The Truth About Size

Does Size Matter?

Here is an e-mail that I received from a female reader of my newsletter, which is typical of many e-mails that I have received:

I had sex with a man that had a medium size penis and I used to cum like crazy. Now I have met this other guy that is well endowed with a very nice size penis, but it is really hard for me to cum. Can you help me figure this out?

Here are some actual e-mails that I have received from men (who had not yet purchased any of my Masterful Lover products):

I have been either blessed or burdened with a big penis. The woman I am with now has lots of trouble taking in the whole thing. She said it feels like it’s bottoming out most of the time, to a very tender area inside, leaving her with a very uncomfortable feeling. If in the missionary position, if I slide in slowly, she’s ok. I can’t go hog wild because it hurts her, but if I don’t go hog wild then I find it hard to maintain an erection. She has never had a vaginal orgasm. She has only had orgasms through clitoral stimulation. I’ve been working with her trying to get her to orgasm in the “G-spot” area, with no success yet. Do you have any suggestions or positions that would make sex more enjoyable for her and me?

In reply to your e-mail, I would say to you: She is not having orgasms in intercourse, so what’s in it for her?  The same old routine every time and she never comes.  It gets boring, and the regular impaling against her tender cervix becomes downright irritating.  It gets really old.
To give her her first vaginal orgasm, use your 3 1/2″ long middle finger on her deep spot, which isn’t that “deep” actually. It’s just “deeper” than the G spot.  Once you do that, she’ll be much more receptive to intercourse, though you’re still going to have to choke up on your bat.

Here’s another e-mail (complete with the misspellings):

my girl has never had an orgasim.  i have had sex with her four miserable times doing what i thought was “good” but failing miserably.  How do i change the current from what was done to what should be done, causing her to have multiple orgasims and having her trust me despite my last performance?  i have a big cock but, this is really humbeling to write you about my shortcommings, but not only do i need to change precendence verbally but more imporantly, physically…. going to buy your stuff bro, need help!!

You can tell a lot about a person based on whether they use an upper-case ‘I’ or a lower-case ‘i’ to refer to themselves.

I recently got with a 23 year old female who told me that she has never gotten an orgasm from any guy whose penis size is under 10 inches. I told her that I was an 8 and one night when we were having sex she said that she wasn’t feeling any orgasms any time soon, so we stopped. I felt weird and tried finding new ways to give her an orgasm. What can I do to make her have a mind-blowing orgasm that will make her forget all about a man’s size?

In reply to your e-mail, I would say to you: You may have always thought that you were big, but she’s got you thinking that you’re too small.  She’s good, and you’re being a wimp.

She said that she has never had an orgasm from any guy under 10 inches.  You took her challenge even though you didn’t measure up.  That puts you in the wimp position.  You should have simply said, “Sorry Honey, can’t help you. I’m only an 8.”

Possibly, is the order of things said in your story a little different?  I can imagine a man trying to impress a woman by saying, “I have an 8 inch cock,” and then the woman cutting him down to size by replying with, “I’ve never gotten an orgasm from any guy who’s under 10 inches.”  She doesn’t take you seriously anymore, and thus she is not going to respond to you in bed.

Frankly, I’m surprised she went to bed with you.  She was probably curious to see what it was like to be with an 8 inch cock.  Evidently disappointing.

Here’s an e-mail from one of my clients:

David, I am having the most incredible sex, as often as I want, and of course, I am giving her the best sex of her life and she can’t get enough. Do you want to know the one thing she always asks me? She’ll look at me after I’ve just taken her, or given her an orgasm over the phone, or told her that I am going to fuck her in her office, or anytime I am direct and tell her what I’m going to do? She looks at me expectantly and asks, “You’re never going to change, right? This isn’t some sort of trick? You’ll always be this way, right?”

She had two orgasms the other night before I even got in her all the way. I just stuck the head in and let it sit there and she had two – just from the head.

This is, of course, a hot girl that is used to having men pursue her and wine and dine her, take her on private airplanes to movie premiers, etc, etc, etc.
David, life is good. Life is oh, so fucking incredibly good.

Thanks for showing us the way.


Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade




  1. david dysart says:

    im a 57 y/old male.i like to have sex with Women.but i dont seem to be able to keep an erection for very long even taking an avigra tablet before going to the bedroom.i feel ashamed when this hapens.what can i do ? thankyou.

  2. bob says:

    What a load of crap …. how the hell is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you reply with crappy responses like “she wanted to see what it was like to have a 8 inch cock – evidently disappointing”

    A guy with a 8 inch cock is easily in the top 90% of penis size, meaning that only 10 out of every 100 guys are actually bigger than him

    Your response was a epic fail …. fraud

  3. Arthur says:

    I am having wonderfull relationship with a lovely lady.and the sex is mind blowing, i can have a very hard penis and last a very long time, my girlfriend loves this and has multiple orgasms,and cums all over my penis.but i cannot get an orgasm or cum myself it is rather frustrating for me but never the less enjoy having sex with her,can you advise me as what i can do my girlfriend says she is not worried and tells me that it will happen one day, we have sex most nights and some time first thing in the morning so it is aregular thing,can you suggest any remedies would please like your help
    Thanks, Arthur

    • admin says:

      This is easily fixed. There is a thread in my online forum where this is being discussed right now. The thread is called “Just Another Myth?”. You can read it by joining my online forum. If you are not 100% happy with the results, I’ll immediately refund your purchase, no questions. But I’m sure it’s going to fix your problem, and more than that, it will completely change your life.
      Join here: http://masterful-lover.com/innercircle/

  4. Diane Brown says:

    I am 71…been in relationship 3 years…I have never been able to orgasm with him….and he has made me feel inferior because of that. Anything I can do…relationship has gone pretty sour…resentment on my part…and no longer interested in pleasing him that way.

  5. Have a Chinese, 6’2″ boyfriend…..he is passive….doesn’t really kiss well and has a hard time with worrying about smell and must wipe his hand or else he holds it up in the air. My previous loves have always told me I smell sweet and they always wanted oral sex….he never tried.I feel like I am servicing him not making love. He has a beautiful cock and I enjoy doing him….but 98% of the time I only get the finger and then it is waved in the air. He seems so inocent for a 51 year old. Had one girlfriend and one older woman.he married …fell asleep during sex girlfriend got mad….wife stopped sex as she thought he was cheating on her. He is okay with and loves to touch and stimulate me…I am left with cramps when that happens. He is a fantastic massage therapt. I fear he knows nothing about making love….how can I begin to lead him down this wonderful path? I love sex and I am 77 years young… He has been in Americal for 6 years now and speaks little english…claims it is too hard. yet he can slowly read first grade books. He plans to live back in China in another 4 years so he doesn’t need english. He wants me to join him.
    At first, no way, but with the way our country is going….I may consider it.
    He is a kind man and worth developing I feel. How do I start? Where do I start?

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