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If you want to give your woman wild screaming orgasms, you have come to the best possible place. This is my specialty. You need the correct knowledge and beliefs…

Email from a reader:

Sex with my girlfriend is great, but I always come up short of giving her an orgasm. It seems I always finish right before she does, and if i lasted just a little bit longer, she would be there. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. Thanks.

My Comments:

You got it all wrong dude. All wrong.

Take this advice from one of my clients…

Email from “Lehlohonolo” from South Africa:

Hi David

First off I would like to express how fortunate I feel to have found your work at 20 years of age, I proudly own most of the products that you have created and well, you made the stuff you know how liberating it can be to discuss knowledge that is so powerful.

I’ve wanted to write to you a long time ago but have not had a chance to use much of your teachings as I discovered it while I was in the process of making some major changes in my life, and unfortunately certain priorities have over shadowed my sex life. Although lately with more free time I have available to me I have gotten a chance to test out and play around with the work from your products and WOW!!!

I just want you to understand where I’m coming from quickly, I was in general unhappy with my sexual performance as a whole, being young and inexperienced. I’d get over excited and come too quickly and it was frustrating, I’d tell these girls all kinds of things about how I wanted them to explode and get them all hot but when the time came I couldn’t walk the talk.

The final straw was while I was staying in England I some how seduced a stunning young blonde German girl. Even my friends couldn’t believe it, she was a certified 10!

One night while out we where talking and while building rapport she told me about her past sexual experiences and how boring the guys where, and how they all just lasted barely enough for her to notice what happened. I took it as my cue and started talking about how I would be different, how I’m better and basically promised her the fuck of her life.

She was very excited and even decided we need to go be alone ;) Once we where alone in the room it was a sad, sad affair. A couple of minutes and boom there’s me cuming just like the rest of them. The look on her face was heart breaking it became very awkward and she left and I never saw her again. That’s when I got fed up and started investing in your products.

That was a few months back; 3 days ago I gave a lovely young lady four orgasms using the deep spot method. I feel an enormous amount of pride right now feeling her pussy nearly break my fingers watching the look on her face, I was blown away. I’d never seen that before and I made a wonderful little discovery.

I thought she’d be tired after coming but bloody hell NO!!! She just wanted more! I can’t stop laughing thinking about the contrast in how males and females react after an orgasm, she was ready to go just like that, well after she caught her breath of course.

I am working on getting my life together at this point in time, as a man I’m working on being someone I respect. I am working on my life and my beliefs to be the kind of man that the worthy ones can be attracted to.

If you think it would help I’d be more than happy for you to use my words as a testimonial, if it will help some one out there to take responsibility and commit to improving themselves.

Something you mention that I’m finding is helping me be better at this stuff is the realization that I was being selfish and concentrating solely on my pleasure, when I cum, where I cum, how is my orgasm. It’s not about me, it’s about her liberation, about letting that wonderfully sexual woman inside her come alive and express herself. This is something I’m trying to ingrain into my psyche and already things are beginning to change. Women I’m sexually involved with are behaving differently, it’s hard to describe, its like their aura changes to one of being sexually comfortable even the way they touch me. Like I said it’s hard to describe but it’s fascinating for me to see.

You can rest assured that I will continue to explore and use your teachings. I have been holding myself back to an extent and have been ignoring the power of my voice. Well no more, it’s time to shatter some realities, theirs and mine.
Your Student Lehlohonolo

My Comments:

This is awesome. I am very happy for you.

So, let me see if I understand this correctly…

With the German 10 girl, you put it in right away and blew it. Correct?

Then, with the lovely young lady 3 days ago, you took my advice and you used your finger to first give her vaginal orgasms, and her pussy nearly broke your finger because she came so hard as you watched the look on her face, and she wanted even more. Correct?

It is all about having the correct knowledge and beliefs.

Email from Adam J. in Montreal:

Hi David,

I’m writing a quick note to say thank you for all the fantastic products you’re putting out.

After I bought the cheapest one I could find (I’m on a student budget) I was so impressed by not only the information, but by honesty with which it is given, that I bought every product you have available, because I had no doubt as to their value for my money.

My girlfriend of 3 years and I are both VERY satisfied with the results… I’ll mention specifically the Sexy Dirty Talk, because when I started using it my girlfriend would look at me wide-eyed after coming harder than she ever had, and say “What the hell just happened?? Oh my god you’re amazing!”

An unexpected added benefit is that I no longer have any trouble controlling myself, if you know what I mean, as a result of what I’ve learned.

Thanks so much, really, and all the best to you.

My Comments:

You can simply stick it in and blow it, or you can do as I reveal in my products, and be a god in bed.

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade




  1. Hajar says:

    We’ve been married for 8 years and have in the last month acevihed simultaneous a number of times. After 8 years of not. It is a blessing and so special and exciting. Yet, it is also, as you say, just part of the whole journey of discovery. The interesting thing I wanted to note is that it has come during a period of rest from extended family stress. Essentially, since we have finally realized that we don’t have to keep everyone happy. We can decide what is right for our little family. In our case we had to say that we needed a complete break from them. Not easy to do, but so many blessings…this being one of the surprising ones! :o) And we were beginning to think it would never happen for us. God is good!! So, yes, wholeheartedly agree with this post!!

  2. Ryan says:

    Hey. It seems like most of your advice to coming prematurely is to use your fingers. I have done this in the past but recently my wife absolutely refuses anything but vaginal sex. It’s very frustrating and I do my best but feel like I’m doomed to failure being limited like this.

  3. roger says:

    Hi david; jus purchased some of ur material n praying some of the info will help. My wife n I have been married 42 yrs. ( IM 62; her 59) both of us r in pretty good shape n find each other attractive. She is satisfied with our relationship both in n outside the bedroom; im not. I enjoy life n pretty active where she jus as soon stay home n rock her life away. Shes not exhausted from work ( 4-5 hrs. A day) so thats not it. She didnt have a very good relationship with her father, he was an alcoholic n not much of a family man, ( may b part of it) also not very affectionate towords me( refuses to make out n cuddle with me etc.) Says we”re too old for that! How do I handle foreplay with her ? She says she enjoys sex , feels good n (how fortunate iam at my age to b getting it every other nght) aways 9pm n limited to jus a few positions. Im not allowed to go down on her anymore ( says thats dirty) but willgo done on me once a week. Shes always been hard to bring to orgasm; but last few yrs. Impossible; no matter how long I last..sex isnt painful for her, I use plenty of lube, so thats not it. Also I can hardly hear her breathing! So between no love making noises n no orgasms from her im at my wits end. I tell her this to no effect. From a loving frustated husband

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