Thread on Deep Spot at t-nation

I found this thread over at t-nation.com.
Sounds like the deep spot is working well for the girlfriends of these guys!

elliotnewman1 wrote:

“I recently found some articles on the deep spot written by David Shade(Google him) and have since given several girls orgasms like i have never seen.

There was this one girl who is usually pretty quiet in bed, yet now when i massage her Deep Spot she screams her head off! And as an added bonus it made her squirt. Its pretty crazy and she said its totally different to clitoral orgasms.

Far more intense and makes her head spin. Any guys who don’t know about the deep spot should get reading and be prepared to make girls very impressed!

Then lets hear the stories…”

Awesome! I love it.

You can check out the thread and the other success stories in the replies here:


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Give women incredible pleasure,
David Shade


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