Be My Roommate at the Brad P Pickup Mansion!

Brad P Pickup Mansion

As you know, I’ve spent a year and a half in the Brad P Pickup Mansion in Hollywood. Well I just came back to the Mansion to spend another year. And one of the rooms is available!

The Mansion is a program in which students move into this huge house in the hills overlooking Hollywood and get intensive training for one full year.

Brad and the coaches are great. They know what they’re talking about, they see exactly what we’re doing wrong, they know how to fix it, and we all get better all the time. And these coaches have skills that are phenomenal. I regularly see them do their magic.

As for Brad P himself, he has been rated in the pickup community as the best pick up artist in the world. I am out in the field with him on a regular basis watching him work, and he is a Jedi Master.

And I have met many of the women he dates. They are absolutely stunning. Drop dead gorgeous. As you know, women in LA are beautiful. Well Brad’s girlfriends are at the top.

I’ve gamed with all the biggest artists, and I can tell you that Brad P is easily the best pickup artist in the world. And more than that, he’s the best coach. By far!

Plus, he’s a man of integrity. I’ve had many business transactions with him in the tens of thousands of dollars, and I’ve never had to sign a contract with him. It’s all on a handshake. I trust him fully. I can personally vouch for him.

And in the Mansion, there is one last room available! Get it while it’s still available! Learn all about the mansion by viewing this video:

Video of Hollywood hotties naked in the hot tub at the Mansion! <— Click Here

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



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