She Totally Let Go

***EMAIL from Dean:


Your products have given me a mindset that allowed my girlfriend to express her true self in our lovemaking.

After making love she made comments like, “No one has fulfilled me like that before. This was the first time I released water when having an orgasm. It was fun and I felt like a women again!”

I have read a lot of books about the mechanics of lovemaking so I could be a better lover, but the real secret to giving a woman ultimate pleasure was in how I felt about myself, which she picked up on. It was my desire for her that released her to enjoy sex in a new and wonderful way. That is what your book, CDs, and newsletters have taught me.

I know if more men felt better about themselves they could transfer that into their relationships with women and attract those who are healthy.


That’s what it’s all about. Allowing her to express her true self. Bringing out in her that sexual creature that yearns to share. It all allows her to enjoy all those things that come with being a woman.

And isn’t that exciting when she squirts? It shows how very excited she was. So much so that she totally let go to you. Awesome. Good job!

It is so true that a woman can pick up on how a man feels about himself. When she senses that he is a truly sexual man who is comfortable with his own sexuality, she knows that he can appreciate her sexuality.

When she knows that she is desired by a truly sensual man, in the context of respect, she finds herself desiring him.

Women yearn to share their sexuality
with a man who can truly appreciate it
and bring it out in her.

So when she meets such a man, she releases a tremendous amount of potential sexual energy.

And it is interesting that when you are healthy and comfortable with your own sexuality, it tends to attract healthy sexual women.


***EMAIL from Oliver:

G’day David Your material is gold and has helped my girlfriend and me to experience incredible pleasure.

My current girlfriend does not shudder after an orgasm, but leading up to and during, her face goes bright red, rapid heart rate, extreme facial expressions, often screams and sometimes squirts.

I have yet to ask her about her origins of squirting; it just happened and I praised her, told her how sexy it was and how delicious it tasted.

But this is the first time I’ve come across a woman who does not shudder. Have you experienced this?



Some shudder, some don’t.

But I gotta hand it to ya Oliver, you said EXACTLY the right thing when she squirted. Good job!

If you want to Be The Man that brings out the sexual creature in a woman, and have orgasm successes like these men, then get the knowledge of sexual techniques and the beliefs of Sexual Confidence in my “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms” program.


Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



  1. Find yourself with a smile... says:

    Ahhh, the power of positive reinforcement…

    I love the blog David… I’m working on expanding sexual experiences with my lady.

    I’ll keep you posted!

    keep smiling,


  2. Don Edwards says:

    I’ve just found this site and it’s incredible. I can’t wait to read more about this topic.

    Where was this site when I was younger?

    Thank you!

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