On Wednesday October 7, 2009 I’m releasing a new version of my popular book “A Woman’s Mind Revealed”

I’m really excited about this new version of my book. I’ve spent nearly four months going over every word in every chapter. I can hardly wait for tomorrow to get it out to the world.

A Woman's Mind Revealed by David Shade

And, I’m having a one-day book release celebration where you can get over $300 in bonuses.  More about that in a minute.

First I want to tell you about the book.

This is a revised and updated version of the book and has several important enhancements.

Bigger & Better

The material has been reorganized to make it more clear and easier to digest.  The book has been greatly expanded from 143 pages to 270 pages (almost DOUBLE in size) to better demonstrate the key learnings.

And best of all it now has five new chapters from special guest experts.

Five New Chapters From Guest Authors

That’s right, five chapters written by people who I greatly respect. I asked them each to contribute to the book, and each give their unique perspective and teachings on female sexuality.

You will be delighted to hear that my mentor, Mark Cunningham, has contributed a chapter. And in typical Mark style the chapter is bawdy, humorous, and filled with profound knowledge about women and sexuality.

He shares his discoveries on what women are REALLY about, based on his 30,000 hours of clinical therapy sessions, where women share their inner most thoughts and dark secrets.


You may have remembered and enjoyed the VIP monthly interview I did with Alicia. She was a runway model in Milan and poses for many fashion magazines.

Well I asked her to contribute a chapter too, so you learn the reality of an extraordinarily beautiful woman. And of course she is a daddy’s girl! She is also a graduate of UCLA. And she is a very gifted writer! She tells you exactly what sexuality is for her.


And you may remember Carlos Xuma. He was one of the guest speakers at my 2009 Masterful Lover Super Conference. I also did an interview with Carlos recently on how to have more confidence with women.

I have admired his work for some time, helping men find their own masculine presence. Well Carlos contributed an awesome chapter about being the Man. And it really hits home.


In my business, a number of very bright women have communicated with me, and some have contributed to the VIP Inner Circle forum. Of all the women, the one who has articulated the concept of Masterful Lover best is that woman you know as ‘ThatQuietGirl’ from here in the forums.

She has contributed a chapter, and it is amazing, conveying exactly what a highly intelligent high self-esteem sexually aware woman wants you to know about female sexuality.


At my 2009 Masterful Lover Super Conference, the surprise big hit was Brad P. Not a surprise to me, I have admired his leading skills for years, not only as one of the world’s premier pick up instructors, but also as being one of my most successful clients.

In his guest chapter, Brad P gives you his take on all of this and shares his most drawn-out, memorable and rewarding seduction experience ever. There are many valuable lessons to be gained from his chapter.


This book will have a one day launch.  We are going to go for “top seller” in our category. Dozens of our JV partners are going to assist us in getting the news out for this one day launch.

When you order exactly on launch day, you will receive free bonuses from some of the top experts in dating & Relationships. Bonuses worth well over $300.

Also, I’ll be giving away copies of my popular program “Select Women Wisely” every hour from 10 AM to 6PM Eastern. Winners will be selected from those who register for the bonus goodies.

The book will be selling on Amazon for $13.58. The guest chapters alone are worth more than that. And when you add in all the bonus goodies, it’s a steal.

Release Celebration On Wednesday October 7

The big release day is Wednesday, October 7, 2009. I’ll be sending out an announcements to my newsletter list.  To get in on the bonuses, make sure you go to this website on October 7.

I am not making any money on this; Amazon will make a few bucks, but not me. I am doing it to go for top selling author.  I would very much appreciate your help this Wednesday.

Thank you,

P.S. Remember, this is a ONE-DAY event only.  You must purchase a copy of the book on Amazon and enter your name, address, and receipt number to get the bonuses at this website:

A Woman’s Mind Revealed Bonuses

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  1. Peter says:

    Thanks David
    I loved your book
    and it has help in another way that you probity not think of
    I am a sever Dyslexic and your book has help me in learning to read slowly but I got through it and had to read some parts over and over to understand it I was going to ask
    you if you did a CD but I am happy that I did not
    I am sow happy that you have help me

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