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She Faked Her Orgasms For Three Years

***EMAIL from Sarah:

Hey David.

I’ve been getting your Newsletters for a couple of months now.

I’m 22. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 3 years. When he and i have sex, most of the time i have to fake an orgasm, others we just stop before anything happens. I’ve had an orgasm maybe once or twice.

I trust him. i just don’t know how to relax most of the time.

I always orgasm when i masturbate. Can you help me? or give me advice?


Typical. You are clitorally dependent. That happens through years of intense training.

If you are faking orgasms with your boyfriend, you are not being honest with him or with yourself. All the wrong things to do. Your subconscious mind holds the burden of all the incongruency, and thus your subconscious mind will sabotage your vaginal orgasm.

Why are you unable to relax and lose control? In your youth, did you learn that it is bad to surrender to something that you trusted? Are you unable to trust yourself enough to lose control?

I noticed that you use a lower case ‘i’ to refer to yourself. That tells me that your self esteem is not as high as it could be. Always use an upper case I when you refer to yourself.

And, obviously, you are with an amateur lover.

If you were to meet a Masterful Lover, he would guide you through experiences that would allow you to totally lose control and be swept away with powerful multiple vaginal orgasms in intercourse.

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  1. Ian says:

    Quote:That’s because they think it’s sunfil adds a little extra zing. This guy is going to ruin it for them. Quite possible for some no doubt (though unfortunate) but might also have the opposite effect!Another possibility: they have a better concept of LOVE (not sex) in the first place But I comment only from complete inexperience.

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