Video: Do Women Have All The Power

A big topic of conversation in the pickup community is about how women have all the power. And by power they mean sexual power and relationship power.

The flip side of this is… men have no power.  Is this true?

Watch this video.  The answer may surprise you!

7 Great Lies About Sexual Pleasure: Lie #7 Women Have All The Power




  1. John Price says:

    Hello David
    In the clip above you took a question from a man in the audience. In my view he wanted to know how to communicate his inner bad boy sexuality to a new woman while maintaining his “nice” guy integrity. As I know you don’t teach pick up tactics per se, it is this conundrum that baffles many men. As you rightly point out a lot of women are unfulfilled and have developed a system of discounting the nice guys they perceive as probably dull in bed and they don’t waste their time on them. It seemed that the questioner needed a quick effective way to let the woman know that he knows the seduction/flirting game and also what they need sexually.
    I have been a customer and followed your advice and seen tremendous results. I also gave your book to a friend and at one point he had 3 women in his life whereas before he was in that dry desert of despair. I coached him on his outer game, i.e. be calm, tease, flirt, have fun and mix it all up and above all don’t be clingy, needy or desperate. Then apply all the David Shade stuff when alone with her. Perhaps this is what the questioner was getting at. Anyway this is just my opinion. Thank you for all your good advice in books, CDs and on the internet.
    John Price

  2. Jan says:

    I have been a customer of yours and have been both intrigued and inspired by this concept, though my one stumbling block is this;
    How do I walk this walk in my everyday interactions with women? I have no desire to sleep with a large number of women but I would love to make them feel alive again!

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