“But Mommy Won’t Let Me”

It is said that I am somewhat tough in my replies to some of the emails that come in. Today is no exception.

***EMAIL from Anonymous:


Was willing to invest in our relationship by investing in your compilation GWWSO. It seemed a worthy investment to restimulate a marriage of twenty-five years, but not to her way of thinking.

After so many years, she’d rather just forget all that “silliness” and she always has an excuse or other priority that dismisses such togetherness. It seems that my companionship pales compared to a good movie, good night sleep, or some other excuse– real or fictional.

After so many years together, she just doesn’t possess any intrest in sex, at least not with me.

I don’t wish to cheat on her. But I am frustrated. What can one do, when one’s love is not enough, when one’s desire is not of concern to their partner, when no amount of time effort or money is worth rekindling the sexual nature of a marriage of twenty-seven years?

Seriously, David, we’re still in our mid-forties, and sex still holds great interest for me, if not for her. If I try to enliven things, she claims I’m being perverse, that I always want to make it more than it is, and she says it’s nothing, that sex isn’t needed for a true realtionship.

Maybe it’s a male point of view, but I think a healthy relationship will include lust as well as love.

Since she refuted my effort to purchase your program, any “free” advice is welcome. Or, have I lost control and her willingness forever?

[name withheld]


She refuted your effort to purchase my program? Since when do you have to go to her for permission to purchase self improvement information?

What else do you have to get her permission to buy or do? Do you have anything of your own?

No wonder she’s not interested in sex. You are not an individual, you have no spine, and thus she has no respect for you.

When she has no respect for you, she will not be responsive to you. When she is not responsive to you, the sex is lame. When the sex is lame, she loses all interest in it.

There’s your free advice.

***EMAIL from Anonymous:


I recently purchased your Hot Phone course.

I bought it as a gift for my wife, but unfortunately she doesn’t like the content, and was totally turned off. It was a surprise but reluctantly I must return the said course as soon as possible.

I would appreciate it if you can let me know what procedure I need for the return, or can I send it back to the address on the packing. I will appreciate it if you can credit my credit card as soon as you receive the course.

[name withheld]


My customer service department immediately informed him of return instructions, and immediately upon the return, his purchase was refunded in full.

We never ask why someone wants to return something, we just help them to return it.

But since he offered his reason, I have some comments…

What the hell was he thinking?!

The recordings in Hot Phone are hard core. They are raw. Everything was recorded. Nothing was edited out, nothing was tamed down. They can be very shocking.

The recordings are to illustrate to you what is possible. They are complete to show you exactly how to do it. Plus, I explain everything fully, such as why certain things are done.

When you get my “Hot Phone” program, do NOT sit her down and have her listen to it! Instead, listen to it yourself.

If you command respect in your relationship, things that arrive in the mail for you will be opened by only you. Work on that first.

***EMAIL from Anonymous:


Do you offer your programs in e-book and mp3? I don’t want my wife knowing that I have them.


What are you afraid of?

My programs are shipped products, for good reasons that I have already discussed at length.

When the plain wrapped box arrives in the mail, tell her it is about how you can make the relationship even better, and then simply put it with your other stuff.

You DO have a place where you put YOUR stuff, right?

When you are alone, listen to it / read it. Then implement the material exactly as I reveal to you. She will not realize what is happening, she will only know that her interest and enjoyment is increasing more and more.

***EMAIL from Jenna in Atlanta:

Hi David,

There is no doubt in my mind that EVERY man worth his salt should read and implement your guides. I forward your emails to my whomever my current lover is, if they ignore it, I break up with them pretty fast. If however they act on the information, they get to stay around and bless me with all they have learned.

I am engaged now to the man who took it seriously. He rocks my world and we have found that I wear him out and yet he continues to bring me one wild orgasm after another even after he is spent. I want to experience everything life has to offer with him. We have done threesomes and intend to experiment with many other “taboos”. In return for his generous and masterful loving, I strive to be a woman worthy of him.

Truth be told I will not settle for less than a masterful lover. All men should strive to be one and hence climb the ladder of survival from a beta male to a virile alpha male… grrrr.

Thank You and Take Care David,

40 in Atlanta, GA

***EMAIL from Danielle:

From what I’ve read on the newsletters I am so excited about this material. I’d buy it for all my guy friends, for my girlfriends’ boyfriends, and an extra copy for my future husband. My future husband is definitely getting it. They all need to make the decision on their own to get it and learn, or it is for naught.

