Carole Saves Her Marriage

In one of my recent newsletters, I spoke about men wanting to purchase my material, but their wives wouldn’t let them. Such men are not being men, and such wives will continue to be frustrated and unfulfilled.

And then there are women who read my newsletter and would love to purchase my products to give to their husband, but such women are afraid they will bruise their husband’s ego. As a result, such women remain frustrated and unfulfilled.

Today I received a very touching email from a woman in Oklahoma. She said that she was no longer interested in sex with her husband, so she purchased my products and gave them to him. Here is the letter she sent me. After you read the letter, I will tell you how she brought up the subject with her husband.

***EMAIL from Carole in Oklahoma:

Hi David,

I personally have learned so much about myself from reading your e-mails and about women’s sexuality, I located myself. I had a difficult time waiting for my husband to digest all of the materials, but oh the rewards!

Even with the health challenges that he has, he has made amazing strides toward making our intimate life more fulfilling.

He recently commented that after 34 years of marriage, he never thought we would or could have such and active sex life! I asked him what he had expected, he said “not this”! My answer to him was you made me this way, are you complaining?

David, in your materials, I found the spark of encouragement for myself to let him be The Man. And because of that, I am now The Woman, trusting and accepting him as an exciting wonderful man, husband and lover.

Women need to make sure not to expect your partner to be able to read your mind, and make sure that you say what you mean and mean what you say. It isn’t fair to your partner to not communicate what you want or what feels good and then be disappointed with the intercourse.

I had a wonderful relationship with my father. I tell you this because he always gave me the impression that I was his special girl and he took time to nurture me and let me know how much he loved his daughter. He was gone a lot in the Air Force, (yes I am an Air Force brat) and when he died, my mother never remarried. She said there was only one man for her. Now, (much later in life) I understand that he took the initiative in their marriage. That is why mom couldn’t imagine being with another man.

I am very encouraged to read all the testimonials of men, young and old learning your materials. It is heartening to see that so many of your clients recognize that natural desire to be a nurturer to their women. That is wonderful!

I sure hope these women who hold their husbands back wake up, and the men reclaim their manhood.

Thank you sooooooo much,


I was so touched by Carole’s email that I asked her if she would record an audio testimonial for me. She was more than happy to.

In her audio testimonial, she told me what their marriage had been like and how she brought up the subject to her husband.

Then she shared how wonderful their sex life is now: she had her very first vaginal orgasm, she is having vaginal orgasms in intercourse now, her husband has learned to be the man, and she looks forward to her husband being sexual with her.

Listen to her story in her voice…

Part 1: The past sucked! We needed help. (5:37)

Click here to hear (rightclick to download) or try the player below:

Part 2: She wouldn’t settle any more for mediocre sex! (4:12)

Click here to hear (rightclick to download) or try the player below:

Part 3: Her husband uses the Deep Spot (3:55)

Click here to hear (rightclick to download) or try the player below:

Part 4: Her first vaginal orgasm! (3:26)

Click here to hear (rightclick to download) or try the player below:

Part 5: They enjoy sex very much now. (5:06)

Click here to hear (rightclick to download) or try the player below:

“If I could give everyone David Shade’s address… I would!”

~ Carole

This is how it should be. Men and women have a right to enjoy their sexuality in their marriage.

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give Women Incredible Pleasure,
David Shade




  1. Terry says:

    Yes, I agree with the above posters. This woman’s strength and loyalty to her man are inspiring, and she demanded that he “step up to the plate” and be a better man in spite of his challenges… he is blessed to have such a woman in love with him.

  2. Neville says:

    That was a very beautiful and touching story. It is a shame that they did not fix these problems years ago, but there is no point in dwelling about what did or did not happen in the past. What is most important is that they are making the most of their time now. Good luck to them!

  3. Keith says:

    Beautiful, and with the weight of other issues in their marriage, awesome! It’s peculiar how often relationships break down over “financial” issues, but I don’t think that’s the underlying cause. When a woman is willing to follow her man to Hell and back, what are financial issues? Okay, they can be Hell, but when you walk them through together, they pale in comparison to a relationship like that. That interview is a powerful example of what a couple can and should be. Wow! Yes!

  4. Kay Roe says:

    I ordered your book sometime back and you also provided a download of the book when I ordered. My computer got a virus and when they “cleaned” it up, there went my download. Could I possibly get another download since I travel and use my computer instead of the book. I would appreciate it.
    I am 53 and have been working on finding someone I can share your information with because I too have never had an orgasm and I plan to have one before I die! I know I am missing out but at my age and the age that the men are at in my life, they take it very personal to ask them to read something when all the other women they have had never had any problem like this. It seems to be MY problem I am very disappointed and I guess until I find the right man who wants to be the man for me, I will continue to hope. I can relate to this woman’s testimony. I would have to leave someone I love over a sex issue but it is important to women as well as a man.

  5. SteveMc says:

    That is a touching story. I’m surprised you did not say more in your blog entry about her husband’s potentially terminal illness. That adds a lot more weight and human interest to her testimonial.

  6. Harold says:

    Excellent. She says that she’s submissive, and yet she was strong enough to be willing to walk if the husband didn’t step up to the plate. That says something.

    Good for them.

    This testimony and the others like it does violence to a lot of the mainstream sex & relationship advice out there.

    Keep up the good work sir.

    • DavidShade says:

      Many men make the mistake of thinking submissive means a woman isn't strong. Even high powered CEO women want to be submissive to her man in the bedroom. They want to surrender to his lead and be swept away.

      But they won't tolerate bad sex, lack of respect, lack of intimacy etc. from their man. In this case, she wanted the relationship enough to approach her husband to make things better. Usually the woman will either cheat, leave, or both.

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