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Every Woman Can Have Vaginal Orgasms In Sex

Every woman can have vaginal orgasms in sex.

That may be hard to believe by the 70% of women who don’t, especially the sexually frustrated wives. It may be hard to believe by the men who think they are not big enough or don’t last long enough.

But the truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as some women being preordained to have vaginal orgasms and some women being preordained to not have vaginal orgasms. They all can have vaginal orgasms. This included vaginal orgasms in intercourse.

It requires knowing what to do.

I receive many emails from sexually frustrated wives. Here is one such email…


I have been married for 16 years and with the same man for 20 years. I am a 36 year old woman who is clitoris dependent in order to have an orgasm. These don’t come very often and lately has began to really frustrate me. I want so desperately to experience those mind shattering vaginal orgasms that your clients talk about!

I’ve experienced a couple beginnings of vaginal orgasms but then it stops. What little I’ve felt makes me want more. My sex drive has reverted to that of a teenager now :o)

I was surfing the web trying to find out what I could about the female orgasm when I ran across your site. I had almost reverted to the thought that vaginal orgasms don’t happen. That women on dvd/tv were just faking it.

You are right on so many things. Especially about the fact of what we want. We are just afraid to ask for it.

I ordered your book on giving women wild screaming orgasms for my husband and myself. I can’t wait to get it!

I want to feel pleasure every time we have sex. I want to experience vaginal orgasms on a regular basis. I hope I’m not being selfish but I want to orgasm every time since he gets to.

Is it too bold for me to tell him that there will be no more sex until he finishes your course?

Can your book help me as a woman?


I sent this email to her…


You are clitoris dependent from decades of diligent practice.

Of course those women on DVDs are faking it. It’s all for show.

But I assure you, vaginal orgasms exist. ANY woman can have them.

Yes, my program “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms” can help you. Your man must read it cover to cover, and he must listen to each and every CD. And then, in the bedroom, you must do exactly as he says. Surrender to your husband, and trust the material.

Look at it this way, if you could do it yourself, you’d have done it a long time ago. I however, and all of my top clients, have collectively given countless women their very first vaginal orgasm in intercourse. Your husband will do the same for you. Don’t get in his way, or yours.



A few weeks later I received this email from Linda:


First of all, Thanks for your program!! However, now it is all I can think about!! I think I now know what it is like to be a man (in regards to thinking about it all the time)!!

When my husband began massaging my deep spot I started to feel it from my head all the way down to my toes. Before I could even tell him I was getting ready to come it happened and he knew it. It was wonderful!!

Just the other night I had my first vaginal orgasm while he was inside me. OMG! It was wonderful :) It just keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait for the next time! I think about it quite often!! I can’t get enough!

I’m an accountant and am having a terrible time focusing at work! For instance, today… my husband is out of town and I couldn’t focus for the life of me so I ended up having to go home for lunch and take care of things myself :) He has definitely released the animal in me!

I feel as though I am more sexual than him now! Any suggestions on how to get my focus back? I definitely don’t want to go back to how things were before!! This is soooooo much better ;)

Thanks David!!


I asked Linda if she would record an audio testimonial for me. She was more than happy. Hear her amazing story…

Please leave your comments and questions below…

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade




  1. Jermaine says:

    There is an excellent dvd program, called, penetration orgasm mastery.

    If it does not work for you, you can get your money back.
    But it will work, cause

    Even woman like the program, and are capable of having penetration orgasms,

  2. ck says:

    I am mid 50,s and want to learn
    How to pleasure myself.

  3. Hello! I’ve been reading your site for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead
    and give you a shout out from Humble Tx!

    Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent work!

  4. MS says:

    “Clitoris dependent?” What is commonly referred to as the clitoris is really the tip of the clitoris. It’s the most sensitive part, homologous to the head of the penis. How many men would like just the shaft of their penis touched while completely avoiding the head? Are they “glans dependent?” It’s great to learn new sexual techniques, but both sexes need to stop obsessing about needing females to orgasim through intercourse alone. It just creates misconceptions and pressure for both to perform. By the way, this, and all of the other posts and videos I’ve viewed on this site, are sexist.

    • Lena says:

      Thanks for your comment/reply, MS. I also thought when reading the popular sexual myths about women page that much of it sounded sexist. Some of it even sounded rapey. I am the first to admit, that with the right man who I feel comfortable with, I don’t mind a bit of domination. The key word or phrase, is that it needs to be CONSENSUAL sexual domination, and only to a point. Perhaps it seems obvious, but to many men, it’s not. I may be a freak who wants it multiple times a day with certain partners, but the issue is idiot guys who don’t know how to take no for an answer, who say stupid things like I’m just “sexually repressed” because I don’t want them…have heard it about other women too, when those particular guys are the ones making us not want it!

      “Think about it, it was social conditioning that had us believe that women have to be talked into having sex, or that it’s a chore that she performs, or that it’s an obligation. That’s all crap.”

      No, it isn’t all crap. Many women, unfortunately do it as a chore or because they feel obligated. There are guys who don’t know how to take no for an answer as I already mentioned. I have had plenty of guys beg…and one who even after a year of getting nowhere, barely even ever having conversation with me, still didn’t get it that I am not into him to the point of climbing into the bed I’m asleep in and thinking it’s ok. No it’s not okay! It’s disgusting.