Men. Man up. grow a set and take charge of your woman’s pleasure. I’m sure she puts effort into making sure you get yours and she probably asks her friends or reads stuff to get better, so what’s wrong with you getting a little help? I don’t think she asks your permission to learn how to get you off.

I’m just saying.

***EMAIL from Cindy in Michigan:


I think it is a GREAT idea for men to read your material. And, some women. You took the long, rough road to find and implement this material. It wasn’t a quick fix for you. I know that from my own experiences and did the same thing. The fact that you reveal that in your books gives credibility to your material. You are not putting out “fluff” or “garbage”. Your material is proven, effective techniques and skills.

I see how some men write in and say the “woman” won’t let them keep it, or don’t like it. Personally, I think the women are afraid to find out that they actually would like the material. Oh No!! Admit they like sex? I also think many women honestly don’t know how to accept that sort of attention from a man, and don’t know how to treat a man.
You put out some great material here and any man who reads/listens to it will benefit from it greatly, as well as his partner. I also think some of the women need to step up to the plate as well. Learn how to accept their man and everything about them, and learn how to treat them in return.

Keep up the good work!!!

Cindy in Michigan

***EMAIL from Wolfgang:

I’m guessing that the first guy, the one whose wife wouldn’t let him (?!) buy your course, would have had trouble even if he’d just bought it, and was thinking he’d save himself the sad nuisance of what was to come. And what was to come? Well, probably something a lot like my friend.

My friend and his wife are a bit younger than your frustrated correspondent, and while they have not been married even 20 years, he has a very similar problem. Got all the details on that, let me tell you. I told him about your stuff, which is mind-blowing when read and *fantastic* when used, and loaned him one minor item as a sampler to prove its worth. He read it twice in a day, and was really excited about using the techniques to rekindle her interest.

She wouldn’t even let him get close enough to try. Just wanted the basic, bare minimum to get him off, and off her back about lack of sex, and refused any attempt to stimulate her. Got a bit nasty about it, and the stuff he told me she said sounds *exactly* like what that guy’s cold wife said. God help him if he had tried any of your spoken techniques I have here!

I doubt there’s any way around this, and so does he. He plans to go his own way as soon as possible. When he does, I’ll advise him to get your stuff, learn it well, and start out right, never letting it get so bad again. I know you believe long-term bonds are fantastic, but this is just the sort of thing that’s kept me from following in those footsteps.

– Wolfie

***EMAIL from Gail:

ya better forget it Dave… most people are just lame and just don’t “get it”… men as well as women…

I think all they are interested in is food these days..

Thank you,


***EMAIL from Kevin:

way to go Dave. makes u laugh, doesnt it. ur stuff is priceless… and awe inspiring and one million percent real.


***EMAIL from Christina:

Hi David,

I’ve never orgasmed before, not even with by boyfriend.

I read your newsletters religiously, and after every one I read I’m so jealous of all of these women who have these amazing orgasms that it almost brings me to tears.

Well now it has. I thought I’d convinced my boyfriend to order your book. But he hasn’t. I try not to bring up the fact that I never orgasm to him because I don’t want him to feel that he is not capable.

I don’t know how to get him to buy your book. I’ve forwarded your newsletters to him. I’ve asked him a few times too. I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO.

He thinks it’s something that I have to do. He asks me what he needs to do. I can’t even give myself an orgasm, how am I supposed to show him how to do it. I’m desperate. He’s about to propose and I’m scared that I will be stuck with never having one.

Thank you.


Write your comments and tell me your thoughts.


When mail arrives at your home addressed to you, you are the one who is supposed to open it. Work on that.

When you have that working, then make the investment in making your marriage exciting and fulfilling.

Start with my book “A Woman’s Mind Revealed”.

Then discover the secrets to being a Masterful Lover, with my program “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms”.

Then give her orgasms with just your voice, with my program “Give Women Hot Phone Sex”.

But listen to it yourself.

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



  1. stephen douglas says:

    Hi Dave,

    I would rather have a hardback book or dvd than any of that ezine stuff. can you deliver?

    Stephen. Edinburgh

  2. David Shade says:

    All my products are shipped paper or CD products.
    See them here:

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