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I Am Proud To Offer
A Personally Trained Certified Masterful Lover Coach

And I am very happy to announce that the very first Certified Masterful Lover Coach is a woman! Yes, a very smart insightful young woman who truly understands the teachings of Masterful Lover. In fact, she often explains it to clients better than I do!

Her name is Lena Voyles.

You have already seen her valuable contributions to my work. And if you are a VIP Inner Circle member, you know her as "ThatQuietGirl" in the VIP Inner Circle forum. She is also the editor of my VIP Inner Circle monthly newsletter. And when I interviewed her for my VIP Inner Circle members, it became a very popular and sought after interview.

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What People Say About Lena Coaching

"I have recently completed my first hour of personalized phone coaching with Lena, I say the first hour because I have decided to go ahead and order a further five hours!

We talked about a variety of issues and I will admit that my initial plan kind of fell apart once we really got talking.

As for the issues I thought I had... well, I found out that there are probably a hundred others I hadn’t thought about and I admit to feeling an emotional response inside of me I never expected!!

Lena has a wonderful ability to be able to see things described to her in relationships as they are and she is very good at framing her response in a way that can be easily understood. She will also get as much information as she can about your particular situation before the consultation.

To all the guys out there with issues... she will tell you how it is with respect to your situation and what you will need to do to sort it out... and I believe most of you will hear things that you don’t want to hear but will need to hear.

Lena gave me some excellent advice and some ideas for me to take away with me to work on... until the next coaching sessions.

I will suggest to anyone contemplating Masterful Lover personalized phone coaching, not to be nervous and just go for it!!"

It is definitely worth the money I paid!!

-Neil in the U.K.

Comments about my interview of "ThatQuietGirl"
for the VIP Inner Circle Members

"ThatQuietGirl, this has been a week of powerful growth for me and I want you to know some things you've written and said in the latest interview have helped me meet some important challenges. I'm grateful to you. Your intuition has been so good."

"Thatquietgirl, Simply loved the interview - amazing voice and wonderful articulate speech with such a smooth flow of ideas! You made it sound so easy, logical and simple! I have to go listen to it all over again...:-)"

Replies to "ThatQuietGirl" in the VIP Inner Circle online forum

"ThatQuietGirl, I am printing out your reply. I have read it countless times. You are so incredibly insightful. Your comments to everyone on the board are thoughtful and caring and contain great wisdom."

"Thatquietgirl, Thank you so much for taking the time and offering such a thorough explanation. It is so helpful to me and I am positive to others as well. And please continue to share more of your knowledge. I came here to learn and what better way to understand others or human behavior than by listening and absorbing the pearls of wisdom and experience from others. I find it very gracious of you to share your insights and know-how!"

"Thatquietgirl, no one has ever been able to give me an explanation about this whole story like you did. No one. I have talked about this to a lot of friends, none of them got it. So thank you SO much for that. Thank you, thatquietgirl, for understanding this. As I said before, you are the only one who does."

Lena is a NGH Certified Hypnotist trained by Mark Cunningham himself, and she is a highly respected regular contributor in the VIP Inner Circle online forum. She is known for her insightful help to men. But sometimes a situation arises that is a little too complex to properly share in the forum. Maybe there are too many details involved, or maybe some of the details are just too personal. Or perhaps you're like most guys, and what you need most of all is to straighten out the crossed wires and mixed messages in your own head with the help of someone who really understands the process you'll be going through – someone who's willing to coach you step by step and won't just throw up their hands and say, "Man up already!"

In coaching, you want someone you can trust to share your personal issues.

So I have personally trained Lena as a Certified Masterful Lover Coach. When the situation gets in-depth and personal, you have Lena to count on. It's where she really shines.

You Get A Woman's Objective And Honest Opinion

Speaking 100% candidly about your private life with a member of the opposite sex may be one of the most nerve-wracking thoughts imaginable, but it also has the potential to create the most powerful breakthroughs.

You ask an honest question, you get a straight answer, a woman's honest opinion, and you get the expertise of a Certified Masterful Lover Coach.

