, for a man to care about giving women multiple, massive orgasms. Totally unnecessary from the perspective of reproduction. Which to me seems to explain most men’s sexual ineptitude.
    I believe that it takes REAL man to decide to go above & beyond that which is “natural” (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean)…to go beyond slavish, natural, normal, biological programs…to assure that his woman (in my case, women) doesn’t/don’t experience what seems to be the “norm”…unfulfilling, non-orgasmic, wham, bam, thank you ma’am masturbation in a vagina..
    A woman who experiences these “unnatural,” non-normal, massive, full body-mind orgasms…even to the point of unconsciousness (ESPECIALLY to the point of unconsciousness), will NEVER find the “natural” & “normal” version of sex acceptable again.

  9. Tim says:

    No disrespect but it sounds like Nancy is a little jealous. Unfortunately she’s never found a masterful lover. I truly feel sorry for her. I hope that some day she will find a man that can give her the same pleasures that Jim’s woman recieves. Her attitude will definitely change when she realizes that the sex is about her and not just him pleasing himself.

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