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Interview With Duncan in SF

This Interview Will Have You Amazed!

From Insecure Doormat to Powerful Dominant

To hear Duncan describe “The Aura” that women sense, press the Play button above, or
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Recently I spoke in San Francisco. In the audience was a man who was contributing very impressive comments to the conversation. I could tell he knew what he was talking about and was a skillful Dom.

I asked him, “You’re one of my clients, aren’t you?” He proudly replied, “Yes.”

I went to lunch with him and he shared his fascinating story. He had a very long journey…

  • His father was abusive to his mother
  • He married the first woman who would sleep with him
  • After 9 years of marriage his wife divorced him, after taking their son and moving overseas

Then he got lovestruck over a new woman. After a very brief relationship, they broke up.

Then he emailed me and asked me how he could get her back. I told him he was sounding pathetic and needed to work on himself and grow a pair and be a man. He was crushed.

That was 4 years ago.

Despite being angry at me, he studied all my material. He worked hard on himself. And since then he has accomplished truly amazing things.

Now he is one of my highest skilled clients.

  • He dates the hottest women in San Francisco
  • He converts lesbians to begging for his cock
  • He meets women and within 2 hours they beg him for it
  • He has married women asking him to dominate them
  • He has threesomes
  • He has women arriving at his home 5 minutes after the last one just left
  • He walks into any room and instantly all the women instinctively know he is THE MAN
  • The list goes on

This guy is the quintessential example of a man who pulled himself up from despair and built himself into a lethal force.

So I interviewed him. We talked for 2 hours. He spelled it all out; how he built himself up, how he became a skillful Dom, and how he became a Masterful Lover.

This is a valuable interview that so many men can relate to and benefit from.

You will discover how he gets women so turned on, how he gets women begging to be dominated, and how he gets women to be his horny little slut.

He reveals all his secrets.

And this interview is ready to be shipped to you!

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Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade

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  1. my women Treats me like a doormate she keeps comming and going i used to be bad boy but somehow.she is in charge now

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