An Amazing and Beautiful Success Story

Here is a truly amazing and beautiful success story…

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I recently bought “A Woman’s Mind Revealed” and
“Give Women Wild screaming Orgasms”, and what can I say, IT

Previously, I had found it hard to believe the testimonials
on your site (sorry). But after a lackluster performance by
me in bed, I decided to give your products a try. And I am
glad I did!

First, some background. I started dating about a year ago,
after my decade-long marriage ended in divorce. I though I
was decent in the sack, but never gave my ex-wife a vaginal
orgasm (I didn’t know how to at that time). I always came,
but my (ex)wife only came about half the time. And when she
was able to come, it took a while to get her to that point.
I think we have all been there before…

Re-dating was difficult for me after the long absence (15
years) from the dating scene. Eventually, I had sex again,
but I could tell it was not satisfying for either of us.
That was when I decided to order your programs, “A Woman’s Mind Revealed” and “Give Women Wild screaming

My thinking about sex and women literally changed overnight.
My emphasis on sex was now to please her, because it also
pleased me. And more importantly for me, I learned that I
had to take charge, both in and out of the bedroom. It all
seems so obvious now, but back then, it was like a light
bulb went off in my head. And to be honest, I think part of
the problem with my marriage was that I did not have those
fundamentals back then.

Coincidentally, the next lady I dated was someone I really
liked. She was beautiful (former homecoming queen for a
major university), intelligent, had a great job (six
figures!), had great self-esteem (superb relationship with
her father), great figure and a great sense of humor.

But, I later found out she had terrible experiences with sex
and had pretty much given up on having a good sex life. For
example, she:

-had never had a vaginal orgasm
-had never had simultaneous orgasms with her lover
-did not enjoy sex with her ex-husband (of 12 years), mainly
because he did not treat her with respect outside the
-was “forced” to go to sex therapy by her ex-husband, who
thought she was “frigid”
-rarely performed oral sex, because she did not feel like it
-never fantasized about sex
-never masturbated
-never initiated sex and only agreed to sex to placate her
-never used dirty language
-was unwilling to try anything other than missionary
position with her lovers
-never spent the night at her lover’s place or allowed her
lover to spend the night at her place (excluding her ex)

We jokingly discuss that if I had known about her sexual
“issues” before I met her, I probably would not have dated
her (too many red flags). But as I found out, the problem
was NOT with her, but with her lovers.

On our first date, I was quickly able to establish that she
had high self-esteem and a great relationship with her
father. We made love on our second date (with me leading of
course!), and using your techniques, gave her her first
vaginal and multiple orgasms using the deep spot (she
couldn’t believe it).

I was the first man she let stay with her overnight (I
didn’t know this fact until months later). And rather than
concentrate on technique, I concentrated on giving her
pleasure first, which made a huge impression on her (just
like you said).

It wasn’t long before she began fantasizing about having sex
with me, even during work. I received emails from her,
sometimes in the middle of the night about these. The next
time we made love, I gave her her first oral clitoral
orgasm. She willingly gave me oral sex, even without me
asking for it. When I asked why, she replied that she wanted
to give me pleasure and got a huge kick out of seeing me
enjoy it. I just thought of you mentioning that if you give
a woman incredible pleasure, she will do almost anything for

For logistical reasons (birth control, illness, etc), we did
not have vaginal intercourse until about a month later. But
when we did, it was incredible for her (and me!). She had
her first vaginal orgasm from penetration, her first
multiple orgasm from penetration, and her first simultaneous
orgasm! I thought it might be a fluke, as simultaneous
orgasms were something very rare for me.

But it wasn’t a fluke. We have simultaneous orgasms every
time we have sex. She went from someone who never enjoyed
sex to literally “attacking” me at all hours (how many men
can “complain” about that?). She went from never fantasizing
about anyone to thinking about me all the time.

She literally gets wet from talking to me (I guess that is
my cue to try a think-off). And she loves to give me head,
despite not liking it before me. We have made love in the
movie theater, as well as in the car during the daytime,
neither of which she has ever done or considered doing
before meeting me.