      Also, I like to take control sometimes, and know some women who like to take the lead and dominate. I have seen men who like to be dominated, so it’s not all black and white.

      “Women are actually more sexual than men.”

      In a lot of ways, this is true. Sometimes I wonder why men stereotypically always think about sex when they only have such short orgasms. I don’t take long to get there, but I can keep going for up to an hour straight, even after I’m through having sex or getting my clit played with and I don’t know of any men who can. I suppose if I was a woman who couldn’t get there, or had a bad lover I might not be so sexual either, but that’s not the case. I can keep up with every man I’ve ever been in a relationship with, they get worn out before me usually, and even with some men who are just one night stands or snags of mine. But I’m still quite selective. Even if I have a few guys I’m seeing, or girls, which occasionally happens, this doesn’t mean I’m not selective. I’ve come across too many guys who just don’t get this and it’s disturbing to say the least.

      Another annoying thing is men who think it’s all about their penis and intercourse. That’s a lot of it, but it helps to get us going first. 96% of women have had orgasms from getting head but only 30% from intercourse alone? Go figure. I don’t think it’s just clit dependence, as MS said, “how many men would like just the shaft of their penis touched, while completely avoiding the head?” Bingo MS! I personally like getting head first, or having my clit played with first, among being touched and teased in other ways, which makes it easier to orgasm when we eventually do have intercourse, which I’m sure is true for most women. It shouldn’t be an either or thing…the vagina and clitoris are a package deal boys!

      I can say for sure that think offs do exist, although IDK how it’s structured or explained in the CDs…I say this because I discovered I could do this quite by accident around 10 years ago when I was sitting in a book store. I wasn’t even trying at the time. I discovered it accidentally while simply practicing kegal exercises, squeezing my PC muscles without even fantasizing or expecting anything like that to occur, and somehow it happened within about a minute or two. A while back, just to see if I could still do it I tried again and got there within about 5 minutes, and lucky me it lasted for a few minutes with no problem. One important thing to ensure or help women orgasm is that they take deep enough breaths, maybe due to oxygen helping? Idk, I haven’t figured out exactly why this is, but I have always wondered if this might play a part in why some women aren’t orgasming. If I’m in a position where I can’t take deep enough breaths, I can’t cum, and have noticed with other women too that it’s easier for them to come if they are breathing deeply enough. Some women think they have to be loud for their mans sake, which can make it harder to breathe, which by extension might get in their own way. Just a little tip.

      So I am not saying it’s all BS, but it has to be read in the right context. Yes, women have a right to their sexualities and fantasies, but men often fall into traps thinking they know exactly what their women wants, when the truth is, we are all different. Pay attention, it isn’t hard to see if she is into or not into what you’re doing…unless she’s acting, just to get things over with. So please, talk to your ladies…beforehand, during, afterwards…ask her if she likes what you are doing,mor did…ask her what she likes or what she wants. Ask if it’s okay to dominate her beforehand…or come up with a safety word if she wants to role play so you don’t accidentally think she is saying no when she doesn’t mean no. Unless there is a safety word, no and I responsiveness definitely means no.

  5. Artur says:

    What if a girl is not responding good for the stimulation of the deep spot?

  6. Lizzy says:

    I’m about to have Vaginal intercourse for the first time.I am currently 18 and want to please my boyfriend as well as getting pleased at the same time

  7. Diane says:

    I don’t believe any of this. Reason being I wouldn’t know a vaginal orgasm if it stared me in the face. I do believe most women are lucky enough to have vaginal orgasms. I’ve heard this from plenty of women. I also believe it can possibly make or break a relationship. When I was a freshman in college (1972) a pre-med student I had a relationship with told me one night “in the moment” that I was slightly crooked on the inside. He explained that he could feel where I was kind of “off the beaten path”. Years later when I worked at a hospital, (the early to mid 1980’s) there were two gyne residents that I had flings with (not at the same time mind you). Both told me they could feel something a bit different when they were on the inside of me. My take on it, there was nothing pleasurable there for me that many women rant about. Clitoral wise yes there is pleasure. I read on two sites about test groups and the G-spot. The results were that of all the women tested, they all had a pleasurable response to an area stimulated on the anterior vaginal wall. As I said I’ve never experienced that on the inside. Never will. I found this on a website. I am 58 years old, never married, never pregnant, and my relationships have always been few and far in between. Even some females I have known have expressed “there’s something wrong with you.”. A few males I’ve had relationships have expressed the same thing. Go figure.

  8. CRYSTAL says:


    • admin says:

      If you are asking if you can have one, yes you can, you sometimes wake up having them.
      If you are asking if you can have one sexually while with your man, it is possible for the reason stated above. Apparently, however, things are not working out that way. It’s not because you aren’t capable of having them.

      • Ellie says:

        Hi Crystal , just to say i am a young 50 yr old and have managed to feel relaxed and confident enough to have a orgasm with my partner of 7 yrs … i have never b4 orgasmed via penetration …. it is a matter of positioning yourself on top so you have the penetration and clitoral stimulation against his groin …what i will say ..is practice ..good things come to those who wait …and it really is worth it .

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