After my divorce in 1992, I answered personal ads in a magazine for singles in my area. I would get on the phone with these women and I’d try stuff. And just by pushing the envelope, I found that I could give women orgasms without them even touching themselves. On the first call!

I called it “thinkoff”.

It works consistently to give women orgasms with no touching. All I do is talk to them and they have the most powerful orgasm of their life. This shit is deadly.

And once I give them a thinkoff, they want to fuck me. I’d simply meet them for wine, and then we’d head straight to her place or my place and have sex. Sometimes they’d just tell me to meet them at their place!

Yep, sure sex on the first date, every time. It’s fucking lethal.

And then online dating was invented. I had a whole new world. I further developed thinkoff for email and text.

Now I regularly give women orgasms over email on the dating site! And if not there, then over text. And of course I follow it up by giving her a thinkoff over the phone.

And I have further developed thinkoff to where I don’t even mention sex. I don’t even mention body parts. And they have a fucking orgasm!

I’ve been perfecting thinkoff for 22 years. I’m a trained killer.

And my clients have this success too…

A member of my VIP Inner Circle online forum, who goes by the name “CEO_2020”, posted this in my forum…

When David published “From Online to Thinkoff” about his “Leader Game”, I decided to go for it.

After emailing on-line numerous times, I started to see the dating world quite differently.

I wanted to find an attractive woman that I feel sexually attracted to, is educated, in the area and a daddy’s girl. I wanted to select wisely and go from Online to Think Off.

Well… a wonderful woman appeared online and shown below is my exact text exchange. I used David’s Leader Game script since the wording was perfect.

If you are a member of my VIP Inner Circle, you can view his post in my forum at this link:

His post shows the exact emails and text messages that he sent. Every one.

He gave her orgasms over email on the dating site! Then he gave her orgasms over text message. Then he met her for a date. We pick up the action again on the date…

We had a glass of wine and talked. I felt different on this date. First time I was on a date with a girl where I have already given her an orgasm prior to meeting her. I could definitely feel the sexual tension between us building slowly.

We kept looking in each other’s eyes and I went to kiss her in the middle of her conversation. I pulled her hair a little bit for just a touch of dominance.

At the end of the night I suggested I get a hotel and she gave me ride there.

I get a room at the hotel and she follows me to the elevator. She gave me that “fuck me” look in the elevator. As soon as we got to the floor it was on.

I could not even make it to the room and we were on each other. I was grabbing that hot ass and making out. She was fit and thin and sexy as hell.

In the hotel room I fucked her and gave her vaginal orgasms while she is on her stomach. I was pulling her hair for an added effect. I was dominating her.

She kept saying “you own that pussy”. “fuck me harder”. As she was moaning in pleasure.

After she had a good orgasm I hug her and hold her tight.
She looks at me and waits until I tell her to suck my cock.
She does an amazing job and loves it.

Ya see, this shit works man. You give a woman a thinkoff and she can’t wait to fuck you. It’s potent as hell!

So if you want this kind of power, get my program “Give Women Hot Phone Sex”. It includes my stellar online game. It shows you step-by-step exactly what to email to her and how to handle the conversation.

Learn more about it here:

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade

This Guy Runs A Phone Sex Line For Women by David ShadeYou’ve seen all the ads for phone sex lines where men pay $3.95 a minute to call a woman while he masturbates.

Well can you imagine a phone sex line where women call a man while she masturbates?

Well there is one. And it’s run by one of my clients.

He runs a phone sex line for women.

Yes. Women call him to have phone sex! And most of these women are hot! He’s shown me pictures of some of them.

Women call him and he gives them orgasms. And more orgasms. And then he extends her orgasms for minutes.

And then he gives her instant orgasms on command.

And get this… You won’t believe this…

He doesn’t let the women touch themselves!


He does it all with his voice.

I know it sounds crazy. But it’s a regular occurrence.

I was so impressed with him that I interviewed him to get all the dirty details about how he does all this.

In this interview you will discover…

  • How he finds these women
  • Why these women call him
  • What these women were doing when they decided to call him
  • What these women are looking for
  • What he does with these women on the phone
  • The orgasms these women have
  • How quickly these women have an orgasm
  • How many orgasms these women have
  • The fantasies he leads these women through
  • The dominance that he exercises over these women
  • The submissiveness these women love to enjoy
  • How he gets these women to totally surrender

Plus, he is an expert in one area of empowering women…

He cures women of clit-dependence.

Clit-dependence means a woman can only have an orgasm from direct stimulation of her clit.

This is a very common problem among women. And this is a very frustrating problem for women. Women dream of having an orgasm in intercourse.

Clit-dependence is an extremely difficult problem to solve.

But he cures these women in just 45 minutes. And he does it all over the phone.

He shares his process for curing clit-dependence in this interview. He reveals his step-by-step process, including everything he says.

This interview will be sent out on Sunday, June 1, 2014.

To get this interview, you have to be a member of my VIP Inner Circle before 11:59 PM Eastern time on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

Join my VIP Inner Circle here:

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



Female Testimonial for David ShadeA customer of mine sent an email thanking me for all he has learned. I asked him if he’d be kind enough to write a testimonial for me. He said he had a better idea, he’d have his girlfriend send one. And she did!

She sent a document with bolded and underlined characters. And it was amazing!

