Sexual Dominance in 30 Seconds

From “Hi” to Sexual Dominance in 30 Seconds

PU Mansion

I am currently in Los Angeles California, living in the Brad P pickup mansion in the Hollywood hills overlooking the city. I am spending the winter here, enjoying the beautiful weather and the beautiful women.

As you know, Brad P is a long time customer of mine and a good friend. Now I am living in his mansion.

In the evenings I go out on the town with students of Brad P or coaches of Brad P.

Just a few nights ago, I went out with Jake P, one of Brad’s top coaches. Jake’s specialty is instant dominance. This guy is amazing to watch.

In a bar on Hollywood Boulevard, Jake and I were standing in the center of the crowded smoking patio where people go to hang out and get away from the loud music.

Jake has a powerful presence. He is tall with long blond hair and wears a leather jacket over a white v-neck t-shirt, torn jeans, and black cowboy boots. He has the bad boy rocker look. He truly stands out.

A hot brunette tried to get through the crowd and tried to squeeze by Jake. She had just stepped into Jake’s reality. Jake started his magic.

Within 30 seconds, Jake kissed her, felt up her breasts, and had her smiling wide and begging for more.

Then a hot blond tried to squeeze through. She had just stepped into Jake’s reality. Jake started his magic on her too.

Within 30 seconds, Jake kissed her, felt up her breasts, and had her smiling wide and begging for more.

And all this time, the brunette kept standing there smiling! Now he had two hot women smiling up at him and begging for more!

How can he do this? He reveals it in detail in his exclusive interview with me.

Jake wasn’t always this way. You might find this hard to imagine, but just a few years ago, Jake was too afraid to even approach a woman.

Jake was raised in a religious home. He was an electrical engineer and math geek who could do differential equations in his head. And he had absolutely no style.

He went to Brad P, the top rated pick up instructor in the world, to learn how to talk to women. Brad taught Jake about presence, fashion, and told Jake to grow his hair long.

PU Mansion

At his first workshop with Brad, Jake was so afraid to approach a woman that he was literally shaking. He literally shook for 2 hours before he finally approached her.

By the end of the weekend, Jake had comfortably approached many women and gotten two phone numbers. After a year in Brad’s 30/30 Club, Jake was regularly pulling same night closes. After 2 years of being trained by Brad to be a coach, Jake had become beyond amazingly skilled.

You will discover Jake’s secret for instant dominance and attraction in my exclusive interview with him.

But to get it, you must act BEFORE 11:59 PM Pacific time Friday night, January 28, 2011.

This interview is on two audio CDs, shipped directly to your home. To receive it, you join my Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle which you can cancel at any time.

You immediately receive access to my VIP Inner Circle online forum, where you can instantly download my famous interview with Brad P himself. On February 1, 2011, the Jake interview on two CDs will be shipped to your home. You will receive it a few days after that.

You must act BEFORE 11:59 PM Pacific time, Friday night, January 28, 2011. No exceptions. Sign up here:

PU Mansion

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade

See a video of Jake P here:
Video of Jake P

You can read Jake P’s blog here:
Jake P’s blog

You can learn about Brad P here:
Brad P website

You can learn how to be a resident of
the Brad P Pickup Mansion here:
Brad P Pickup Mansion



  1. Jesse says:

    David, I notice you are promoting the sexual hyponis for women alot, but do you have any recommendations for live events or people that can hypnotize ME, for real?. I have tried so many things to change my deep-seated-conditioned-belief that women dont find me attractive for some reason , even though I am damn handsome. Thanks so much for any referrals.

    note: I understand its not about a man’s looks, at the same time I feel I am definitely well rounded and confident in most areas of my life – after years of self-awareness, I just cant find a point of unconfidence other than a simple voice/conditioned-belief that hot women dont find me attractive for who knows what the hell reason…

  2. Jonathan says:

    If I join your V.I.P Inner Circle members will I receive all your previous interviews or just some the Jake and Brad P interview

  3. Mwhite says:

    Hey David. Those of us who are already subscribers will automatically get this interview too, right?

    • David Shade says:

      Yes, @Mwhite, if you are currently a member as of 11:59 PM Pacific time, Friday, January 28, 2011, you will receive the Jake P interview. It will be shipped out on February 1, 2011. You will receive it a few days after that, depending on where you live.


  4. Oleg says:

    I happen to be studying marketing and it just seems to me that this is just very persuasive copy, I’m sure that Brad P is successful with women but it just seems to me that this was written to get people to pay you money, that’s not a bad thing but I feel like you should give us a bit of free content first.

  5. David Shade says:

    @dan, As stated in the blog post above, you have to join the Inner Circle to receive the interview, and you have to join before 11:59 PM Pacific time Friday night, January 28, 2011. Read about joining here:

  6. dan says:

    Gosh i want this so bad. How can i get that, even if im not a member of the inner circle?

  7. jean caleb says:


  8. Michael says:

    Can’t wait for that interview it sounds great! Have a good time with Brad in LA David.

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