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You Don’t Need Experience To Be Good In Bed

Why Also Virgins Can Be Masterful Lovers

Email from Tore Gundersen in Norway:

Dear David Shade

In your material you write that it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality; this in reference to guys feeling inadequate because of virginity or lack of experience. And I am now writing to you with a testimonial on exactly that… Because I am 29 years old, had my first kiss 10 days ago, lost my virginity two days ago and yet managed to make her cum so hard that she wiped off a few tears after and couldn’t stop smiling for many hours later and keeps calling me all the time to come over and spend the night.

It’s so amazing that if I didn’t experience it myself I would have called the story a lie.

Here’s the story in detail, starting with me, the shy guy that felt inadequate because of the lack of experience. I met a girl at an online dating site, and we found it as a very good match when we went out for a quick drink. So we met again during the day a couple of times and then finally a proper date with a movie and a late dinner. We went back to her place, and up until now we’d been flirting and teasing, but hardly any touching at all and no kissing whatsoever. I was simply too nervous to escalate.  I felt pretty silly being 29 years old not having the courage to kiss a girl that was into me. But the problem was that I’d never tried it before and was very worried about what people would think if they found out. So here I was on the verge to be exposed trying my best to let pride go so I could start getting some experience.

It was getting late and I was thinking about getting home, as I knew that I wouldn’t find the courage to escalate things to a physical level this time either. I had never had the guts before, so I didn’t have any reason to think otherwise. But getting transport home wasn’t too easy, so when she offered for me to sleep over if I would act as a gentleman I accepted. And all kinds of things raced through my mind… did she mean for me to sleep in her bedroom or the sofa? I was filled with both tremendous fear going to the unknown and excitement as I deep down knew where this were heading.

The thing to remember here is the amount of fear that has been allowed to fill my head for years and years. I was almost twice the age most people have their sexual debut and was at a certain point in life on my way to accept that I was asexual and would spend the rest of my life masturbating alone.

The irony here is that I am actually pretty good-looking and have been told on several occasions that I am very attractive, so my problem was solely mental and related to self esteem. And the reason goes back to when I was 9 and was bullied because of my girlfriends. Boys that age are fearful of “girl-bugs” and pushed me around to kiss them. As a result I stayed away from girls, and the damage was never repaired as I stopped going to parties and social events and hence missed out on the social and sexual development that teenagers are supposed to go through.

A few years ago I realized this and starting working very hard on my self esteem and to be relaxed also in informal social settings such as parties. It has worked tremendously well, and me going out with this girl was something I saw as the end of the treatment and me fully healed.

So now that you know and understand the pressure and buildup in my head we can return to the bedroom where I was almost shaking with nervousness and almost hoping we would only sleep. I figured she would notice my nervousness, but hoped she would write it off as many are nervous the first time they sleep together.

We talked for a while and I was calming down when I thought that it was now or never and inched myself a little closer and leaned in to experience my very first kiss. We both enjoyed it, and despite some clumsiness it escalated into a lot of touching until the clothes were gone… and at this point I lost my erection. But I remembered from David’s material that you must not lose your cool over loss of erection or premature ejaculation and that the girl will copy your reaction. So she will freak out only if you do… So I waved it off with a wink and said something like “ooops… we lost junior… probably just a bit of nervousness… he’ll be back soon.”

Then I asked if we could try something I had read about… the welcomed method, and she complied willingly. It’s a technique described in detail in David’s material so I figured I wouldn’t be able to go wrong on that one. After that we both went to sleep as I figured that I would have my chance some other day and also confident that I had a good backup technique to satisfy her if junior would leave me again.

During the next day she teasingly asked me when was the first time I had sex, because she suspected that I was a virgin. But I just replied in the same teasing voice that the information was classified and only to be revealed at a later stage. She was puzzled and couldn’t figure out if I was confirming or denying her suspicion, but left it at that. I didn’t deny her the information out of fear of her reaction, but because I was afraid that it would cause me to feel inferior. And feeling inferior just increases insecurity which is something I definitively didn’t need.

A few days I spent the night again, and lost junior due to nervousness again, but waved it off like last time. This time I tried the G-spot with great success and to my surprise I was ok with the temporary impotence because the nervousness was almost gone this time. What was most important to me was not to leave my woman unsatisfied, because I figured that a satisfied woman would make you confident as it removes a lot of the performance pressure.

And I was correct… The third night the erection was gone for a little while, but when I introduced the deep spot she was moaning and wriggling so hard in bed the erection came back and she begged me to f*** her, and she came so hard that she both laughed, cried and giggled after. She told me that she was deeply impressed because she had never ever before orgasmed the first time she slept with a guy.

And here I was… just lost my virginity and feeling SO PROUD that I could make a woman come like that. It completely blew my mind as I was expecting lousy sex and lots of practice before I could get anywhere near pleasing a woman properly. So yes David, it is the mindset and quality that matters, not the quantity!

My deepest thanks David.

Best Regards

Tore Gundersen

And here is a story from
Rich and Erin.

Rich was a virgin until he met Erin.
They told us about the success they have had since Rich purchased my book.

Soon after Rich purchased my book, he began to give Erin wild screaming orgasms.

Rich was concerned when he purchased my book that he did not have enough sexual experience to make use of the material in the book. I assured him that sexual experience does not mean sexual skill. Knowledge does.

In fact, on the very first night they got together, Rich gave Erin her first vaginal orgasm ever.
This is something all her ex-boyfriends never did.
This is something Rich did on his very first night!

Is a vaginal orgasm different from a clitoral orgasm?.
Erin has a very definite answer.

But, admittedly, much of Rich’s success was because he chose wisely.

By the way… they are still together, and have a wildly passionate sexy relationship.

Please leave your comments and questions below…

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade


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  1. Ulla says:

    iy is terrible to see betuuifal pictures like here every day, did I just decided last week that my new sofa should be greyish,,,, now you are showing me a picture with a white one agian!

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