3-2-1 Orgasm!

An interview with Kristen in Michigan. She has been dating Casey, a Masterful Lover Alumni, and as she says…

“I am able to let go of my inhibitions and have the best sex ever!”

In this interview Kristen is very frank about what it is like to date a man who knows how to bring out her Inner Slut. She reveals to you:

  • How she squirted so much she soaked an entire queen size bed!
  • What it’s like to experience a whole body orgasm
  • Sex was off-the-charts amazing from the very first time with Casey
  • Her deepest darkest fantasy
  • Things she has experienced sexually she never believed possible!
  • How Casey is able to give her orgasms without any touching what-so-ever!
  • Why it gives her so much pleasure to be sexually submissive to her boyfriend
  • How excited she gets knowing Casey can tell her to orgasm… and she DOES!

This is a great case study in how these techniques can result in amazing sex, and an amazing relationship.


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If you would like to download the MP3, use this link:
3-2-1 Orgasm! (MP3)

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments…



  1. Fether says:

    Years ago I used to talk to a chat freind over the phone quite often it turned ou tot be a verry intense Phone sex relationship after he began making me orgasm by slowly counting down to 20 os so .. sometimes id feel as if i was having intercourse without any physical stimulation // . i was toatlly addicted this person .. now i know now i know what he as doing ..!!! awesome stuff !! So theres hope i can teach a man thes things woo hoo !!

  2. Princebroadsword says:

    David Help

    I'm in big trouble

    Two girls i correspond with, but I have never actually met, have responded incredibly well to sensual fantasies and sex talk over instant messenger and more recently i have taken one of them to incredible screaming orgasm over the phone, while the other girl is crazy for more

    Trouble is : They have both fallen for me big time. It's because I'm British

    This wasn't expected or planned and now I'm emotionally involved with both girls as well and feel a responsibility toward them, despite the fact they live 4000 miles away

    What do you suggest?

  3. Kristen says:

    Even months after I did this interview with the great David Shade, I still have a wildly satisfying sexual AND (more importantly) emotionally healthy relationship with Casey. We respect and trust each other, this provides for an extremely resilient foundation to our relationship. Without it, we wouldn't be as happy and as orgasmic as we are today. ;)

  4. Joni says:

    Thanx David. After couple of failures, I started believing that “Even God doesnt understand women”. But now I think God does, and men can too ! U R a lifesaver.

  5. andy says:

    The best info on this subject I've found yet. Many, many thanks Dave. You da man! AG Alabama

  6. scott says:

    Hey thanks for all the tips and advice David.Much appreciated!!!!!!!!! Have you any in depth details of the deep spot?I have listened to some audio but can't quite grasp the technique properly.Many thanks

  7. Dr. Eros says:

    A good interview. The essence of what was said points out that all orgasms are mentally triggered. It is very possible to train a female (and males, but they're more difficult to train) to have orgasms on command. Anywhere.!! Even in public places, with no physical stimulation.

    I have even gotten a female to orgasm on command during an IM chat, even after she said in the same chat that it was impossible. She was shocked that it had happened. So after a few minutes further into the chat I made her orgasm again, and she had never had multiple orgasms before.

    She then confessed that she had only rarely experienced orgasms and only then with difficulty.

    Dr. Eros

  8. DavidShade says:

    I agree. It was a treat to interview her.

    I love to hear the stories from the woman. Especially when she's with one of the Masterful Lover alumni.

  9. Casey says:

    I love this woman!

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