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Proof That Size Doesn’t Matter

This is one of the most interesting interviews that
I have ever recorded.

Do you remember how I have always said that size
doesn’t matter? Well this interview is proof.

I interviewed a guy who was less than average size.
He never gave women orgasms. His girlfriends never
wanted to have sex.

I also interviewed a guy who was larger than average
size. He never gave women orgasms. He didn’t even have
girlfriends because he made them bleed and they never
came back.

Now get this… it’s the same guy.


Yep, I interviewed a guy who got an enlargement operation.
It included a large implant.

Before his operation, he thought he was a failure because
he was too small. He downloaded porn that promoted large
size. The websites heavily bombarded him with
advertisements for enlargement operations.

So he got the operation to become as large as the men
in the videos.

After his operation, it didn’t improve things. In fact,
it made things worse.

He felt betrayed and misled.

Then he heard about me. He invested in my programs and
began studying in earnest. His world was shattered.

As a Masterful Lover, he started applying the mental
techniques, and his girlfriends were having orgasms
even before sex. Then his girlfriends were having
orgasms over and over again.

They kept coming back, and they kept begging for it.

And if he wasn’t in the mood to have sex, they’d get mad!

That’s a quality problem.

He told me, “David, if I had known about Masterful Lover
a long time ago, I would never have gotten the operation.
Size doesn’t mean jack.”

This is a real story from a real person. This person
wanted to protect his identity, so we disguised his

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Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade

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  1. Ladd says:

    LMAO!!! I would love to get this interview and be a part of ML VIP forum. But I need to get a girl to give great pleasure first :)

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