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Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle by David ShadeIn the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle online forum, we save marriages.

About half of our forum members are married men. They want to be better lovers and better men to make the marriage better. In some cases, they have to do something soon because the marriage is in trouble.

One example is John in Florida. He’s been married for 12 years. The ‘intimacy’ was pathetic. His wife was rarely in the mood.

Imagine how frustrating that is.

We immediately started working with John. Improvements started right away. Before long, everything had changed. Now his wife can’t get it enough! Now she initiates all the time. And she is more in love with him than ever.

John wrote everything he did and everything that happened.

I asked John if I could copy it here, and he said he would be honored. Here it is…

My wife and I have been married 12 years and our relationship is great outside of the bedroom. Inside the bedroom, however, is another story. I had never been able to give my wife a vaginal orgasm.

Sex was something she GAVE me as her present to me. She was deciding when we had sex and would grace me with her generosity. My wife would RARELY if EVER initiate.

I never turned down sex because she initiated it so seldomly that I wouldn’t dare risk passing it up and having to wait for the next time she was in the mood.

I cannot BELIEVE the kind of boring lover I was. It is a miracle that our marriage survived 12 years at all.

I was clueless not only about HOW to please a woman but that women actually liked sex and wanted to be pleased in the first place.

In hindsight, I should have joined the VIP Inner Circle right away. I was afraid of the VIP forums. This forum was for Masterful Lovers and I was a clueless novice. But David, Matti, Lena, and all of you were so welcoming and helpful.

The more time I spent learning the mindset of a masterful lover, the more I realized how much of the advice men receive outside of the ML community is UTTERLY WRONG, DANGEROUS, and OUTRIGHT RIDICULOUS.

The more success I find with David’s materials, the MORE ANGRY I get at all the OTHER PEOPLE that have led me astray over the years. They meant well, but in hindsight their advice was RIDICULOUS and did more harm than good.

I even ran across one article entitled something like “The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm”. I would read other articles or see videos on YouTube from respected sex experts with impressive credentials and a ton of letters after their names explained that only some women have vaginal orgasms.

Then one day I found these materials by this guy named David Shade. An ELECTRICAL ENGINEER (what the fuck?) with no formal sex therapy background, no medical schooling, no formal education at all in the field of sexology. He claimed with FULL CONFIDENCE that ALL WOMEN are capable of vaginal orgasms.

There was a time when I felt like giving up. That was back when I kept trying the deep spot and my wife felt nothing but pain and I began questioning not only myself but the entire Masterful Lover philosophy.

I don’t know why but I took David’s word on faith and decided to try his teachings. David’s teachings go against conventional wisdom. He teaches things that are in direct contrast to everything I thought that I knew. I was doubtful but I persisted. And then the MAGIC BEGAN in my marriage of 12 years.

Breakthrough after breakthrough happened in my marriage. Everything changed.

Oh my god…..did it.

Amazing stuff!

Unbelievable stuff!

Vaginal orgasms EVERY TIME we have sex. Orgasms on Command. Orgasms through my voice alone. Nipple orgasms. Whisper orgasms.

“What the FUCK did I just do?” was my reaction. Over and over and over and over again. Amazing results. Repeatable results. Un-fucking-believable results.

Now my wife tries to initiate all the time. She wants me to “give” her sex. I “take” her any time I want, and she loves it.

What a change from before my ML learning. I went from BEGGING for a blow job and having her GRACE me with her pussy out of the kindness of her heart and pity… to HER begging to suck my cock and HER begging me to fuck her.

I have come so far from those early days of skepticism. The most amazing things have happened and my marriage has been completely transformed.

These are actual forum posts from John. You can talk directly with John through the forum.

When clients get coaching from me, they get results. My coaching works. Period. And I get $500 an hour for it.

But John didn’t have to pay that. You see, there is a very affordable way to get coaching from me…

In my Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle online forum, clients get online access to me for only the small membership fee.

I appreciate their trust and belief in me. Thus I give them my best. I spend more time in the forum than I do in anything else I do in my business.

Clients post about their situation, and I reply with advice and guidance. Also replying are my coaches and my top clients.

