FAQ: Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms

Frequently Asked Questions about the Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms Upgrade

Note: The special Upgrade Offer ends Friday May 23 at 11:59PM Eastern Time!

I’m getting questions about the new GWWSO program, so I thought it would help everyone to whip up this FAQ. If your question isn’t in here, send it to me and I’ll answer your question as soon as I can.

Q: Does this new program include everything that was in the paperback version of “Wild Screaming”?

A: Yes, absolutely everything.

Q: Does it include all the diagrams?

A: Yes. In fact, they are slightly bigger now because it is on bigger paper.

Q: Does this new program include all the audio that was in “Dirty Talk” and “How To Set The Foundation”?

A: Yes, absolutely all of them.

Q: So what IS new in this new program?

A: First of all, I added these…

An audio book of Wild Screaming. You can listen to Wild Screaming in your car. A professional voice actor narrated the book in a sound studio. (He told me that his wife benefited! And he’s still thanking me!)

Printed transcript of both “Dirty Talk” AND “Set The Foundation”. (The woman who transcribed them gave a copy to her husband!)

Then I made an enhancement… I personally re-recorded the Dirty Talk audio for higher quality clearer sound.

Plus, I added this new content…

Wild Screaming Teleseminar – An interview with ML Alumni Mark in Miami plus Q & A (both audio CD & printed transcripts)

Dirty Talk Teleseminar – An interview with ML Alumni Bob in Ontario plus Q & A (both audio CD & printed transcripts)

Quick Start Guide – To guide you (based on your current level) to the material that will benefit you most.

And I put it ALL into one really kewl lookin’ 3-ring binder, in the classic looking “Ruby Red – Chocolate Brown – White” Masterful Lover binder format, complete with Printed Tabs and Table of Contents, including page number and audio track indexing.

Q: I clicked on the Order button and it said $197 in the cart. Isn’t it supposed to say $177 because we get $20 off?

A: The $20 off is applied once you click the ‘Check-Out’ button. When you click the ‘Check-Out’ button, you will see the page that asks for your information. The discount will appear applied on the right side with the total under it.

The shopping cart waits till the ‘Check-Out’ to apply the $20 off. That’s how the shopping cart works I’m afraid.

IMPORTANT: You MUST use this link to get the $20 discount. It loads a coupon cookie into your browser.


Q: Your customer service department cancelled my order!

A: They will do that if you chose the wrong shipping selection based on where you live. (They also email you.) The shopping cart software isn’t smart enough to figure that out based on the address you entered (another stupid thing) so I am relying in your intellect to handle that. (It’s actually a fantastic shopping cart, the best around for what you and I need, but it does have it’s problems.)

Also, my customer service department is not able to edit your order or change the amount you were charged. So they have instructions to simply cancel it. Nothing is charged.

When you order, please make sure you select the correct shipping charge for your country!

Q: I have a U.S. military APO / AFO address. How do I enter that into the shoppping cart?

A: First of all, I thank you for your service. Let’s say for example your address is:

ABCD Box 123 FPO AE 09589-1000

Here’s how you enter it:

enter your name, enter your Address 1 as ABCD Box 123 enter your city as FPO enter your zip code as 09589-1000 enter your country as United States enter your state as Armed Forces Europe

Select the shipping charge for USA.

(Service personel, send me tips if you have them.)

Q: When will the bonus Q&A teleseminar be?

A: It will be in about 4 weeks. I will email you with plenty of advanced notice. I will make it at a time which will maximize the time zones that people can attend.

Q: Is the coaching session really one-on-one? Or is it a group session where we email you questions and listen?

A: The coaching is just you and me. You let me know when you want to do it and we arrange a time.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s these coaching sessions where I have discovered some of the real Super Stars of the Masterful Lover community. Who knows… maybe you’ll be my next featured teleseminar guest.

Back to the question… this call will be only us, so you can feel free to ask any questions you have about applying the methods in your relationship.

Here’s where you can get the new program: http://masterful-lover.com/wildscreaming

Give women incredible pleasure!

David Shade

P.S. Remember, the upgrade offer and $335 in bonuses, ends this Friday, May 23, 2008, at exactly 11:59 PM Eastern time.

Like all my programs, it comes with a complete money back no questions asked guarantee.



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    and unwilling wives

  2. Doc says:

    David, your challenge – help poor miserable men turn their unhappy wives into sex kittens.

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