If that wasn’t enough, about 3 months into our relationship,
I gave her an orgasm just from kissing her (both of us were
fully clothed and there was no grinding or touching any
erogenous zones). All I did was pin her arms like you
described, pushed her up against the wall and kissed her.

I have also gotten her to orgasm longer (only up to about 2
minutes) by just telling her to come more, etc. My next
endeavor is to have her ejaculate, which she is all for. She
was totally against anal sex, but is now willing to consider

It is just like you said: a woman will do (almost) anything
for you when you give her incredible pleasure. And I firmly
believe all women have the ability to be highly sexual
creatures; they just need the right man to show them…

One thing I learned was that even if a woman has not had
much sexual experience, or even if she did not enjoy it
previously, if she has high self-esteem, she will love sex
with a man who can please her properly. She tells me over
and over how she would not have thought herself capable or
even willing to do the things she now loves to do, to think
or talk about these things, before she met me. She wonders
how the sex can ever get better, and then somehow, it does.

I am now knowledgeable enough to know that it is not my
technique, but how I treat her during the day (she states
the entire day is like foreplay for her) and lead in the
bedroom. The sex is the best I have ever had, but I make
sure we bond more after each lovemaking session.

I tell some of my friends about my experiences and many of
them don’t believe me. I just stop telling them anything
more. However, one friend was so impressed he bought some of
your products. I have asked women I work with if they have
ever had an orgasm without genital stimulation, and only
about 1 in 20 say they ever have. So sad…

Now, for my question. She fell head-over-heels in love with
me after about a month. She tells me that I am the one she
has been waiting for her entire life. Even though she had
been VERY picky about the men she has chosen to date in the
past, and that I believe I am a great catch, I have to
wonder: how much of her love is because of the incredible
sex? If the great sex plays a large role in her being in
love with me, is the love something that is real and
long-lasting? Will this love diminish as I get older (50
now) and my libido wanes? She says no, that even if we never
made love again,she would love me for who I am. For the
record, she has an incredible personality (the only woman
who I have ever given a “10” to in this category) and treats
me with incredible respect.

With incredible thanks,

Jeff Sanders, Columbia, South Carolina

To answer your question:

> If the great sex plays a large role
> in her being in love with me, is the
> love something that is real and
> long-lasting?

Everything appears to be good. She appears to be ideal. The
love is most likely very genuine. It doesn’t appear to be
just because of the sex. My guess is that you are doing more
than being a good lover which is drawing her to you. And it
could very well be that it is one important reason that the
sex is so good.

> Will this love diminish as I get older
> (50 now) and my libido wanes?

The frequency of sex may go down, but the depth of love can
increase. There’s a lot more to love than just sex. And you
two will always have the early times of the relationship to
remember together.

Actually, I think you will do just fine for many years to
come. You two are so highly responsive to each other that it
will be effortless to become excited about each other on a
regular basis.

I can already tell that you are addicted to her
responsiveness to you. That is going to make it easy for you
to be responsive to her for many years to come. So for the
ladies, if you want to keep your man, be highly responsive
to him and he will become addicted.

Jeff, your story is very inspiring. I think my readers would
enjoy reading it. May I use your story as a testimonial?

Thank you,


Thank you for replying to my questions. Your answers are
pretty much what I hoped and thought as well, and I am glad
that your opinion was similar to mine.

I am honored that you wish to share my story with your
readers and agree to the request. I hope that some men (and
maybe some women) realize that even decades of inadequate
sex doesn’t preclude one from becoming (or finding) a great

And becoming a great lover is a lot easier than most
endeavors (for me, it was easier than restarting dating). It
took less than a month for me to “transform” from an average
lover to a lover that rocks my woman’s world.

