Do Women Have All The Power?

When it comes to teaching men about women and sex, one of the most common questions I get is about women having all the power in relationships.  This video clip from a seminar I held in San Francisco answers the question “do women have all the power?”

7 Great Lies About Sexual Pleasure: Lie #7 Women Have All The Power




  1. Charles says:

    The trick is knowing when to switch from good guy to bad boy–and then back again. For added fun, try being the bad boy in an unexpected but private situation. There’s nothing better than to lean over and whisper something sexy in your date’s ear during a boring dinner. It will get her thinking…

  2. linsman21@gmail.com says:

    Women crave for value… but value doesn’t exactly mean money or power… unless that’s the only value that you can show… then many will take it as well… as men we need to learn all those other values…. personaliy, fun, good sex, feeling good about ourselves, having a life of our own… in the long run, that’s more powerful than money or power whcih can be gained or lost by chance…

  3. Jack Gordon says:

    If the woman or women in your life have all the power it is because you have given your power to them.


  4. William says:

    Clayton… Bro… be careful about projecting those beliefs into the world. You will attract what you are congruent with. At no point will a woman who has herself together align herself with someone who needs convincing of her existence.

    Clayton… You must get there first bro… You will find her in multitudes once you are congruent through and through. I’m telling you this from first hand knowledge.

    David’s take home point is summed up as follows… Women require dominance so much that they will put up with the “Badboy bs” just to have that primary need met.

    I can almost guarantee you that you are projecting your beliefs and women are avoiding you because they hate being judged for who they are; and women who are worth being with are never going to convince you that they are worth it because they simply don’t have to.

    Clayton… Women would like you just the way you are, however, you must do two things. Remove you major insecurities, and get congruent with your natural male dominance.

    Or… Do nothing and get used to feeling bad…. I will respect your choice… Will you?

  5. Kevin says:

    For anybody else with the same question as the guy in the clip, I think towards the end David’s point was that high self esteem women will go for the nice guy when they want a committed relationship (although not as likely if he’s a total wus and trys to gain her approval all the time and gives her much more attentian than she gives him e.g. calling all the time, trying to buy her approval with presents & letting her make all the deicsions etc (many of us nice guys have made this mistake) So they want a nice guy outside of the bedroom but who isn’t a total wus but they also want a bad boy in the bedroom. Is that what you meant David ?

    • David Shade says:

      Be the Good Guy in the living room and the Bad Boy in the bedroom. Heck, she wants to be the Lady in the living room and the Naughty Girl in the bedroom. And that’s what you want in a woman. So everybody wins.

  6. clayton says:

    all women are the same show them the money that is all they care about

  7. clayton says:

    most of the women I meet all they want is an ass that will slap them around me I do not go to bars to meet women but I have yet to meet a lady not a bitch

  8. Matrix says:

    I think the only real way women “have the power” is when men give it away. All too often I see guys approval-seeking and trying to cater to her every whim. THAT is how women gain power….

  9. Jim says:

    Just watched this clip. Very interesting. I am one of the nice guys. Recently divorced, I am dating and getting serious with a younger woman whom I have told I will treat like a queen, being faithful and honest and never hurt her. The bad boy theory seems interesting because she has had an “active” sex life prior to meeting me but has had failed marriages where the husbands were physically and emotionally abusive. So the “bad Booy therory” is a bit intimidating. Please advise.

  10. Clinton says:

    Where’s that video tape on women having power, I couldn’t
    fine on your website

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