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Certified Masterful Lover Coaching by David Shade

If you are…

  • Married and want to save your marriage
  • Divorced and don’t want to make the same mistake again
  • In a relationship and want to make it better
  • Just broke-up and don’t want to lose the next one

…then you are motivated to change.


If you truly are serious about making a better life for yourself, then you would get into Masterful Lover phone coaching.

Our Masterful Lover certified coach is Lena Voyles. She has been with Masterful Lover for 5 years. She has coached scores of men who were all in the above situations. And Lena has a 100% success rate. Read what just a few of her clients have said about her…

Here’s a testimonial from John in Norway. He and his wife had actually physically separated for months. He was out of the house. Then he found Masterful Lover. Then he got into our coaching program. Now John is our TOP CLIENT! He has done more things than anyone else. In fact, he and his wife have spoken at 3 of my seminars! They are a big hit with our seminar attendees, and they are a great role model:

There is a saying that you should never take sex advice from women. I agree. But Lena is not of this world.

She understands men better than we understand ourself. She understands women, of course. And she understands sexuality and relationships. And I mean really understands it. And that is so rare in today’s world.

Lena helped transform me from divorced nice guy into a Masterful Lover (yes, I am basically fucking lethal now). Actually, I am now very happily married to the same woman I divorced. And this is very much thanks to Lena’s coaching. She told me exactly what I needed to hear and asked just the right questions at the right time.

Lena can see right through all your limiting beliefs and have this unique ability to flip the switch 180 degrees in your head. And afterwards, you kind of wonder how she did it. Nothing she says is a coincidence, even though you may not understand where she is going with this at first.

I know implementing David Shade’s material can be a long process for many men. Coaching with Lena is the shortcut. And the results can be absolutely priceless.

John in Norway

Here’s a testimonial from Neil in the UK:

After that first coaching session with Lena, I worked out that she really does have an intuition about the ML philosophy. I believe that the real key to Lena’s success is that not only is she able to articulate a woman’s point of view to men in a way that men understand, but she also has an ability to get guys to open up emotionally so that she can get to the root of our underlying issues. This, I think, is an invaluable and truly unique gift of hers.

After going through the self-inflicted study of why my woman wasn’t responsive to me, and the subsequent learnings of “being a man”, Lena helped me to realise that most good women, or as we put it at ML, HSE women, naturally guide their man if they are emotionally invested in him, because they just know that if he is good raw material he will have what it takes. And once he starts to get it that she will continue to test him so that he may satisfy her that he is the man.

This is exactly how it happened to me with my woman. I experience fewer shit-tests nowadays. Lena pointed this out to me in a way that I really understood. This gave me the resources I needed to move on to the next steps…

Lena helped me to see any less than perfect experiences between me and my woman as learning experiences and to use these as opportunities to modify my “tactics”.

I truly believe that one of the most important take-home lessons I learned throughout my coaching experiences with Lena was how she explained the subtle yet natural art of a woman’s communication methods. She taught me to read between the lines of what women say, and to look for what is really being communicated. This has proved invaluable to me because I have learned to calibrate my woman much more effectively, thus leading to more of her needs being met.

Neil in Weymouth UK

Here’s a testimonial from A.M. in Houston Texas:

Lena’s coaching is exceptional. I found myself in a very difficult situation, ultimately a situation that is life changing. I am completely satisfied with my decision to take up coaching with Lena.

Lena’s knowledge is profound and concise. It’s very hard to put into words the benefits I received from her service. What I can say is, that I carry her teachings with me everyday.

I must thank you as well David. It’s obvious that your clients are of the utmost importance to you. Lena has provided immense help to us all in the VIP circle.

A.M. in Houston Texas

Here’s a testimonial from JR in Washington DC. He has been married for 20 years. The marriage had been going down-hill. Things were looking bad. Since being in coaching with Lena, JR has saved his marriage and completely turned it around!

Lena’s expertise has been incredibly valuable to me in turning around my marriage of 20+ years. I am continually amazed by the calibre of the insights that she consistently offers during our coaching sessions.

Lena’s knowledge and experience has enabled her to identify my self-limiting beliefs and has given me the tools to overcome them.

With Lena, there is nowhere to hide. She asks the right questions, calls out my failures, and offers suggestions with the right blend of compassion and toughness.

If you are serious about improving your relationship, I strongly recommend signing up for a coaching engagement with Lena.

-JR in Washington DC

Here’s a testimonial from Michael in Wichita Kansas. This guy is now one of our favorite clients. His stories that he posts in our online forum are amazing. He has been a very busy man lately!

I used Lena for some one-on-one coaching for a short time in January, 2013. I found during the coaching sessions, just as I found when reading her posts on the forum, that Lena has such an incredible grasp of the facts of what issues we men have and why we are having them. I once posted on the forum that Lena knows more about us men, than we know of ourselves.

In addition to that understanding, she is also a woman and therefore is then able relate to us what a woman wants and what we are doing that is screwing it up. She is very direct when need be and also very nice and supportive when needed. A true gem to work with.

In my case, Lena simply made me define and focus on what I truly wanted. As a man, we must first focus on what we want deep down before a woman will follow our lead. Without defining that simple concept, it is hard for a woman to truly follow our lead. Personally, I find that is something I have to often go back to – what I really desire and want.

Michael in Wichita Kansas

Hear a recording of Lena talking about her coaching. Click here:


As you know, here at Masterful Lover, when we have a “sale”, it means: “Get it now before the price goes up!” This is no exception…

This Friday night, November 1, 2013, at 11:59 PM Eastern time, the price of Certified Masterful Lover coaching with Lena Voyles is going up by $200.

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