The Bat Is Too BIG!

In this article, certain terms were borrowed from the sport of baseball.  For example, a certain appendage will be referred to as a bat.  You will see what I mean…

***EMAIL from Jerry:

Hello David:

I have been either blessed or burdened with a big bat. The woman I am with now has lots of trouble taking in the whole thing.

She said it feels like it’s bottoming out most of the time, to a very tender area inside, leaving her with a very uncomfortable feeling.

If in the missionary position, if I slide in slowly, she’s ok.

I can’t go hog wild because it hurts her, but if I don’t go hog wild then I find it hard to maintain an erection.

She has never had a vaginal orgasm. She has only had orgasms through clitoral stimulation.

I’ve been working with her trying to get her to orgasm in the “G” spot area, with no success yet.

Do you have any suggestions or positions that would make sex more enjoyable for her and me?


She is not having orgasms in intercourse, so what’s in it for her?

Same old routine every time and she never comes. It gets boring.

And the regular impaling against her tender cervix becomes downright irritating.  It gets old.

If she has never had a vaginal orgasm before, forget about the G spot, go for The Deep Spot. Once you give her vaginal orgasms, she’ll be much more interested in intercourse.

You need my course on how to Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms!

But even then, you will have to choke up on your bat. You absolutely can NOT be banging against her cervix. The pang of pain will pop her out of arousal every time.



  1. bangbroserio says:

    Great Post. I add this Blog to my bookmarks.

  2. khappy says:


  3. Kali says:

    my ex-husband was “overbilt” , and I was always having severe gyn. problems-all I can say is that it was good at first, but the pain and damage was just too much(fortunately for him, he had no problem finding three more wives after me)

  4. denny says:

    David, you are certainly helping me… I have yet to try your vaginal orgasm techniques on my fiance as she is in the philippines… but come January… look out.

  5. melissa farnum says:

    both of these comments are good, but i liked the last comment better and he was right on when he said smaller penises do intend to slide alot, but either way, i love the doggy position. great tips from both guys. especialy to you david shade, i need to see the video on deep spot technique, i need to spice up my love life as well.

  6. Feliciano says:

    Big Bang Theory is an effort to explain what happened at the very beginning of female vagina orgasms.

    Understand how penis size affects female orgasms Any of these orgasms is caused by rhythmic stimulation through pressure and/or friction most women agree that they prefer thicker over longer penises because often they feel discomfort or even pain when being penetrated by a long penis. Usually the penis isn’t actually too long however. It is rather the fact that the vagina was not ready to receive a lengthy penis. A vagina needs to go through a few different stages before being ready for full penetration.

    When a vagina is in relaxed state (no arousal) the cervix rests at about three to four inches away from the vagina opening. The vagina walls are collapsed against each other, leaving hardly any space in between. During arousal the vagina walls start to secrete a lubricant causing wetness and then the first few inches of the vagina expand a little, creating some space. Many guys take this as a sign that the woman is ready to be fully penetrated. Doing this with an average to long penis will hit the cervix frontally, causing discomfort or pain.

    Men often don’t give the vagina the time to become “tented”, meaning that the cervix retracts in the body and the inner two third of the vagina walls open apart. Only at this point is a woman ready to receive heavy thrusting, especially when the penis is long.

    If the guy also knows how to adjust his angle to make sure his penis doesn’t bump the cervix directly, he can give the woman tremendous repetitive uterine orgasms. These are caused by the rhythmic stimulation of the penis glands against a region high in the back of the vagina, called the epicenter or E-zone or (deep spot). It is just above the cervix on the front wall of the vagina.

    Women report that even if they don’t achieve a uterine orgasm they still enjoy the sensations caused by the rhythmic movement of the inner vagina and the uterus. For most women any penis longer than six inches can reach deep enough to create at least such sensations. However, it is also clear that the shorter the penis, the less stimulation the inner vagina and uterus will receive. Longer penises also cause more vaginal satisfaction in the first two inches of the vagina. This part is jam-packed with touch-sensitive nerves and a long penis causes more and longer friction during each stroke in and out.

    Long penises don’t slip out as much as shorter ones during intercourse. A man with a lengthy penis can penetrate a woman in any position he wants. Some positions are simply impossible for shorter endowed men, especially when the guy wants to do some heavy thrusting. Doggy stand is the worst because not only will a shorter guy slip out, he also loses a couple of inches in length due to the girl’s butt cheeks. If the girl’s shoulders are positioned lower than her hips, then the depth of the vagina increases since her uterus actually pulls the vagina due to the gravity. In this position even an average six-seven inch long penis won’t reach the back of the vagina unless the guy uses a hooked ninety-degree attack angle.

    In my early 20’s I have to learn the hard way to give the vagina the time to become “tented” to receive a lengthy penis. But the other side of the spectrum David Shave “Deep Spot technique” is equal as natural as lengthy penis, Cheers.

  7. Devin Jones says:

    David thank you for posting the video about finding the Deep Spot.

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