(For any women reading this who don’t have a Masterful Lover, be very jealous)

With her permission, I’m copying it here. The bold and underline and italics are hers…

Sex Testimonial – April, 7th, 2014

Dear David,

Let me THANK YOU! And apologize to you because I don’t have enough adjectives to describe the intensity of the level of orgasm your information has taught the love of my life.

[Let me give you a starting point of reference. I am a pretty girl, (ex-model), and have had “GREAT” sex (all night long type) in my life and I am in my early 50’s. I’m multi-orgasmic and sensual. Sex has never been an issue for me and I enjoy it with great passion and intensity.]

That being said, I have NEVER previously experienced the Full-Body Quivering, intensity of these orgasms!!! It is a whole other lever of orgasm where my body is completely engulfed with pleasure. It is a level of complete abandonment of control and an intensity that my man has the power and knowledge to keep me in a Frenzied State of Bliss for as long as he chooses to! I am at his complete mercy, as I lose my breaths to short pants, my voice screams out in high tones and my full body quivers to his touch — and then he raises it a level!!!

The intensity is so complete, he has to lighten up and give me direction to catch my breath or I think I would pass out! He releases his pressure off my G-spot and places his hand on my heart and gently asks me to take long full breaths so my body has the chance to recover before he makes me explode again.

I feel I am the most blessed woman in the world because my man plays my body like a masterful musician who can vary his styles to create a variety of music and I never know what cords he will stroke or for how long he will play because he could play all night long if he chooses to. NO man could tempt me away from the Sex-God he has become! He is the most masterful lover I have ever been with!

Ok, so the details of what he does…

[First of all, I know the power of sex and how oxytocin affects a woman’s mind; so I, personally, will not have sex before I know I love him. So first, my man, by being himself and not “trying” to get me to love him, (which I would be able to feel), built a rapport, trust and co-operation which we intellectually and spiritually built a foundation upon. He is attentive, thoughtful, romantic and kind. This did not take long for my heart to melt and move me, (less than a month) – and I had every intention to wait as long as I possibly could!]

So here is what I enjoy. I like how he describes some of the things he knows in advance, by saying, for example, “There is a bundle of nerves right here,” before he places his warm tongue at the base of the opening of my vagina, it increases the sensation and allows my mind to get in touch with the nerve endings as his tongue probes in and out of me which greatly increases my pleasure and gives me a feeling of security that, “This man knows what he is doing!”

I can tell that he is very aware of my body’s queues of where to move, for example, when he is sucking on my clit or lips or the crevices between my thighs and pussy, there are more intensive spots that resonate for me. Through my body flinches, my moans and purrs he adjusts, focuses and searches out all my pleasure points. Again, he is a true master!

So next, his hands, OH MY GOD!!!, his hands!!! This man can lie beside me with one arm holding me, making me feel safe and with just the middle finger of his other hand reach deep into me and caress the back of my clit or stroke the inner depth of my pussy or press hard on my G-spot while he kisses me and pulls me tight to himself. My tongue sucks his tongue hard, as my body tightens up around him and my arms hold on to him for dear life as I fold into his body and begin to tremble and move from moaning to a high pitched scream as he tries to muffle it with his continued kiss. I am helpless to his touch and my body is writhing in complete pleasure. As he releases his kiss, I have no ability to breathe normally. I am in full-body quiver, panting for air, enjoying every intensive, electrical vibration that is coursing through my entire body. Then he speaks to me and says, in his soothing, comforting tone, “Allow your orgasm to move up your spine, (sometimes he gently strokes up my spine), and up your neck, allow it to fill all the pleasure centers of your brain, now let it move down the front of your body and shoot out of your breasts and continue to move down your body to your clit. Continue to allow your orgasms to flow in a circle around your body.” Sometimes, I send it also down my arms and legs so every cell of my body is heightened with excitement. (I LOVE being a girl – multi-orgasms ROCK!)

Another technique he has mastered is taking his hands and rapidly stroking the depths of my pussy till I have released an EXPLOSIVE orgasm that shoots my juice far from my body in an explosion. I have no control of this. And few men know how to make this happen.

And then you have taught him how to use anchors. This seemed “out of the box” for me but it really does work. He has anchored behind my right ear intensive sexual pleasure and behind my left ear the enjoyment of laughter. One night as he was leaving, and I was completely sexually satisfied, he rubbed the spot behind my right ear. I became aroused, but he was gone and I fought it. It wouldn’t go away until I masturbated; even my masturbation has become more intense and enjoyable.

I have found that he can intensify my emotions and sensations simply with his words. I can’t explain the technique, but he has brought me to full orgasm a couple of times simply by talking me through it. Personally I’d rather feel his thick, hard cock deep inside me so that I could squeeze and cum all over him. But it’s still fascinating that he could talk me through an orgasm.

One last mentionable, is when we are done he has used calming words to relax and heal me. I am so incredibly relaxed and satisfied. I am loved and safe. I love this man!!!

He is, by far, the greatest sexual partner I have EVER been with!!! And trust me, EVERY man tries his hardest to be the best (and most men brag they are), but you can DEFINITELY tell the difference between a man who has studied a woman’s body VS. a man who is trying to figure it out or has just stumbled across things on his own.

Men, please use this information responsibly and only on the ONE woman you choose to spend your life with. It is very powerful!


I love my work :) I make the world a happier place :)

You can make your woman this happy with my program “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms”.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade


Update: November 17, 2014: They’re getting married!



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