For Married Couples

Some of my best testimonials come from married couples…

Email from Ray Gerrard in Indiana:

Hi David,

I’m not sure if you get too many emails from married men, but I simply have to tell you about our wonderful experience with your material. I’m 43 and married to a stunning beauty who is 7 yrs my junior. We have two children, and during our marriage we’ve run the full gamut of ups and downs both in the bedroom and the living room. Things were pretty rough for a while there when we had fallen into more of a ‘roommate’ relationship and had lost the fire that originally existed for us. She had started out as a very adventurous lover and unfortunately, that faded as time went by and we (I) got a little too comfortable.

Things were beginning to turn around over the past several years as I began stepping it up in the bedroom with the realization that there needed to be a ‘ravisher’ and a ‘ravishee’ when it comes to passion. She gradually began responding to that and then she had lunch with a girlfriend last summer who put her on to your material. I received an email at work with a subject line that simply said, “Oh baby!” The email contained a link to your website and simply ended in, “I blushed through half the ad and had to stop reading! But my temp is up to be sure!”

That was certainly enough of a nudge for me and I went online and immediately ordered ‘A Woman’s Mind Revealed’ and then ‘Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms’ right after that. We tried the ‘Welcome Method’ and that was pretty good; and then I went for the ‘Deep Spot’ and it totally blew her mind! She now routinely has vaginal and multiple orgasms during intercourse, and is one very happy woman. It’s funny how many doors that opens up… when a woman is satisfied, the man will often get more than he could or would have dreamed of in the first place!

All of this motivated me to continue to push the envelope of our sexuality together and take her to new heights, and so I purchased your Manual and we’ve been having fun putting that material to good use. There are so many great things for us to do in there, I think it will take us a while to get through all of it… not a bad problem to have!

More than anything else, and aside from all of the amazing techniques I’ve learned… I think the biggest thing is the realization of just how incredibly sexual women are, and the shift in my approach in leading the way to bring that out in her. I really don’t know how that would have happened without you and your work entering the picture.

I ordered your ‘Give Women Hot Phone Sex’ today, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on it and begin incorporating that into our exploration. I feel as though we’ve come so far, yet have so much to look forward to together. Knowing that we’ve only just scratched the surface makes our future that much more exciting.

Your stuff is phenomenal. One of the reasons I like coaching executives is that it can have such a great impact on so many lives in their companies… but have you ever stopped to think of the impact you are having on the world? Great sex equals happy marriages equals happy homes and on an on. Pretty cool!

Most of the couples I’ve come across seem to have lost all passion for one another after only a few years together. I thank you for providing me with the tools to win ours back… you truly have made a huge difference in our lives.

I thank you for what you’ve done for my wife and I… and I’ve only just scratched the surface!

Wishing you all the success you can stand…you’ve earned it!

With much appreciation and admiration,
A very happy husband

Hear it in Ray’s voice:

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Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



  1. Im a big woman and have a big husband we can’t find a good position for having sex i get tired he gets upset so i give him oral sex but lately i haven’t been getting no sex all he wants is oral sex and he dont please me at all im afraid he has someone else to satisfies himcan you PLEASE help me.

  2. Bob says:

    What this and other sites seem to never address or have an answer for is women who start out with a low sex drive, have a very conservative, inhibited attitude towards sex, yt? Hen you factor in a career, stress, age and hormones, fatigue, premenopausal. Now if you can help me overcome these obstacles that would lead to amazing sex with my wife, then I will be impressed. I try deep spot orgasm on her and get no response.

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