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He Was Told To Be Bad In Bed

You’ll find this question to be hilarious…

***EMAIL from Jarred:

Hi David,

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine the other night about me and my current girlfriend. She and i (been together for 6 months) have never had sex before. I want her first time to be a positive experience because i really like her.

My friend who is rather experienced and successful with women mentioned that i shouldn’t be good at sex with her for the first month or so because i run the risk of turning her into a ‘whore’, as he put it, because she may like it too much.

Is it possible to give her a 19yr old virgin great sex without turning her into a sex maniac? One of the reasons i like her so much is because she’s very sexual but is definitely not ‘loose’.



Thanks for the good laugh Jarred.

You’re friend is telling you to be bad in bed so he can steal your girlfriend away from you. He knows that if you’re bad it bed, it will be easy for him.

The idea IS to turn her into a sex maniac.

But who she chooses to do that with, and how much, is her decision. A decision she would make based on how she feels about you.

She is a woman, and thus most likely highly sexual. She will have many sexual partners in her life. Does that make her loose?

You are afraid that you will not be able to harness and own her sexuality. All the wrong perspective. You should be thinking about how to bring her sexuality to life and make it a rewarding aspect of herself.

You have the responsibility of making a woman’s first time an exciting and memorable one, but you won’t get the opportunity if you keep trying to manipulate.

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  1. Abigail says:

    I agree with David here. I actually had this move pulled on me once. My boyfriend confided in his friend that we were having some issues and bam – next time I saw him the friend hit on me. I wasn’t attracted to him at all, but had I been it would have been a done deal at that point.

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