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When you refer customers to my site, the third party software places a cookie in the customer’s browser that lasts for 6 months. If at any time in that 6 months, the customer purchases from my site, the commission goes to you.

Your special link will direct your customers to my Free CD offer. The free cd has a very good conversion to sales. In the first 33 days after asking for the free cd, 28% buy one or more of my programs.

You can apply to join my affiliate program here:

Masterful Lover Affiliate Application Form

Once your application has been approved, you can then log into the affiliate center, where you can monitor your clicks, sales, and commissions. Also you will find banners and other other marketing material you can use.

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Payment is made during the first week of every month for the previous month. Payment is electronic through Paypal.

Prohibited practices, which would result in immediate termination, include: spam and bulk email advertising or the use of rented “opt in” lists.

You will be informed via email of each and every sale resulting from your link.


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