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  1. joe Van Wyk says:

    No offense David, however I repeatedly given clitoral,g spot, and the best in the world, the deep spot! I want your input on squirting orgasms! I believe I bring women there 100 times over, but they are either afraid to mess my sheets, which I am all good with! I have many sets to replace dirty sheets.Or too inhibited.

    My question to you (and I NEED an answer to completely reassure her/them women that it’s fine, let go!) For god sakes, I want it more for them,I swear!

    BUT what am i TO EXPECT FROM THE EJACULATE? Clear expulsion? Sweet or bitter taste? Watery or sticky? And a hundred other ?’s! How much should be released?Little or not so much!

    Props to you for making me the lover I am now, BUT I WANT TO(are you ready for this?) Make her lose TOTAL, and I mean TOTAL control of her “functions!”

    I can and always nearly make her so she cannot speak for 20 minutes after we have just 4play! Then I f#&k her retarted for lack of better words!

    Help me Dave, you are the guru!


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