Some of the situations that especially stand to benefit from one-on-one coaching:

  • Introduce Masterful Lover into your current relationship
  • Discover how to repair a situation after making a mistake
  • Finally cure your "Nice Guy-it is"
  • Find out for sure if your woman is high self-esteem or not
  • Enjoy that "deep dark" fantasy that you've always wanted to share with your woman

Lena truly believes in men. You have seen Lena's brilliance in action in her writings in my programs and VIP newsletters. She will bring the same kind of professionalism, depth of thought, insight, and effort to communicate in plain English to the private coaching sessions you schedule with her.

More Testimonials For Lena Coaching

From: John

There is a saying that you should never take sex advice from women. I agree. But Lena is not of this world.

She understands men better than we understand ourself. She understands women, of course. And she understands sexuality and relationships. And I mean really understands it. And that is so rare in today's world.

Lena helped transform me from divorced nice guy into a Masterful Lover (yes, I am basically fucking lethal now). Actually, I am now very happily married to the same woman I divorced. And this is very much thanks to Lena's coaching. She told me exactly what I needed to hear and asked just the right questions at the right time.

Lena can see right through all your limiting beliefs and have this unique ability to flip the switch 180 degrees in your head. And afterwards, you kind of wonder how she did it. Well, she is a hypnotist... Nothing she says is a coincidence, even though you may not understand where she is going with this at first.

I know implementing David Shade's material can be a long process for many men. Coaching with Lena is the shortcut. And the results can be absolutely priceless.

John (Norway)


From: Neil

After that first coaching session with Lena, I worked out that she really does have an intuition about the ML philosophy. I believe that the real key to Lena's success is that not only is she able to articulate a woman's point of view to men in a way that men understand, but she also has an ability to get guys to open up emotionally so that she can get to the root of our underlying issues. This, I think, is an invaluable and truly unique gift of hers.

After going through the self-inflicted study of why my woman wasn't responsive to me, and the subsequent learnings of "being a man", Lena helped me to realise that most good women, or as we put it at ML, HSE women, naturally guide their man if they are emotionally invested in him, because they just know that if he is good raw material he will have what it takes. And once he starts to get it that she will continue to test him so that he may satisfy her that he is the man.

This is exactly how it happened to me with my woman. I experience fewer shit-tests nowadays. Lena pointed this out to me in a way that I really understood. This gave me the resources I needed to move on to the next steps...

I encountered resistance from my woman with hypnosis. Lena deduced that I had taken time to study and that I was determined to progress with hypnosis and NLP. She counterintuitively went against the ML philosophy of openness with women about hypnosis and emphasised to me that in my particular case, covert hypnosis would be my best approach. It worked. Lena helped me to see any less than perfect experiences between me and my woman as learning experiences and to use these as opportunities to modify my "tactics".

I truly believe that one of the most important take-home lessons I learned throughout my coaching experiences with Lena was how she explained the subtle yet natural art of a woman's communication methods. She taught me to read between the lines of what women say, and to look for what is really being communicated. This has proved invaluable to me because I have learned to calibrate my woman much more effectively, thus leading to more of her needs being met.

Neil - Weymouth UK


From: A.M.

Lena's coaching is exceptional. I found myself in a very difficult situation, ultimately a situation that is life changing. I am completely satisfied with my decision to take up coaching with Lena.

Lena's knowledge is profound and concise. It's very hard to put into words the benefits I received from her service. What I can say is, that I carry her teachings with me everyday.

I must thank you as well David. It's obvious that your clients are of the upmost importance to you. Lena has provided immense help to us all in the VIP circle.

A.M. Houston Texas


From: JR

Lena's expertise has been incredibly valuable to me in turning around my marriage of 20+ years. I am continually amazed by the calibre of the insights that she consistently offers during our coaching sessions.

Lena's knowledge and experience has enabled her to identify my self-limiting beliefs and has given me the tools to overcome them.

With Lena, there is nowhere to hide. She asks the right questions, calls out my failures, and offers suggestions with the right blend of compassion and toughness.

