I Am Discontinuing My Best Selling Product This Week!

That’s right. In fact, I’m ALSO discontinuing my SECOND best selling product.

This week is your LAST chance to get my wildly successful “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms” paperback book.

And this week is your LAST change to get my wildly successful “Art of Sexy Dirty Talk” audio CDs.

At exactly 11:59 PM Eastern time, this Friday, May 23, 2008,
they will be GONE for good!

That’s assuming current stock lasts. Since I’m discontinuing them, I didn’t restock them. So it may all end before then, and probably will given their popularity. I predict Wild Screaming will sell out first based on demand and current stock.

That’s right. You heard it here. They are ending.

I know what you’re asking… why the hell would I do that? Valid question… It’s all my fault. I assume full responsibility for my plight. You see, I made one HUGE mistake when I first put them on the market years ago. And now I regret that mistake.

Here’s the problem…

Some guys were getting the “Wild Screaming” paperback but not the “Dirty Talk” CDs. And thus, they were doing the advanced sexual techniques but weren’t doing the dirty talk! No No! Do NOT do that! The sexual techniques REQUIRE the dirty talk! It’s the dirty talk that makes the sexual techniques so powerful!

I’d answer emails from clients, helping them with challenges, and then I’d ask them “Did you apply dirty talk?” “Ah, no, I don’t have your CDs.” “WHAT!? You HAVE to do the dirty talk!” So then they’d get the dirty talk CDs, and a couple weeks later they’d write back and say,

“Ok, now I get it. Everything is working now.
She has turned into a crazed monster!”

That’s the idea!

Apprehensive about talking dirty? Think she will be offended? Believe me, I felt the exact same way when I first started. But I have solved THAT problem FOR you! I tell you exactly HOW to do it, exactly the reason why you CAN do it, the correct beliefs to ALLOW you to do it, and exactly WHY she will be MASSIVELY turned on by it!

And then… some guys would get the “Dirty Talk” CDs but wouldn’t get the “Wild Screaming” paperback. And thus, they were talking dirty but not doing the powerful sexual techniques. Do NOT do that either! The dirty talk REQUIRES the advanced sexual techniques.

Additionally, included in my “Dirty Talk” CDs is my now often quoted program called “Set The Foundation For a Wild Sexual Relationship”. EVERYTHING you do MUST be in the context of setting the foundation correctly such that the relationship IS wildly sexual. This is foundational. This is true even in the case of an existing ongoing relationship.

Here’s the root of the mistake I made… I simply assumed that guys would understand that they have to get BOTH the advanced sexual techniques AND the dirty talk. I packaged them as separate products when they were produced, because, well, that’s how they were produced.

That was my mistake.

So for the past year, I have been working on a solution to that…

I took everything from “Wild Screaming” and “Dirty Talk” and “Set The Foundation”
and put them ALL together into ONE complete combined step-by-step
easy to understand program, with important ADDITIONS.

This results in 8 audio CDs and 200 pages of printed material. It’s big! It weighs over 3 pounds!

Now here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll leave it up to you. You can either get the paperback book and the audio CDs that are being discontinued this week, or you can get the new combined complete version.

I’m going to try to direct your attention to the new version. In fact I’m going to sweeten the deal. I’m going to add in $335 of freebie bonuses to try to steer you in that direction. Here’s the link…


But if you’ve got some kind of fear of total absolute success, or you’ve got to get the cheap date option, this is your last opportunity to get the current products. They are here…

“Wild Screaming” paperback: Masterful-lover Wildscreaming Orgasms

“Dirty Talk” and “Set The Foundations” audio CDs: Masterful-lover Dirty Talk

But it all ends this Friday. After that, the current versions are no longer available. The bonuses on the new version are no longer available.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade

P.S. You know the drill. Absolutely NO excuses will be accepted. Here’s some excuses I predict:

“But David, I went out of town Friday. I couldn’t get internet working at my destination!” Too bad. So sad.

“But David, your shopping cart was down!” Yes it was. They were doing periodic scheduled maintenance this week. Too bad. “So sad”.

“But David, your own customer support department canceled my order and refunded my purchase 6 hours after I ordered!” They did that because you selected the wrong shipping charge for your country. We can’t change your order. My shopping cart isn’t smart enough, so I rely on your intellect. Too Bad. “All together now… ‘So Sad'”.

“But David, when I tried to buy the new program, the discount didn’t appear when I clicked the Check-Out button!” That’s because you had TWO coupons in two cookies in your browser. (Technical gobbledygook describing a bug in the shopping cart that I use.) Clear all your cookies. Close your browser. Open your browser. Stick with just one coupon please. But that still doesn’t help the fact that you missed the deadline!

I can’t wait to see what unique excuses come in this time. Oh wait, I WON’T see them, my customer support department deletes them. Too bad…

P.P.S. If you go the cheap date version, for goodness sake, get both of them! But really, I’d recommend the combined version with $335 in fr.e.e bonuses!




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