Every person in the forum that asks a question gets my full attention. I will go back and forth with each client for as long as it takes until they have achieved their goal.

I did the math, and by the time it’s all done, every client has received thousands of dollars worth of my coaching. The online forum is where things get changed.

Some people think the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle forum is only for advanced clients. No, it is for all levels.

Yes the advanced clients are members, and they are great role-models, but we also have many novice clients as members. And in these cases, the advanced clients are very helpful to the new clients.

One of our new clients is a man who goes by the user- name “Chief”. He has been married for 28 years. He had serious issues in him marriage.

For one thing, his wife was not having vaginal orgasms.

You know that I have told you that all women are capable of having vaginal orgasms. They were all born with a vagina and a brain, and thus are all fully equipped to experience vaginal orgasms.

You also know I have told you that if you don’t get vaginal orgasms in intercourse working, you have nothing. If she is not having vaginal orgasms in intercourse, sex is all about you, not about her. Given enough years, that gets old.

We started working on Chief right away. He received massive amounts of guidance from me, my coaches, and top clients.

And finally, on his 28th wedding anniversary, he saved his marriage.

I asked Chief if I could copy his latest forum post here, and he said he would be honored. So I’ll let Chief tell you how it happened…

Last night was amazing. I am super charged and thrilled at the outcome. It was a struggle getting to this point. But I gave my wife three vaginal orgasms in the span of about ten minutes!

Why was everything so hard for many months and then finally last night it was easy? My answer is: She was finally able to surrender to me and let go.

It was a convergence of many factors that transformed me into a man she could surrender to. And thanks goes to all the guidance from the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle forum.

For months I was amazed when folks in the forum talked about their experiences and the successes they had. I could not imagine these truly amazing things could come so easy for some and yet the simplest things eluded me for months.

My wife and I have had some very serious problems through the years. Since this site deals with sex I’ll mention that I had two serious issues that absolutely drove me crazy and led to many bad years. One issue was size (mine is small), the second was severe PE.

I made my wife suffer for these. I did not ever talk about it; seek help or anything. I just stewed in my own misery. I felt extremely inadequate.

I started my Masterful Lover journey for one reason, to try and cheat proof my relationship. But good things come from selfish motives sometimes. Now I’m more concerned with her pleasure and providing the four things she needs for happiness. Being a man!

Yesterday was my 28th wedding anniversary. What happened? I used a lot of emotional talk, mixed with some dirty talk this time, and then I began massaging her deep spot.

Right on the border between the deep spot and the g-spot is where she responded the best. After one minute or so I could tell she was very excited. I inserted a second finger and within two minutes she started her very first vaginal orgasm of her life. Very impressively I might add. This went on for about thirty seconds.

Next I said something like: “You need to be f***ed now don’t you?” She sort of nodded her head yes. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I entered her. On the second thrust she began to have another orgasm, or perhaps the first one never really stopped. I don’t know for sure. Her arms wrapped tighter around me.

I began whispering into her ear, “keep coming” and various other items of dirty/emotional talk. Usually I don’t whisper dirty talk, but tonight was more emotional so I whispered into her ear.

This orgasm died down after about thirty seconds or so, but I still felt light fluttery contractions for the next five minutes while I proceeded to penetrate her. Not hard, more like a medium casual pace. Just normal missionary.

She also started to cry as I was doing her (sort of a turn on).

After about five or six minutes she began to experience what I’m calling her third vaginal orgasm. This began with medium contractions. Anyway this triggered something in me and I felt my own climax approaching. I told her I was going to come and her own orgasm became stronger and then I came deep inside her and this caused her to go wild with heavy contractions.

She hugged me for quite a while, eyes closed, thighs sort of trembling. She’s never done that before.

My wife has an after sex ritual where she grabs the roll of TP and looks for puddles and cleans them up, wherever they may be. I know everyone is going YUK! She put off this ritual and just sort of laid there.

I cuddled with her and asked her how she felt. She said “I don’t know!” Honest to god. Well this is getting long, so need to wrap it up. We bonded and we slept.

