How Romeo Saved His Marriage

Interview with a Bad Boy

I just interviewed a Bad Boy… A big bad-ass tattooed bouncer at a pub in the rough area of London.

He had a tough upbringing.

He grew up in a pub his mom owned.

His father was a cheating jerk who beat up his mom.

Violence was a way of life, so he learned to survive. His uncles, who are bad-ass bouncers, taught him how to fight. He’s never lost a single fight in his life.

To say he’s good with women is an understatement. He started having sex when he was 12 and he’s been with more women than leading pick up coaches.

But there’s something very different about this bad boy…

He wanted a better life. He wanted one woman he would love and respect.

He has no problem getting women, so he found a really good one and he married her.

And he wanted to be true to her. And he wanted to be the best man he possibly could be for her.

So one year ago, he came to me to learn how to be a Masterful Lover.

He got all my programs and he joined my VIP Inner Circle online forum. We worked on him for months.

Today his marriage is the perfect example of fully satisfying. He gets it any time he wants it, and his wife gets everything any woman could have ever dreamed of.

Read his amazing testimonial here…

Hi David!

Purchasing “A Woman’s Mind Revealed” was THE best thing I have EVER done for my marriage. Because from there I got “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms”, and finally to this forum. Best thing I have EVER, EVER DONE!!

I want to thank you for all your help and advice on your Inner circle forum… In fact I would like to thank everyone in the forum who have helped me and inspired me in so many different ways

I have learnt and am continuing to learn SO MUCH!! I was determined to be a MASTERFUL LOVER, and there was NOTHING that was gonna stop me from giving my wife the kind of pleasure that is possible from ML…

I AM living the dream!! My sex life is something I never actually dreamed could be this satisfying… and yet I am experiencing this over and over again, like a wonderful dream cum true!! ;-)

My wife and I are truly enjoying our marriage… Outside of this forum I really don’t know how many other couples who have been together as long as we have, are as happy and fulfilled as we are. We share a very deep bond. We have so much fun together… There is much laughter and humor, respect and trust on both sides…

When I first joined the forum, there was a lot that I needed to learn.. And David, with your help and the help of other Masterful Lovers in the forum, I began taking my wife to higher and higher levels of ecstasy both in AND out of the bedroom.

Your inner circle is truly unique… Where else can one find an elite international group of Masterful Lovers, and top relationship experts who are incredibly open minded and willing to help one with any questions and sticking points that one might be having?

Getting advice directly from David Shade himself, and from other Masterful Lovers, you can’t go wrong!! You also get honest feedback and advice from women Masterful Lovers… It’s pure GOLD!!

This forum has not only saved my marriage, it has helped me take it to incredible heights that I did not realize was even possible!! I am forever grateful to David and EVERY ONE of my forum buddys! My marriage and sex life is the envy of our mutual friends.. My wife bounces with joy all the time, we are so in love with each other AND with LIFE! It’s beautiful!!

Joining the inner circle forum was THE best thing I have ever done for my marriage, AND myself!!

Forever grateful,

PS..we just had a quickie… about ten minutes of intercourse.
She came all the way through!! :-)

If you are in my forum, you know him by his screen name, “Romeo”.

This is the interview you’ve been waiting for.

On Thursday, May 1, 2014, this interview will be emailed to all VIP Inner Circle members.

To get yours, you must join my VIP Inner Circle before 11:59 PM Eastern time, Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle online forum. < — Join here

In the forum you will be able to read Romeo’s actual posts and you will be able to communicate with him. He’d be happy to help you in your marriage!

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade


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  1. Julo says:

    Often a man want to stop seeing every night, to entice women to devote only a woman, what is dignified, a marriage to form a happy family.

  2. Romeo says:



  3. Angela Simpson says:

    My husband has cheated and made kids outside the marriage all within two years.i hate him so much and when I look at him it is with disgust .but I still want to have sex with him not feel or be in love

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