Cure Nice-Guy-itis

Do you believe your desires are wrong or bad? You might have nice-guy-itis…

Come on, face it, you have “desires” regarding your woman.

You know it. I know it.

(Hey, we’re men, we have “desires”.)

But do you believe your desires are wrong or bad?

Be honest.

Because if you do, then you might have “nige-guy-itis”.

A glaring sign of nice-guy-itis is the belief that a desire is “wrong” or “bad”.

And it doesn’t matter what the desire is, it’s the belief that the desire is wrong.

And just because you think it’s wrong doesn’t mean it goes away.

Nobody has eliminated a desire, no matter what they think of it. The desire will still try to be met.

But the real test if you have nice-guy-itis is the following…

Do you try to get your desire met without admitting it?

Do you try to disguise your desire? Try to hide it? Keep it a “secret”?

Do you expect your woman to meet your desire, but you never actually state your desire?

Do you make compromises and give up things so that your woman will eventually meet your desire?

Do you ever make a “covert contract”? That means you give your woman flowers expecting her to give you ______. (fill in the blank – which has nothing to do with flowers)

If you have done any of the above, then you definitely have nice-guy-itis.

And that would mean you have felt frustration. And you probably felt anger.

Well it’s time to get angry and do something about it!

Anger is better than helpless or fearful. Those feelings are paralysis.

At least anger has a call to action. Now take the “mad” part out, and you have “assertive”.

Now you can take constructive steps forward.

And having done that, you have taken the first step to curing nice-guy-itis.

In fact, you already made the first step by coming to Masterful Lover.

Here at Masterful Lover, we specialize in curing nice-guy-itis.

It’s the first thing we do. It’s the first thing that has to happen before progress can be made.

My top Masterful Lover coach has a 100% success rate of curing nice-guy-itis among our coaching clients.

And my top Masterful Lover coach happens to be a woman. Her name is Lena Voyles.

I recently interviewed Lena about how she cures men of their nice-guy-itis.

Listen to a section of that interview here:

Click here to hear Lena on “The Belief That Desire Is Wrong”

The real reason you fear women and how to fix it…

If you’re a “nice-guy” then you fear women, and here’s why…

Nice-guys have the belief that desire is wrong.

If you believe desire is wrong, you can’t express that desire.

When you want something, and you can’t express that desire, then you become dependent on the woman to somehow meet that desire for you.

So you have put all the power in the woman to meet your need, and she doesn’t even know it.

So all of that power is completely outside yourself. You become helpless to her to meet your need.

And she doesn’t even know your need because you can’t express your need.

As a result, you feel completely powerless, and you feel that women are really powerful.

And women aren’t helping you with that power (because they don’t even know they have it) so you have the very uncomfortable feeling of needing something from somebody who’s not giving it to you.

When you feel powerless, and you believe women have all the power, you become fearful of the perceived power of women.

That’s why you fear women.

Nice-guys think women have all the power because nice-guys give all the power to women because nice-guys aren’t able to express their desires because nice-guys believe desire is wrong.

Now here’s where nice-guys really crash and burn…

When nice-guys get fed up and can’t take it anymore they over-compensate by being “not-nice” (bad).

They had her on a pedestal so they knock her off that pedestal by being rude and obnoxious, and even controlling or bullying.

But that’s still pushing against the perceived power that women have, and that simply further perpetuates the mindset that women have all the power.

Today I added a new audio on my blog that reveals how to fix the fear of women.

Listen to a section of that interview here:

Click here to hear Lena on “The Fear Of Women”

The entire 2-hour interview will go out to all VIP Inner Circle members on Friday, February 1, 2013. To get the interview, you must join the VIP Inner Circle before 11:59 PM Eastern time, Thursday, January 31, 2013.

You MUST join before the deadline. Absolutely NO exceptions or excuses.

Remember, all of the Masterful Lover teachings and techniques require the absence of nice-guy-itis.

Cure your nice-guy-itis and…

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade





  1. Canon says:

    I don’t feel my desire is wrong. I feel my desire is a weakness. Does anyone know how to turn that around?

    • David Shade says:

      Believing desire is a weakness is not that different from believing desire is wrong.
      Having a desire is not a weakness. Everyone has desires. It’s part of being human. Even the toughest bad boys have desires. They have no problem with it. They like their desires. They own their desires. And they go for it.

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