Use The Deep Spot Luke

***EMAIL from Melvin:

Dear David, I used the “deep spot” finger method on my girlfriend just like you said and she got multiple orgasms within 20 minutes and they lasted for another 20 minutes. Cool!

One question though; she had pain the next day or two. Any Thoughts ?



Hi Melvin, She felt some pain the next day or two probably because she had never had that done to her before, and maybe because you did it too firmly for too long.

But when a couple finds a new toy that works REALLY well, they tend to play with it a lot.

You won’t need to do it as firmly in the future since she is now very responsive to your touch and she’ll become more accustomed to it.

Have fun!

(Proverbial legal caveat: NEVER do anything that causes injury, consult your physician before beginning any exercising program, and other such things.)

***EMAIL from James

Hi David,

I have read your posts, and they have helped me enormously. I “discovered” the deep spot myself on a woman about 3 years ago, but your information has made me much more sensitive and skilled at it! My new girlfriend also loves when I massage her deep spot.




A lot of guys have written me and told me that they had discovered the deep spot in their own exploration in the past. So when they read about it, they totally agree. It works very well in causing a very powerful vaginal orgasm.

If you want to Be The Man that brings out the sexual creature in a woman, and have orgasm successes like these men, then get the knowledge of sexual techniques and the beliefs of Sexual Confidence in my “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgams” program:

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



  1. Mark says:

    On my last one night stand, I used the deep spot on the woman. Not only that, but I massaged the whole front of her vagina; on doing this I used two to three fingers to add pressure. She looked at me afterwards almost with disbelief: “You’re good!” She had encountered something that she hadn’t before. The deep spot works very well.

  2. Ludo says:

    I’ve got the same problem here?

  3. Sam 125487 says:

    I’ve used the deep spot a few times and have only had success at it once, which was the first time. I think because it was new she got one, but the second time she didn’t care for it. But my question is this, James said he gave her women multiple orgasms in 20 minutes. Did you keep doing the deep spot continuously or spot after each orgasm? In the past after each orgasm she is to sensitive to do anything so I can never get her the second one. Just wondering how you do it. Thanks.

  4. Mike says:

    I’m frustrated. Both I and my girlfriend are of average size (I’m 5-8+ but have small hands). I don’t seem to be able to reach her deep spot! I don’t make contact with anything when I put my fingers all the way in. Do I have to fist her to get in deep enough?

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