John Saves Their Marriage

John & Christine

They Broke Up, But Now They Are Wildly Happy

John and Christine attended my seminar in Vegas in October 2010, but they almost got kicked out of the MGM Grand Hotel at 1:30 in the morning for being too loud! John and Christine are wildly happy and madly in love.

But it wasn’t always this way…

You see, John and Christine have been married for 12 years, but one year ago they had a bad break up. Then 6 months ago they got back together. John was determined to figure out what he had been doing wrong, and what he needed to do to save his marriage.

John started by getting all my programs. It’s a good thing he came to the right place! It saved their marriage.

John immediately began to implement my material. He used the deep spot, he taught her to squirt, he gave her instant orgasms on command, he taught her to have orgasms from anal, and the list goes on. They did “everything in the book”. And Christine loved it all!

John gave Christine an Instant Orgasm On Command on the first night!

But the ONE thing that John started doing (that I tell ALL men to do) is he became dominant in the bedroom. He “grew a pair”, and he started to LEAD. It is what high self-esteem women demand!

John started to implement what I call “Themes”, and the fantasies are so powerful for Christine that she weeps afterward!

John selected very wisely when he selected Christine! She is a big time Daddy’s Girl; very high self-esteem, self-actualized, self-empowered, an extremely healthy sense of deservedness, and very communicative.

And there are other things that John did that were quite brilliant. You see, since they attended the seminar, John has been working with Christine and he has been making a number of fantasies her reality. The “big story” fantasy was the most advanced so far. It took Christine 45 minutes to describe everything that happened. She absolutely loved it! It is an amazing story. I’m going to save that until you hear the interview.

I recently interview John and Christine. We talked for 2 hours! And Christine did most of the talking.

You will learn a lot from John, and especially you will learn a lot from Christine. Christine reveals in her own words what John did, how he did it, and why it worked so well for her.

If you are married to a high self-esteem woman, or in a relationship with a high self-esteem woman, or want to get one and keep her happy, then you want to have this interview!

This 2-hour CD set will be shipped out to VIP Inner Circle members on January 3, 2011. But in order for you to get this 2-CD set, you must be a VIP Inner Circle member before December 17, 2010.

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Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



  1. Fred Hernandez says:

    David i would like to thank you . for keeping in touch with me and my wife. wehave learnd so much . we just need to make more time for us .and we would know more .i was listing to talk to john and cristien. and i think it would good thing to make my sexy wife cume when i tell her to . just wanted to say thanks.

  2. SolveMyGirlProblems says:

    orgasms on command? Jesus… that’s taking it to the next level. Seriously, if you have this power, then women should tremble beneath you.

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