Interview With Matti P

This Is The Interview You’ve Been Waiting For!

From boring Nice Guy,
then to aggressive Bad Boy,
and finally to mature Masterful Lover

I just interviewed one of my very top clients, Matti P in Finland. He has done everything in the book.

He didn’t start out well. His journey began when his wife cheated on him with a bad boy: WifeCheated.mp3

He knew he had to change so he set out to educate himself. He got my programs and they worked masterfully: HeReadGWWSO.mp3

Women could sense his sexual power. He was dating 5 women a week: DatingFiveWomenAWeek.mp3

He understood the power and went through his Bad Boy phase: MattisBadBoyPhase.mp3

He shares that women love Bad Boys and keep coming back: WomenLoveBadBoys.mp3

Then he became a balanced matured Masterful Lover, being a good guy in the living room and a bad boy in the bedroom, being responsible with the power, and being exciting beyond any woman’s wildest dreams.

In this recording, he tells about the night he met a married woman and within an hour of meeting her gave her an orgasm fully clothed without touching her, right there in the park, and then she begged him to fuck her: ThinkoffInPersonFirstNight.mp3

Listen to Matti’s reasoning for his mature decision: HeThrewHerBack.mp3

Matti imparts his wisdom: MattiImpartsWisdom.mp3

You have read Matti P’s articles in my VIP Inner Circle monthly printed newsletter. You know how advanced he is. Now you get to hear him share his wisdom in this month’s VIP Inner Circle monthly interview series.

This is a 2 hour interview! It ships out on 2 CDs.

And in this interview, Matti P reveals in detail his method of seduction! You will discover how he uses rapport building, sexual escalating, and push-pull. Pick-up artists only wish they were as good as Matti P.

But to get this interview, you must be a VIP Inner Circle member.

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The printed newsletter includes articles from me and articles from my top clients, such as Matti P.

The monthly interview for November 1, 2010, is this 2 hour interview with Matti P.

This is the interview you have been waiting for!

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Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



  1. Julo says:

    Very inspiring, I liked how he told his story. Really thanks just have heard, I have a friend who’s been through this kind of problem, and handled well.

  2. Jack The Last Longer Guy says:

    Results like this just blow my mind. To go from being cheated on to dating 5 women a week is nothing short of incredible.

    A massive congratulations to Matti P and a strong message to anyone who’s been trying to make changes, but is struggling… This is all the motivation you need.

  3. Tony says:

    This was very motivating. I bought the GWWSO product last year, but haven’t read the book yet. After hearing this, I’m going to do it soon.

  4. bauman1979 says:

    “Lost Guy” the techniques and information that David and his associates teach do work. You do not need to learn from a PUA. Just buy Davids book and read what does work in a relationship with a Lady. More than anything it is all mental. I have used David’s techniques and just like Matti P., I can walk in a room and the women just know…Ladies want desparately to have a Real Man in their life.

  5. Hey Lost Guy says:

    Lost guy you seem sad and needy; you need to step back for a bit, develop interests esp masculine ones. When you feel better then try something like Latin Dancing classes (always many more women than men) and just go to have fun. I sense you might need more “feel” and less “think”. Touch, joke, be light, don’t be attached to outcomes.

  6. lost guy says:

    well I have had some coaching from a PUA but it all seams like so much work and time. I work many hrs a week and cannot go out doing approaches for 4, 6, even 8hrs a day just to get a few phone numbers out of which I might get to actually see one or 2 of which nun lead to sex. I am a 48yr old, good looking divorced man with business success and world travel yet I get no attention from women at all. I am a ghost to women and so far nothing I have been taught has produced any change. It seems like the more i learn the less I know. I no longer even know how to or what to say to a women, so much information, so much to consider, so much to read in her reactions and interpret… I now just stay quiet and keep to myself, anything else is just a waste of my time. Till i quit working for a living I see myself a born again virgin, and alone. Why do they make it so tuff, confusing and difficult? Why do i need to learn to be something I am not just to have females in my life?

  7. Ernest says:

    I have been excited by the way this gentle man tells his story. I FORESEE HOW THOSE WOMEN FELT

  8. Dan says:

    Great content!

    The guy’s accent is awesome!

    I like how he tells his story in a way where you can see how important it is to be repetitive, and insistent with the leading language.

  9. AT says:

    I always feel sad when I hear from men who had to go through the experience of losing their wife like that.

    But I always feel happy when I hear that they’ve turned it around and been inspired to greatness as a result.

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