Good Girl Gone Bad

Former 22 year old Baptist virgin from a small Texas town — now a highly sexual woman who bares all

If you met a woman who made a vow to her Baptist church to stay a virgin until she married… would you believe it possible she would want sex? Would you believe with just a little patience you could unleash her sexuality and literally have her plead with you for more? Could you look at her and know she has a burning desire for her man to dominate her and tie her up?

If you are like most men, it wouldn’t even exist as a possibility. This is why most men will NEVER have the kind of wild erotic relationships with women they want so much.


Men have been drowning in a sea of bad social programming. You, me, and all the guys we know. If you can’t look at a woman and know that she is a highly sexual being, you will never be a Masterful Lover.

And if you’ve been following my teaching at all, you know I say this constantly. But there is a problem I discovered at my recent Tampa seminar… even my most advanced clients still struggle with believing this is true of ALL women.


At my Tampa seminar there was an attractive woman in the audience, Heather Ann, who was obviously very high self esteem. In my seminar she opened up and shared very intimate secrets about her own experiences, desires and fantasies (it was hot).

Now what really made this special, was while growing up in a small Texas town, she had made a vow to her church (Baptist) to be a virgin till she married. And she actually honored her vow well past the age of most modern women, even through her college years. She was 22 before she first was with a man, and it was lousy. She couldn’t believe she waited 22 years for that!

And it’s only in the last 3-5 years she has become “highly sensual” (her words).

She talked about how much women wanted to have a man be dominant and lead her through all the Masterful Lover experiences.


And a funny thing happened. On the breaks the men kept coming up to her and asking “is what David said really true?”. Keep in mind that these men are some of my top clients and very skilled with my methods.

I was stunned!

In that moment I realized social programming runs deeper than I had ever suspected. And I also realized that hearing it from a woman like Heather Ann helps men crack through this mental barrier.

Think about it, how would you be around women if you knew 100% that each one of them wants good sex more than you do? I’ll bet you would suddenly find yourself attracting sensual women like tuna attracts cats. A woman can sense it in a man. And YOU can be such a man.

But you need to get the social programming crap out of your head to make it happen.

And that’s why I’m writing you today, because I now have the solution.


As soon as I realized what was happening at my seminar, I made a deal with Heather Ann to do an interview, and it was spectacular. This is the first time a woman has agreed to open up at this level and reveal the deeply intimate details about her sexuality for the benefit of my clients.

If this doesn’t change how you think about women… nothing ever will.

My biggest fans are women who want what I describe in my newsletters. But it is rare to get a woman to really share these very intimate truths for an audience of men.

You already know that 70% of women worldwide don’t have orgasms in sex, and 30% have never had an orgasm. What you haven’t yet heard from a woman is just how freakin’ badly they want a man who can give it to them.


First a warning… you will be shocked. It will make most men uncomfortable to listen to what she reveals. (This is just more of your social programming). And after you get over it, you will realize Heather Ann has given you an extremely rare one-of-a-kind glimpse into a woman’s sensual mind.

She will reveal to you exactly how women really think about sex, including some very hard truths no man wants to hear.

Have you ever wondered if your woman thinks about other guys when she’s with you? (be honest). Heather Ann tells you the brutal reality. But she also tells you which of my methods can be used to “train her brain” to ONLY think about you at all times.

This one secret alone is a game-changer. And it gets even better.


* What really goes on in a woman’s mind in the midst of a THREESOME! (A rare glimpse into the feminine side of kinky)

* How to make watching porn a THRILL for your woman! (Most guys will never figure this out)

* The stupid mistake guys make women HATE and forever RUINS any chance of her ever having sex with you!

* Why BONDAGE is so popular with women! (if you don’t tie your woman up once in a while… you might just lose her)

* Why guys under 30 have so many HANG-UPS about sex!

* Why all women from the shy preacher’s daughter to high powered NY lawyers secretly want their man to DOMINATE them. (and simple techniques you can use that women find irresistibly exciting)

* Why doing even slightly NAUGHTY things in public gets a woman wet!

* How to get a woman to FANTASIZE about you when she uses her special ‘toy’! (this works years later, even if you broke up)

* The Ultimate Porn… It’s EDGY. It’s KINKY as hell, and most guys can’t handle it!

* Why do women love MIRRORS during sex? The answer will surprise you!

* The one thing you need to do if you want LOTS AND LOTS of s e x! (It’s so freaking simple it’s almost INVISIBLE to the average male)

* The weird twisted PERVERTED form of LOVE that is so very exciting for a woman!

* And much more that can’t be put in print!


This is NOT a G-rated interview. Heather Ann is very frank and speaks freely about sexuality, relationships, and men. I would bet a foot high stack of dollar bills, not one man in a million has heard a woman talk this openly about sex. Not even with their girlfriends or wives.

Bluntly, I think you would be making a BIG mistake not to get a copy and listen to it multiple times.

But there is a catch… it’s only available to my VIP Inner Circle Members and will ship on December 1. However, there is still time for you to get a copy, and you can take a Test-Drive of my New Inner Circle by joining on the trial-membership for only $9.97 (USA) or $19.97 (outside USA).

To lock in your copy of Heather Ann’s interview Part 2 use this link. You’ll also find out all the other benefits you get as a member of my VIP Inner Circle during your trial membership (over $180 value).

One more thing, and this is important… only VIP members who are active as of Sunday November 30 will get a copy of this amazing interview. To get your copy, you must start your Trial Membership before 11:59 PM Eastern Time on November 30, 2008 or you will miss out.

And when I make a deadline I stick to it. If your registration comes in at 12:01 AM you won’t get it. My point… do it NOW before you get busy and forget.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade

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  1. Dala says:

    Martin I find that what you mean is totally unclear, you crackpot.

  2. Willyblues says:

    How do I know if my trial is active? Thanks!

  3. Martin says:

    What I mean is that man are mechanically doing David Shade’s technique without actually perceiving the core below external woman’s sexual manifestation. And for that, man need consciousness which pumps perception.

  4. Martin says:

    Consciousness is linked to libido (reservoir of sexual energy). Man loses their sexual energy (consciousness) through ejaculation, woman through menstruation.

    There are three books; 1st explains consciousness; 2nd ego; 3rd talks about male sexuality, multi-orgasm in man and how too much ejaculation can be very harmful to man’s consciousness:

    1.Consciousness Is All: Now Life Is Completely New (by Peter Francis Dziuban)

    2.The Curse of the Self: Self-Awareness, Egotism, and the Quality of Human Life (by Mark R. Leary)

    3.The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know (by Mantak Chia)

  5. Martin says:

    No, Heather Ann won’t help cracking that man’s mental barrier. She will put mental attitude in man’s heads, as David Shade does with his program, but they still will not “see”. Those man are already skilled of what Ana has said and, at the same time, very surprised of what they already “aware”. It’s ironic.

    Crucial words are awareness, consciousness, self-consciousness. Those features are responsible for vivid perception – “seeing imperceptible stuff”.

  6. Martin says:

    And a funny thing happened. On the breaks the men kept coming up to her and asking “is what David said really true?”. Keep in mind that these men are some of my top clients and very skilled with my methods.

    I was stunned!
    Crucial words are awareness, consciousness, self-consciousness.

    For some reason I couldn’t write long post cause page reports it as spam.

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