How to have Sexual Power with Women

Please leave your comments and questions below…

Please leave your comments and questions below…



  1. DavidShade says:


    Now I just have to spread the word and the world we be a much happier place.

  2. jb32 says:

    Excellent stuff. It makes sense. Every guy should understand how to have sexual power and to give women sexual pleasure. Especially if they want to be desired by women!

  3. DavidShade says:

    Fred, you Sir are my kind of man. Yes, women love men who love women. They sense it. When you know how to please a woman, everything changes.

  4. Fred says:

    Great stuff David, I met this girl overseas on im and she never had a guy give her orgasms, not even her best boyfriend,and she now wants to come be with me and my wife as I talked to her in such a way that she comes everytime we talk and she cannot get enough. By the way my woman is ok with this as she is bi. She is a great wife to allow me to have this other woman to come be with us. Oh even they have talked together and on cam. It is so juicy to get a woman to have orgasms, I sometimes get them to do it in a few minutes in a grocery store just being near them and introducing myself and looking at them and smiling and they know that they would be so pleased to be with me and I am an old man of 63 and bald and short. Guys it is not what you look like but try to be presentable and kind and show them you love women and they will crawl to you like ants to sugar. Yep show them you know how to please a woman. Give me 5 minutes with most women and they can get off in thier panties without me even mentioning sex or touching them. They pick up on me, that I know how to please a woman is all it is, as they have good intuition and it rocks their boats. I just love it when a girl wears tight jeans and I slowly see her pants getting wet down there as I chat with them. mm mmmm mmm You grove David.

  5. DavidShade says:

    Hi Jan,

    We made some adjustments to the video so it should work better now. Thanks for letting us know.

  6. Jan says:

    I enjoyed the Video and learn't a lot. But the Video plays stops, plays stops which makes it difficult to follow properly. What would be the problem and what can I do for it to play smoothly right trough.

  7. DavidShade says:

    You might have to wait a minute before it loads. It's a big file. If you are on a slower connection, give it a little time.

    One more thing, try listening to the audio “Everything Is Sex” It's a smaller mp3 file. If that loads, then the player works in your
    browser and I'm sure it just need some time to load the video.

  8. Kevin says:

    Hi David,
    Sexual power video won't work for me when I press play. I'd like to view it ,any suggestions?

  9. DavidShade says:

    Hi Barb,

    Glad you enjoyed it. And I've got a whole lot more you can show your lovers on how to give you Incredible Pleasure. Send them here and I'll make sure you are one satisfied woman.

  10. Barb says:

    I am a woman and I took tons of notes and I am going to use this information to tell my lovers exactly how they unleash my sexual prowess!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Loved the voice that I heard on the video too!!!!!! WWWWWWaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy SEXY!!!

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