If you are serious about improving your relationship, I strongly recommend signing up for a coaching engagement with Lena.

-JR - Washington, DC


From: Calner

I used Lena for some one-on-one coaching for a short time in January, 2013. I found during the coaching sessions, just as I found when reading her posts on the forum, that Lena has such an incredible grasp of the facts of what issues we men have and why we are having them. I once posted on the forum that Lena knows more about us men, than we know of ourselves.

In addition to that understanding, she is also a woman and therefore is then able relate to us what a woman wants and what we are doing that is screwing it up. She is very direct when need be and also very nice and supportive when needed. A true gem to work with.

In my case, Lena simply made me define and focus on what I truly wanted. As a man, we must first focus on what we want deep down before a woman will follow our lead. Without defining that simple concept, it is hard for a woman to truly follow our lead. Personally, I find that is something I have to often go back to - what I really desire and want.

Calner - Michael from Wichita


From: Valoja

Lena has helped me to understand myself better... to bring out who I truly am - who can ask for more than that!

Lena is remarkable in the way that she has such a great grasp of what human relationships are made of and how men and women interact. Her genius is obvious when you read the many insightful posts on the VIP forum... there are many things she has written that I've read over and over.

For all of her intelligence and insight she is amazingly easy to talk to and can speak with you as if she's known you a great deal of time. She can quickly ascertain where your issues lye and the best way to solve them. It's aways a pleasure to speak with her - I am sure there is much she can teach any person...

I want to thank both Lena and yourself for your fantastic programs and assistance... it has made a tremendous improvement to my life and always will.



You don't have to spend $1,000 an hour

Until now, the only way to get Masterful Lover phone coaching was to pay $1,000 an hour for my time. And I'm usually too busy to take coaching clients anyway. So I trained Lena as a Certified Masterful Lover Coach.

Lena wants to help you have the life of your dreams with your ideal woman. And Lena wants you to have the opportunity to know how effective she is. So she has proposed a number. I think it's too cheap for her expertise, but because she wants to get started now, I allowed it.

Lena is offering phone coaching for only $199 per hour! That's a steal! Especially considering my coaching rate is $1,000 per hour.

Five Hours of phone coaching for only $997. That's the cost of just one hour of coaching with me.

And the entire amount is completely refundable after the first hour. If after the first hour you are not completely happy with the progress made, you get absolutely all of your money back. Lena is very confident that you'll be completely impressed, so she's going to take all the risk.

You will get personal guidance, from the perspective of a woman, from a Certified Masterful Lover Coach, and you're going to be massively propelled forward in your life.

This Is NOT For Everyone!

Do not get coaching unless you have what it takes. You must...

  • be truly serious about making your relationship work
  • already own many of my programs and have internalized them
  • get humble and take responsibility
  • be teachable and willing to make the necessary changes that Lena recommends

Here's How It Works:

First add your selection to your online shopping cart. Then follow the instructions to Checkout. Then within 5 minutes you will receive an email verifying your purchase. That email will include instructions and Lena's email address. You then send an email to Lena according to the instructions. When she gets your email, she will reply to you and arrange a time for you two to conduct your first phone coaching session.


"Yes David, I Want Personalized
One-On-One Phone Coaching With Lena!"

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Replies to "ThatQuietGirl" in the VIP Inner Circle

"I appreciate this comment thatquietgirl, you have an ability to support a productive focus for a man."

"I can totally relate to what you are saying thatquietgirl, as it has happened to me many times and I would agree with your response."

"Hi thatquietgirl, I liked your recommendation. I need to remind myself to do this! Thank you for your insightful posts!"

"I very much appreciate your posts ThatQuietGirl, much more insightful than any lecturer with a PhD, (as far as I have seen), who claims to know so much about women."

"Thatquietgirl, Thank you very much for your input, you are a thoughtful voice and I value your opinion very much. I have considered exactly what you have voiced here."

"Thatquietgirl, no one has ever been able to give me an explanation about this whole story like you did. No one. I have talked about this to a lot of friends, none of them got it. So thank you SO much for that."