Masterful Lover is all about giving women incredible pleasure. A Masterful Lover derives no greater pleasure than pleasing his woman. A Masterful Lover adores everything that defines his woman as woman. Masterful Lover is a journey; there is no destination.

Everything is in the context of the utmost respect for women. It is with respect for women that the Masterful Lover gives her what she needs. What she needs is not always what she says she wants. Look at what women respond to. Truth is found in reality.

“For it is when you surrender to the vulnerabilities of passion that you are fulfilled the most.”

Masterful Lover is not about what you want to hear, it is about what you need to hear.

Masterful Lover was founded by David Shade. David has been sharing his secrets for giving women incredible pleasure with men and couples worldwide for 19 years.

Known as The Renegade Sex Expert, David had the courage to go outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom and social programming to expose the Dark Edgy Truths about Female Sexuality.
Secrets of Female Sexuality by David Shade
David is all about results, and the most important result is women having powerful orgasms. It should be no surprise to anyone that David’s biggest fans are women. The most common feedback from women is “Finally someone understands me and my sexuality”.

The best selling author of The Secrets of Female Sexuality (the 8th best selling book of all books at Amazon on October 7, 2009) David is a regular featured speaker at conferences worldwide, has been on Playboy Radio, and featured in Men’s Health and OUI magazines.

David’s “Free Sex Tips e-Newsletter” is read by tens of thousands of men and couples worldwide.


“So Who Exactly Is This David Shade Guy Anyway?”

Hi, I’m David. Let me tell you how I got started in all this. In 1992, I found myself divorced, feeling defeated and alone. With nothing to lose, I devoted myself to diligent research and figuring it all out.

I wanted to learn how to be a better lover. I went to the bookstores countless times, buying books on how to be a better lover. Over a period of a year, I read every book I could find. They were somewhat disappointing.

Though there may have been one paragraph in each book worth quoting, they were all the same. Some books spent 20 pages on just how to lick the clitoris. Some wrote about how you have to have “communication” and “dialogue”.

Communication and dialogue are all good, but that is not what is going to give women orgasms if they’ve never had one. Most of the books were written by bleeding heart “feel good” wimps. None of the books were giving me anything useful, let alone anything powerful.

It seemed that it was the bad boys that were making women dripping wet. Has a woman ever cried on your shoulder because she is madly in love with the bad boy that treats her badly? I’ve been there.

The bad boys never went to the bookstores to buy books on how to be a better lover. So I started studying what the bad boys were doing, and why they were eventually failing. I studied what the good guys were doing wrong, and what it was about them that women liked. I put together all the effective things that bad boys were doing with all the good things that the good guys were doing.

I also read every book I could about female sexuality and fantasies. I talked to hundreds of women, maybe thousands. I dated a number of them. I tried new and different things. Some very interesting things were starting to happen. A pattern started to develop. I was beginning to form a concept for how things really worked.

It was nothing like what society tells us!

I was giving women orgasms who had never had them. I was giving women vaginal orgasms in intercourse when they thought it wasn’t possible. And I was giving women orgasms with just the sound of my voice!

Then in the mid 1990s, I got onto the Internet. I learned some leading edge psychological theories and powerful tools from renegade psychologists. Those researchers were shunned at the time, though now all the major marketing companies use their technique. I even attended a world renowned master hypnotist’s training and learned hypnosis. Now that was interesting.

I started putting together all I had learned about women with these powerful psychological tools, and I stared getting very powerful results. Women were having orgasms like they never dreamed of, in ways they never imagined possible, and orgasms lasting for hours.

I started writing about the things I had done with women. I received many replies to my writings, including questions for clarification and advice. I wrote more. I received more replies. Eventually I put all my writings together into one cohesive book called “David Shade’s Manual” which became a cult classic and has since been replaced by my many other products.

I leave the amusing, and sometimes sad, documentary of my journey to my more recent book called “The Secrets Of Female Sexuality”.

But what qualifies ME as the expert? I don’t have degrees in human sexuality or psychology. I’m not a gynecologist. My degrees are in Engineering! So who am I to be talking? Well the fact of the matter is that many gynecologists are clients of mine! If you want to talk about endometriosis, I can recommend some very good gynecologists. If you want to talk about abnormal psych or perversions or recovery from sexual trauma, I can recommend some very good psychologists or sex therapists. But if you want to know how to give your woman wild screaming vaginal orgasms consistently and make her wildly crazy about you, then you and I need to talk..

I was not limited by misconceptions and previous research. I went outside of that and pushed the envelope far beyond where anyone has ever gone before. I opened up a whole new world of possibilities of female sexual response. And now I dedicate myself to teaching men how to give women wild screaming orgasms and teaching couples how to have completely rewarding exciting fulfilling relationships.

And I’m going to teach you how to make your woman wildly crazy about you and totally happy.

I will tell you what I am not. I am not a sex therapist. I am not a doctor or a lawyer. I cannot give medical or legal advice. And none of what I write is meant as personal advice. There are many qualified people who can help you with those issues, but they probably couldn’t tell you how you can give your woman screaming orgasms.

What I am is a Renegade Sex Expert who had the courage to go outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom to find the things that really work, and work very powerfully.

I have improved the sex lives of tens of thousands of couples worldwide, have been a featured speaker at sexuality and relationship conferences, have been on numerous radio shows including Playboy, have been interviewed by many experts for their interview series, have been an invited feature writer for a number of magazines including Men’s Health, and get $500 an hour for consultation.

When it comes to teaching you how to give your woman wild screaming orgasms, and how to bring out her inner animal, I am a trained killer.

Give Women Incredible Pleasure,
David Shade

P.S. To receive my Free Sex-Tips e-Newsletter, simply subscribe at the top right of this page. I never share your contact information with anyone.




  1. sue hobbs says:

    I have been sexually active for many years and most men cannot please me including my current boyfriend. I could use any advice to pass on to him so that we can have a fulfilling love life. Thank you.

  2. David,

    Just want you to know that a girlfriend from four decades ago joined me for a month in Europe this summer and she’s ready to do it again!. This evolved from shorter trips near home.for which I used your material.

    I’ve gone on long trips with half a dozen women in my life, plus many past years of marriage, and found that good sex during the trip leads to teamwork when confronting obstacles, and prevents cabin fever. That’s aside from getting to know her better and the fun itself.

    And, coming back, it was great to be welcomed by the hometown girlfriend eager to please and be pleased. And there was a gift package waiting from another woman hoping that I could visit her. It’s great to have even my basic skills from your work.

    — “Richard”

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