My girlfriend (and most likely wife to be) doesn’t know that
I learned this mindset from you and your products (if she
asks, I would tell her, but she hasn’t asked) , as she has
only known me as a great lover. We do discuss that if men
knew how to treat their woman in and out of the bedroom
properly, the divorce rate would most likely plummet.

And you are correct when you say that I am doing more than
just being a good lover. She states that I treat her with
respect and caring throughout the day, and all she can
sometimes think about is making love to me. As a result, she
is always ready for sex and usually cums within 2 minutes of

One day, after listening to one of your VIP Inner Circle
CD’s, I tied up my woman with my necktie and ravished her.
It was the first time I had done anything like that, as well
as the first time for her. Nonetheless, I think she was more
nervous than me, but she really got into it. And of course,
she had a spectacular orgasm…

Another time, after some foreplay, I commanded her to “suck
my cock”. She did, and even today, mentions how she liked
how I took charge and “made” her do it. If there was any
doubt that leading a woman in bed was a very powerful
aphrodisiac to women, this put those doubts to rest.

Thanks again for the wonderful service you provide for us


PS I really enjoy the details in the VIP Inner Circle
interviews and newsletters. And if I had listened to the
interview with Eric just a year ago, I don’t know if I would
have believed it. Now, I know better and am grateful that I
too, can give my woman so much pleasure.


Everything appears to be good. She appears to be ideal. The love is most likely very genuine. It doesn’t appear to be just because of the sex. My guess is that you are doing more than being a good lover which is drawing her to you. And it could very well be that it is one important reason that the sex is so good.

Will love diminish as you get older and your libido wanes? The depth of love can increase, and probably will if you keep being the man that you are.

Jeff realized he needed to improve his sex skills and he made the investment.

He changed his emphasis on sex towards pleasing the woman. Remember, it is not about getting sex, it is about obliging her need for really good sex.

He learned that he had to take charge, both in and out of the bedroom.

He selected wisely. He chose an intelligent woman who had a close relationship with her father. This results in a woman of high self-esteem. This results in a woman who has a good sense of deservedness, ie, she believes she deserves pleasure.

He gave her her first vaginal, her first multiple orgasms, her first vaginal orgasm in intercourse, her first simultaneous orgasm in intercourse, etc. Don’t be surprised if this makes a woman fall in love.

He introduced a little bit of dominance in the bedroom. He then tied her up and ravished her. This is very powerful for high self-esteem women.

He extended her orgasms simply by insisting upon it.

It is the man he is outside of the bedroom that allows her to be all the woman she can be inside the bedroom.

He re-bonds with her after every love-making session. Very important.

And yes, Jeff should do “thinkoff”. That is my secret weapon of using phone sex to give her an orgasm without any touching whatsoever. Extremely powerful. That is revealed in my program: “Give Women Hot Phone Sex”

For you men who want to have similar success, start by obtaining the foundational knowledge and beliefs in my bestselling book: A Woman’s Mind Revealed

And then get the knowledge of the powerful sexual techniques in my program: Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms.

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade




  1. Justin says:

    I have a question that me and my ex-girlfriend when we’re together and had sex I cum too early. How can I make that stop she don’t get off on that

  2. jonno says:

    You wonderful man. I came onto your site desperately seeking advice on how to create an experience that my utterly fabulous new love and I would never forget. I was so terrified that I wouldn’t achieve that, that our first night together rendered me impotent both night and following morning!
    Within one hour of being on your site, I’m looking forwards to the weekend so much that I’ve made a mess of my trousers!!
    Thank you and your happy band of followers so much.

  3. Carlos says:

    Hi David.

    I very much like how you are treating your blog and how great information there is in each post. I liked this story but my comment is not directly related to it. I bought your book Secrets Of Female Sexuality, and for some time i was feeling it was not having content other than the development of knowledge and skills to female (and male) pleasure.

    I later found the concepts deeply showing female and male psichology in our times and how these have changed throughout the years. Which made me value your work very much. I think the mentioned book, perhaps in some of the chapters, should be part of younger’s education. I too thank you for your job.

    Warm regards

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