More On The Deep Spot

How you do the Deep Spot. Previously unreleased audio from a San Francisco seminar. More details on how to use the Deep Spot.

You discover:

  • The ‘come hither’ motion unique to the Deep Spot
  • The lesser known Back of The Deep Spot
  • What to do if you don’t have long fingers
  • Why the Deep Spot is better than the G-Spot

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If you would like to download the MP3, use this link:
David Shade – Deep Spot Orgasms (MP3)



  1. DavidShade says:

    We will add them soon.

  2. henry rosado says:

    Thanks David,
    This really works. I have tried it 3 times and every single time i have done it, it has worked. I will give you an update later. She is calling me. lol.

  3. Willyblues says:

    David I am on a Mac, not Windows, there was one MP3 I did download but this, and others, haven't been downloadable in comments you said this will be available on MP3 my question is when? Thanks Willy

  4. DavidShade says:

    You felt the need to urinate, but in actuality, you were just about to ejaculate. That at first feels like the urge to urinate, but actually it's not. (Yes, women really do ejaculate. This is fully covered in my program “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms”.)

    You ALMOST just had your very first vaginal orgasm of your entire life, but you thwarted it. Too bad you missed out. All too many women do not allow themselves to let go and surrender to the pleasure that their body is trying to let them enjoy. Their objection will mentally transmute the pleasure into pain, thus justifying their objection. And thus they miss out. It is sad and tragic.

    Many women have said, “A woman is responsible for her own orgasm.” I would instead say, “Women are responsible for accepting the pleasure their body is giving them.”

    Look at it this way Sara… The next woman who views the video is going to have wild screaming vaginal orgasms and ejaculate all over her proud husband, while you are left frustrated.

    I hate to be so cruel, Sara, but the stakes are high. And really Sara, who's being cruel?

    Have your husband contact me from your email address (which we have here from your post) and I will coach him.

  5. sara says:

    My husband has used your technique several times and it is almost a painful experience to me? It will go from feeling great to feeling like i need to pee really bad, I have never had a vaginal orgasm. please help

  6. DavidShade says:

    Hi Jeff,

    It's a good idea. The problem is, video with a couple would become classified as pornography, even though it is educational material for people in relationships.

    I do my best to avoid getting stuck with that classification.

  7. jeff keller says:

    david you should use live video with a couple in order to really accentuate your very good explanation so subscribers can see & fully understand your explanations as well as experience the females complete orgasmal pleasures what do you think ?

  8. Tom.o.okombo says:

    after orgasm women normally still wants to squieeze on a man why is the case?

  9. DavidShade says:

    Thanks Ken,

    We'll have it up soon as an mp3.

  10. Ken says:

    Great information. I would love to hear this on mp3 so I can carry it around with me for reinforcement.

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