Wasn’t that a beautiful success story? I love it. We are so very proud of Chief, and so very happy for him and his wife.

This is the kind of stuff that makes my job so fulfilling. And it’s the reason why I work so hard helping people in the forum.

The Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle online forum is where results happen.

You too can be part of it, no matter what skill level you’re at. Everyone in the forum attains their goals.

And you get online access to me for only a small membership fee. Everyone wins.

Join the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle here:

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade





  1. ladd says:

    Thanks David for this post! It is funny how in both cases mentioned about the vip members, their lives was changed by finding new information. It’s truly not about size or experience, its about knowledge and belief like David says. In them finding new info they were able to give their wives orgasms after YEARS of marriage from their wives barely wanting sex to BEGGING for sex. I also have been studying orgasms in more depth and could see why orgasmic sex is the best sex to give. Even on how there is a mind and body connection to orgasms. Thanks again David!

  2. Leah says:

    PS- (Sorry for the typos in my above post!) For any gentlemen out there who care to listen, just wanted to add one little tidbit about women’s bodies that might give guys a lot more confidence in bed. Have been seeing studies in the news recently that state “size does matter”. Well, that can certainly be a misleading statement as well as one that might cause a lot of sexual self-esteem issues in men. Wanted to clear up whether or not size matters. Also, I am an experienced woman and have spoken to many other experienced women on this. There is only one conclusion I can come to: size matters in relation to a woman’s individual anatomy as well as her sexual wiring. What does that mean? It means that some women are wired to respond to someone who is on the larger side while other women are wired to respond to someone who is not large at all. There is something about how bodies fit together and how a woman is fashioned internally. Some women are “shallow” internally and so a guy who has any kind of length can actually feel bad for them. Other women are really deep internally and they require a man who can reach their sweet spots deep inside their body. Then, there is another difference. Some women cannot handle a guy who is wide. Plain and simple– it makes them hurt. Then there are other women (who usually have very powerful PC muscles) who require the width to balance out their own muscle tone. Just like every puzzle has individual pieces that fit absolutely perfectly, for each woman there is a type of man who fits her perfectly. So, it simply does not matter if a guy is short or long, wide or thin. The guy needs to find the girl that he “fits” perfectly and she is out there. I learned about this personally after I entered into a serious relationship with my current husband. I waited to get married because I was too busy building an executive career and traveling the world.
    I had had enough lovers to know about the many different types. When my husband and I were dating and became physical, it was like “WOW” a perfect fit. We have been married ten years and there is still a perfect fit and both he and I notice it. Each time we make love it is mind-blowing for both of us because it feels like our bodies were literally custom made to fit together. And I have been able to teach him how to have multiples (without him being young and without viagra). So, I am going to have to say that finding a good fit is important and that is much more important than a man’s relative size. If any men are reading this, don’t feel bad about your size– whether you have felt you were too big or too small. Just keep looking for the right “fit” both physically and emotionally. Just my two cents!

  3. Leah says:

    Wow, I wrote a reply a few hours ago talking about how this kind of information can be misused by men. But after reading this post I see that you are indeed in the business of saving marriages. That is a very noble cause and I also believe it is the relationship in which this information should be practiced. Now, I am no sexual prude. In fact, I am quite the opposite! So the reason I say that this information should be practiced in marriage is because the kind if sex that people can have as a result of this information is emotionally powerful. Chief ‘s experience is a case in point. He had been married 28 years and it appears that his wife cried and had vaginal orgasms for the first time. Chief not only accessed a new part of her body, he also accessed a new part of her brain. This whole experience brought out a profound vulnerability in his wife. Now, imagine if there were men out there who were not married to women, who were willfully bringing many women to such experiences, and then not doing it within the context of a deeply committed relationship. That could really shatter a woman emotionally and be very dangerous to her psyche. Therefore, I cannot stress enough that this information should absolutely be used, but it should only be used within the context I’d deeply committed relationships. In this case, this information could literally be used to drop the divorce rate. I can say from personal experience that if a husband us giving his wife mind blowing sex, then all of that good feeling will spill outside of the bedroom and benefit the relationship. Everyone wins!

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