How to Identify Your Blind Spots (Part I)

There are 3 important components of being a Masterful Lover, regardless of your skill level or experience.

And if you overlook even one of these, it can cause you problems, but you won’t know why.

First you must SELECT WISELY

Second you must lead your woman to be HIGHLY RESPONSIVE to you

Third you must engage in continual MENTAL FOREPLAY because the seduction never stops!

Now before I get into these, I will tell you straight up you won’t find these important elements in the run-of-the-mill books or websites about sexuality.

In fact, I doubt you’ll hear this anywhere else, so pay attention!

Today I’ll cover the first one…


While it is true that all women are capable of experiencing incredible pleasure, there are women who will not allow themselves to do so.

If you start with such a woman, you’ll struggle to give her orgasms and the whole experience will be frustrating.

And you do NOT want to be her therapist and try to ‘fix’ her. Leave this to professionals.

Besides… life is too short to take on such a project. Especially when there are so many women who are just dying to find a Masterful Lover to give them pleasure.

So it is extremely important to screen for such a woman BEFORE you get into a relationship.

Now, I used to hammer on this point on a regular basis. In fact in the now out-of-print Manual, there was a full chapter on this.

And I’ll be covering how to find the truly worthy women at the Super Conference in Vegas.

Are you getting the idea this is important? Good!

Here is what you need to look for in a woman if you want an exciting sexual relationship:

  1. Intelligence – indicates suggestibility, plus you’ll enjoy stimulating conversation.
  2. Imagination – sexuality for a woman is mostly mental, thus the better her imagination…
  3. Deservedness – she must feel she deserves sexual pleasure
  4. Sexuality – you can find the first 3 and it’s possible she she won’t be as adventurous in the bedroom as another. Rare, but it does happen.

Now, it’s important that you add to these what YOU want in a woman. Some guys want a sense of humor, or a woman who loves the outdoors etc. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you probably won’t find it.

So, now you know what to look for… the next obvious question is how do you know when you have these things?

Glad you asked!

Here are some very simple ‘tests’ you can use in everyday conversation. (I don’t have time to explain why these work, I recommend you ‘test’ them for yourself)


Self esteem is an indicator of deservedness. As a general rule of thumb, a woman with low self esteem will have problems having orgasms with you. And there is also a high probability of drama in the relationship. (Yes, this is a generalization. It works for me.)

A very simple test is to pay her a sincere compliment while you are chatting with her. Make it a REAL compliment, not something generic.

If she rejects the compliment or downplays what you said, she has self esteem issues.

Politely excuse yourself and move on. You just saved yourself a ton of headache.


This one requires you to lead the conversation onto non-boring topics, then see how she responds. Does she contribute to the conversation? Does she get animated? Is there something she is passionate about?

These are all good signs she is an intelligent woman with a lot to offer.


A fun one is to play a visualization game. There are many such games. One famous one in the pickup community is called The Cube. (There is a book that tells all about the cube you can get on Amazon.)

You will learn much about her ability to use imagination by playing such a game. And it’s also fun.


Probably the best way to test for sexuality is with Handwriting Analysis (also known as Graphology). This method has been scientifically proven and is used by both corporations and the justice system for determining personality traits.

(Note: I’m going to have an expert on Handwriting Analysis at the Super Conference to teach you how to use this method to Choose Wisely)

The thing you want to look for is large loops in the lower letters like Y, P, & G.

I’ve only met one woman in all my years who didn’t want her handwriting analyzed. It’s fun, it makes you very different from other guys, and it can bring you closer together as it allows you to get to know each other.

Plus, you can learn more about her in 10 minutes than even her BEST FRIENDS know!

Another method you can use is to frankly bring up the topic of sexuality and how it’s different from being promiscuous. See how she responds. If she’s very sexual, she will jump on the topic. Her eyes will light up. If she just stares at you… time to move on.


If I had a nickel for every guy who wrote me about how to ‘change’ his current girlfriend or wife into a high sexual high self esteem woman… I’d be a rich man.

Instead, I have to give them ‘tough love’ and tell them to dump her. It’s not something I enjoy, but it’s what these guys need because it’s obvious in their letters they are not happy in their relationship.

The SECRET is to choose wisely. Do this FIRST and you will have a happy and wildly sexual relationship. It makes everything I have taught you much easier.

You can get all my covert methods for screening for the ‘worthy ones’ in my new program How To Select Women Wisely, plus I have included bonus sections on how to use Handwriting Analysis to discover a woman’s deep dark personality secrets within 10 minutes of meeting her.

Use this link to get your copy:


Select wisely and
give women incredible pleasure,

P.S. Women ‘test’ men all the time.  Shouldn’t you be testing them?



  1. NookieNotes says:

    Ahhh, Casey, I so agree.

    As a woman, it is often the case that we like a man who is not a wise choice, but we believe we will “grow together.”


    High self esteem, intelligence and a high sex drive are requirement in BOTH sexes to make a truly spectacular relationship (in my world).

    Thanks, David.

  2. Casey says:


    David –

    Why isn’t that something every man’s Dad teaches him? I wish I would have known that a long time ago…

    Great information. You do NEED high self esteem, intelligence and a high sex drive in a woman to be successful sexually. Great post.

    — Casey

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