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For Anyone Who Wants to Create The Future Of Their Dreams
While Talking On The Phone With A Certified Coach
Who Truly Understands Masterful Lover Methods

Define And Reach Your Relationship Goals
With Clarity And Confidence Through This
Very Special, One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Are you looking for the next step in your relationship? Or, is there something that you want to introduce in your relationship, but for some reason have never been able to make it happen? Or, are you going through a transition in your relationship? Or, do you have a big dream for a relationship that you're aching to shout out from the rooftops and share with the world? Or do you just want to make things a bit more exciting? Or maybe you just want to commit to having the best relationship ever!

If you answered yes to any of those questions
then what I have to share with you in this letter
may be the most important thing you read all year!

All too many men face seemingly insurmountable challenges in their relationships, or struggle with implementing Masterful Lover teachings, or are frustrated not really knowing what's going through a woman's mind.

Wouldn't you like it to be different for yourself and your relationship? By simply enjoying focused and productive phone coaching meetings, you can change all of this. If you would like things to be different, please read this carefully.

Does any of this apply to you?

  • Are you feeling frustrated in your relationship?
  • Are you unable to see the way to make your relationship more exciting?
  • Are you tired of disappointing go-nowhere relationships?
  • Are you utterly perplexed by the seemingly illogical actions of some women?
  • Are you intimidated by the material and hesitating with getting started?
  • Are you longing for an exciting relationship with your ideal woman?

If you've struggled with or are facing any of the challenges
listed above, then there's something you should know:
what you're doing just isn't working...

David Shade David Shade

Hi, I'm David Shade, and I don't say that to be harsh, but just to point out that clearly what you're doing isn't working. Believe me, I've been there and I know it's not easy to climb out of the rut. And NO... I don't have a magic pill!

My coaching has worked for hundreds of my personal clients. My clients needed clarity, confidence, empowerment, direction, inspiration, or a kick in the pants (tough lovingly, of course!) and that's exactly what they got!

I have personally coached hundreds of men. And through email I have coached literally thousands of men. I truly enjoy coaching. It gives me true fulfilment to help others, to see "the light bulb go on", and then to receive the exciting success stories testimonials.

Phone coaching with David Shade is $1,000 per hour
Or save money by getting 5 hours for $4,000

I will only take a case if the man...
- is truly serious about making his relationship work
- already owns many of my programs and has internalized them
- gets humble and takes responsibility
- is teachable and willing to make the necessary changes that I recommend.


"Yes, I Want 5 Hours of Personalized
One-On-One Phone Coaching With David Shade!"

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I have a more affordable and absolutely perfect solution for you. I have trained a Certified Masterful Lover Coach.

I Am Proud To Offer
Personally Trained Certified Masterful Lover Coaching

You don't have to spend $1,000 an hour

Until now, the only way to get Masterful Lover phone coaching was to pay $1,000 an hour for my time. And I'm usually too busy to take coaching clients anyway. So I trained a Certified Masterful Lover Coach.

Certified Masterful Lover Coaching is only $199 per hour! That's a steal! Especially considering my coaching rate is $1,000 per hour.

Five Hours of phone coaching for only $997. That's the cost of just one hour of coaching with me.

And the entire amount is completely refundable after the first hour. If after the first hour you are not completely happy with the progress made, you get absolutely all of your money back. We are very confident that you'll be completely impressed, so we're going to take all the risk.

You will get personal guidance from a Certified Masterful Lover Coach, and you're going to be massively propelled forward in your life.

This Is NOT For Everyone!

Do not get coaching unless you have what it takes. You must...

  • be truly serious about making your relationship work
  • already own many of my programs and have internalized them
  • get humble and take responsibility
  • be teachable and willing to make the necessary changes that Lena recommends

Here's How It Works:

First add your selection to your online shopping cart. Then follow the instructions to Checkout. Then within 5 minutes you will receive an email verifying your purchase. That email will include instructions and the coach's email address. You then send an email to your coach according to the instructions. When your coach gets your email, they will reply to you and arrange a time for you two to conduct your first phone coaching session.


"Yes David, I Want Personalized
One-On-One Phone Coaching With a Certified Masterful Lover Coach!"

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We accept all major credit cards

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