FREE MP3: Great First Dates – Interview With Scot McKay

I’ve got a killer interview for you.  Scot McKay from X & Y Communications reveals his pragmatic no-nonsense advice on how to have killer first dates.  He also covers his simple recipe for using my secret weapon… ROMANCE!

Scot McKay<br />How To Have A Great First Date

Scot McKay on How To Have A Great First Date

Most guys cringe at the thought of anything romantic, but this is a HUGE mistake.  If you know my methods you’ve heard me say romance is the lubricant for great sex.  Women LOVE romance, yet few men ever doing anything the least bit romantic.

Listen in as Scot tells you how to be romantic without spending so much as one thin dime, plus how to have a great ‘first meeting’ with a woman so she’ll literally beg you to see you again.

Some of what you’ll discover in this eye-opening interview:

  • Why it helps you to think of it as a ‘FIRST MEETING’ instead of a date.
  • Important mind set… you do NOT have to marry every woman you date! (find out how this changes the game)
  • A simple trick to take the pressure off when leaving a woman voice mail for the first time.
  • The 3 MAGIC WORDS that make it easy to get her to agree to meet you.
  • What the real goal should be for a first date. (most guys have this totally wrong)
  • How to have the same kind of ATTRACTIVE POWER to women, that a gorgeous woman has over men!
  • What NOT to talk about on a first date!
  • What women want from you on a first date. (It’s easy to do when you know she wants)
  • A SUREFIRE way to impress a woman that doesn’t involve flowers, gifts, or fancy dinners!
  • How to know when to go for the FIRST KISS! (hint: if you have to plan it, you’re doing it wrong)
  • The essential element that puts you in FULL CONTROL of your dating life.
  • The critical mistake guys make that traps them in a woman’s ‘POWER STREAM’!
  • The important difference between masculinity and macho. (Women LOVE one and  hate the other)
  • The 2 things a woman must have before she will have SEX with YOU.
  • How to have an unforgettable romantic moment a woman without looking like a totally needy wuss.
  • How to end the first date… the right way and the wrong way.
  • A simple and powerful way to end a relationship. (she will respect you for having the courage to do this)
  • What a BIG-4 MAN is, and why it makes a woman melt when she meets one!

Scot provides a TON of useful tips and techniques in this interview, so be sure to take notes.  You might even want to listen to it multiple times.

One more thing… this is important. Scot has a special offer for you (including some free goodies), so be sure to listen for it.

Scot McKay – First Dates & Creating Romance:

Download Link: Scot McKay – First Dates & Creating Romance (MP3)

To find out more about Scot and his secrets for dating success, check out

Scot McKay’s Dating Master Plan



  1. pat says:

    These are decent things,but common. Guys don’t have so much luck on internet sites,that is proven fact.Man usually give up after few months.So it’s not true,that internet is great for practice.I had account on few sites and even after changing the profile many times,got like two winks in seven months.But like I said,don’t want to say bad stuff about these guys,they are trying to help.It just doesn’t work to even get to know anybody.

  2. ALEX says:

    Thank you Scot And David your your insite into dates. I agree with you completely and have found that these methods work much better especially being chivilrous and not too clingy. I have had some amazing times in my days with women and can relate to being patient and savoring some great moments. Keep up the good work guys.Alex

  3. donagorr says:

    Bravo, what necessary phrase…, a brilliant idea

  4. Scot McKay says:

    First of all, thanks to everyone for listening in. David’s a great interviewer and asked some great questions. It was a blast recording this for y’all.

    @A.T. Agreed…which is why relatively few guys know how to ace a first date. But simply keeping in mind the importance of focusing on her comfort rather than your own on a first date can have a surprising impact on actually getting the job done. Intentionalize it a few times and I’m sure you’ll see great results.

    @Robert One: I’ll stand by my statements regardless of demographic, and this based on research of my own and reports I’ve received. I believe there is a place for text, but not when you’re attempting to have a real conversation with someone you barely know. I’d also add to your well-placed statement about women not enjoying VMs from some random guy that they won’t appreciate *texts* from some random guy either.

    @ding: The 4th component of the “Big Four” is character. Masculinity and confidence create attraction, the ability to make her feel safe and secure in your presence opens her up to relating to you, and character cements her respect for you and enables YOU to be the chooser as far as the quality, depth and even the *length* of your relationships go.

    Be Good,

    Scot McKay

  5. Ding says:

    David asks about kissing after the 3rd trait, but then Scot seems to miss out the last trait. What was the 4th trait? Thanks!

  6. Robert One says:

    Regarding the txt vs. voice advice: it depends a lot on the girls’ demographics. Please mention in advice what kind of girls you are talking to! Txt works much better with college-age crowd. Majority of these girls will not enjoy “voicemails from some random guy”.

    And of course, always ASK the girl literally, “do you do txt or voice?” when you exchange numbers — she will tell you which she prefers. not everyone has txt and not everyone likes voicemail !

    Anyway — if some guys who read your blog want some exercises to go through in order to practice chatting up girls in a no-stress environment with some friends, I have some on SBPU ‘Exercises’ and I have proven these exercises help guys meet & date girls.

  7. A.T. says:

    “It’s either about you and your sense of self preservation, or it’s you putting her at ease, her having a sense of security because she’s with you”

    That is not easy to do. It takes a lot of energy and internal strength……to get out of yourself and pay attention to her.

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